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Kevin Smith drugged and raped his blind date in Glasgow hotel

A man who drugged and raped a 23-year-old woman he met on a blind date has been jailed for seven years.

Kevin Smith, 23, carried out the attack in a room at the Holiday Inn at Glasgow Airport on 22 April last year.

He tricked the woman into taking the powerful anaesthetic ketamine, before raping her, daubing nail varnish on her leg and arm and stealing £30 from her.

Smith claimed the pair had consensual sex but was convicted following a trial at the High Court in Glasgow.

Jailing Smith, judge Lord Bonomy told him: "This was a particularly mean and nasty example of an attack and repeated rape."

Lord Bonomy also placed him on the sex offenders' register.

'Nice guy'

During the trial Smith's victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, cried in court as she told jurors: "I thought he was a nice guy. We took a room at the hotel so that we could carry on drinking using room service."

But she said that shortly after they arrived Smith tricked her into taking the drug ketamine - a powerful general anaesthetic that is used for operations on humans and animals.

The victim told prosecutor Martin Macari that the last thing she could remember was Smith looking at her.

The court heard she woke up to find Smith gone - along with her money - and that nail varnish daubed on her left arm and one of her legs.

Victim photos

The victim told the court: "I was scared and I couldn't remember anything at all. I keep trying to remember and I can't remember anything at all."

Analysis of the victim's blood and urine showed that she had ketamine in her system.

The police investigation also revealed that following the attack, Smith showed a friend photos he had taken of his victim lying unconscious on the hotel bed.

Smith also showed a taxi driver a picture of himself wearing the woman's underwear on his head, while she was curled up in a ball.

As he was sentenced Smith swore and shouted that he was innocent, saying: "I never did any of it."

He then added to the jury: "I hope you all sleep well tonight."

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