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Child rapist Graeme Docherty, 32, snared by phone clip

A man has admitted raping a young boy after a video clip of him carrying out the attack was found on a mobile phone.

Graeme Docherty filmed himself abusing the three-year-old while looking after him at a house in Kilmarnock.

In March last year, he gave his old phone to a woman who discovered the two-minute clip. She alerted police who were able to identify Docherty.

At the High Court in Glasgow, sentence on 32-year-old Docherty was deferred and he was remanded in custody.

He was also placed on the sex offenders' register.

Abuse denied

The court heard how the woman was looking for a mobile and Docherty told her he had an old one that she could have.

She later checked the phone and found a clip of a boy being sexually assaulted.

The woman recognised the man in the footage as having the same build as Docherty.

She confronted Docherty, but he told her: "No, no - that's not right."

He begged her not to get the police involved but she ignored his pleas.

When officers watched the clip, Docherty was further identified by his dragon-style tattoo.

Derrick Nelson, defending, told the court that Docherty had "no recollection" of the abuse, but "in light of the evidence" accepted that he was guilty.

Mr Nelson added: "He cannot begin to understand why he was involved in these activities. He is absolutely appalled."

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