Report: Glasgow crash recovery

Key Points

  • Fire and rescue services remain at the Clutha bar in Glasgow where a police helicopter crashed killing at least nine people.
  • Twelve people - including three with serious injuries - remain in hospitals across the city following the accident at 22:30 on Friday.
  • Five of the nine dead are named - including the pilot, David Traill, and two police officers, Kirsty Nelis and Tony Collins.
  • Nine bodies have now been removed from the helicopter crash site, emergency services personnel tell the media.
  • Emergency services say that the investigation inside the pub will continue but they do not expect to find any more bodies.
  • The wreckage of the helicopter will undergo an investigation at the Air Accidents Investigation Branch in Farnborough.

    Hello and welcome to further coverage of the Clutha bar helicopter crash. We now know that at least nine people have been killed following the incident in Glasgow on Friday evening.


    The emergency services are continuing to work at the scene, on the banks of the Clyde. They say that it is possible more bodies could be found in the wreckage.


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    A number of the dead are named. They include;

    • Gary Arthur, 48, from Paisley, Renfrewshire
    • David Traill, 51, from Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire
    • Kirsty Nelis, 36, from Inverkip, Renfrewshire
    • Tony Collins, 43
    • Samuel McGhee, 56, of Glasgow

    Scotland's fire and rescue service say they have secured the helicopter which has enabled them to work more safely inside the bar. They hope to lift the fuselage of the aircraft later today.


    @BillyMcDiarmid writes: My respects to those that have lost. My admiration for those that are supporting. #clutha


    The family of Mark O'Prey fear he may be one of the victims still buried under the rubble. His father Ian and sister Louise spent much of Sunday at the crash site waiting for news.

    Ms O'Prey told the BBC: "There is terrible things going through my head about what kind of state he's in and we want to get him back intact. We are pretty sure that he's gone but until I get that information we just don't know when that's going to be. I can't accept it until then. But there's still that glimmer of hope that they might bring people out alive, even though they are telling us that there is nobody in there alive."


    @GavinLeeBBC writes: There's a lot more visible activity now on the roof of the #Clutha pub, as crews start to slowly lift the fuselage.

    Clutha bar The Monday morning scene at the Clutha bar in Glasgow

    The actor Colin McCredie, best known for his role in TV drama Taggart, is organising a concert to raise money for victims and their families. After posting his idea on Twitter, McCreadie began receiving offers from celebrities, businesses, and others wanting to help. Mr McCredie said the focus now should remain on recovery efforts, but that in time a benefit concert could serve as a positive outlet after such tragic events.


    Scottish Fire and Rescue Service chaplain, The Reverend Gordon Armstrong, said: "It's just a very difficult situation. I haven't seen inside but just listening to the messages, it's just one of those situations we just can't speed up. It can only go at the pace of the experts and we need the experts in this situation."


    Aviation expert Chris Yates tells the BBC it is not yet clear if the helicopter had a black box flight recorder but said investigators may be able to establish the cause of the crash without one. He said: "There is all sorts of surveillance on board the helicopter. There is all sorts of data collection equipment as well so there is an awful lot that the investigators can probably go on to understand what went wrong on Friday night."


    What do we know about Glasgow's Clutha bar crash?

    • It happened at about 10:30 on Friday
    • A police helicopter, with two PCs and a civilian pilot, were on board
    • The bar had about 120 revellers inside listening to a live band
    • About 32 people were taken to a number of Glasgow hospitals
    • The latest is that 12 people remain in a serious condition
    • Nine bodied have been recovered
    • The emergency services say more could be in the wreckage
    • It is hoped the fuselage of the aircraft will be lifted from the bar this morning

    Scotland's Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon told BBC Radio's Good Morning Scotland programme that firefighters were working as quickly and safely as possible. "I know that those in the air accident investigation side of this have described this as one of the most complex sites that they've ever worked on. It's important that the helicopter is removed in a way that firstly preserves the dignity of the victims inside the pub, but secondly doesn't impose any unnecessary risks on the people carrying out this work. I fully and completely understand the frustration and the anguish for people who are waiting for news."


