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Whale watching: Marine mammals photographed off Scotland

The Sea Watch Foundation's National Whale and Dolphin Watch has recorded hundreds of marine mammals off Scotland's coast.

The charity said notable sightings included 100 white-beaked dolphins from Holborn Head in Caithness, and 12 killer whales off Unst in Shetland.

Marine biologists and volunteers who took part in the survey captured images of some of the whales, dolphins and porpoises spotted.

Killer whale known as John Coe

Colin Speedie photographed killer whales, including a male nicknamed John Coe that can be indentified by a notch on its dorsal fin.

The whale is a member of a small, west coast community of orcas.

In recent years, the group of whales have been seen off the Isle of Eigg, also from John O'Groats and even off the east coast from Peterhead and Girdleness.

White beaked dolphin

White-beaked dolphins were recorded in large numbers on several occasions during the survey.

Bottlenose dolphins at Chanonry Point

Chanonry Point in the Black Isle, near Inverness, is a hot spot for sightings of bottlenose dolphins.

Risso's dolphin with young

A Risso's dolphin with its young was another notable sighting during the national, annual survey.

Harbour porpoise off Canna

More than 400 harbour porpoises were recorded off the shores of the Hebrides, including Canna, north east mainland Scotland and Orkney.

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