Inverness missing toddler search led to cannabis find

Police searching for a missing girl found a cannabis farm in a 58-year-old woman's cupboard, Inverness Sheriff Court has heard.

A major alert was issued in July last year when the toddler went missing in the Anderson Street area of Inverness near the River Ness.

Police making door-to-door searches uncovered the plants in Mary Well's home.

She has been sentenced to 100 hours of unpaid community work.

Her solicitor, Neil Wilson told the court that Well could have refused the officers entry to her home but did not because a missing girl was involved.

Mr Wilson said: "She knew full well that her cannabis plants would be found as a result. She was an occasional user and didn't want to pay anyone for the drug.

"She has now given up the drug."

Wells was sentenced to 100 hours of unpaid community work as an alternative to custody.

The missing girl was eventually found at a friend's house.

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