    @Scotspolfed writes: We continue to appreciate the messages of support being received from across the UK and the entire world. #Thanks #Clutha #PSHelicopter

    Donald MacDonald, Glasgow

    emails: Wonderful reaction and bravery shown by the citizens of Glasgow in time of need. My thoughts go to the relatives of those lost and to the professional efficiency and bravery shown by our local services. God bless you all.

    Latest picture
    Helicopter crash scene 09:25: Firefighters remain on the roof of the Clutha bar in Glasgow

    Gordon Matheson, leader of Glasgow City Council, said family liaison officers were available for all affected families. He added: "We need to keep the emergency services safe, we need to protect the dignity of the victims and we also need to preserve the evidence. The families, entirely understandably, want to know what has happened to their loved ones and if it's the worst case and their loved ones have died, they want their bodies returned to them so they can grieve and make funeral arrangements, but they will also want to know how this happened and therefore it's important to preserve the evidence too."


    Ian O'Prey, whose son Mark is still missing, criticised the amount of time the recovery operation was taking. He told BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland programme: "I thought if they'd made a better attempt on the Saturday night, I thought they perhaps could have got them out a lot earlier than they did but I think they were more concerned about this helicopter."


    David Gleave, of Aviation Safety Investigations, told the BBC that before lifting the helicopter, it was necessary to take fuel out and get underneath the helicopter to put chains around it. He said preservation of physical evidence was vital to give clues as to what happened.

    Caroline McCord, Glasgow

    emails: My thoughts and sympathy are with the victims and their families at this sad and tragic time. It just goes to show that when such a tragedy, which are thankfully extremely rare, occurs how dedicated our emergency services are to ensure that all victims are quickly located and given the best treatment in the world because our emergency services are a best in the world and it is the dedicated people in these services that earn them that recognition.

    Reevel Alderson BBC Scotland's social affairs correspondent

    "It has been confirmed that Police Scotland (PS) will continue to lead the investigation into Friday's crash of its helicopter. The independent Police Investigations and Review Commissioner for Scotland (PIRC) said it has had discussions with the Crown Office and the national police service - and the situation will be kept under review. If necessary, the Crown Office will direct PIRC to investigate aspects of the tragedy."


    David Gleave also explains why there was no fire and no explosion. "Helicopters are designed to be crashworthy. There's no point in having the ability to take a reasonably hard landing if the aircraft is subsequently going to explode so the mechanisms on board are designed so that in the physical impact hopefully the fuel cell is not crushed. We have kerosene powering the aircraft which is like diesel fuel. It doesn't catch fire in the same way that petrol catches fire so when you see the Hollywood movies of any helicopter... exploding, that's more action movie stuff that physical reality."


    David Goodhew, assistant chief fire officer, says crews have been tunnelling under the helicopter to try to find further casualties. He says as soon as the aircraft is on the ground, crews will be back in the building. He expects to complete the search for survivors and bodies in the next 90 minutes to two hours.

    Breaking News

    The crashed helicopter has been lifted from the Clutha bar in Glasgow.


    David Goodhew, of the fire service, says the building has been "totally devastated" and there is a large amount of debris under the helicopter so "you have to dig in slowly and methodically to try to get to everybody". He adds crews have been rotated and specialist crews brought in. "You will see the extent of damage when the helicopter comes out."

    Helicopter in Clutha bar Rescuers slowly lift the helicopter out of the Clutha bar

    UK government sources have confirmed there will be a statement in the Commons this afternoon on the Glasgow helicopter crash. It will be made by the Scottish Secretary, Alistair Carmichael.


    Nancy Primrose, a crash survivor, says watching the helicopter being lifted from the building was a surreal experience. "I can't believe we're standing here watching this... that this had landed practically on top of us and we're standing here to tell the tale."

    James Cook

    tweets: Incredibly still and sombre here at the #clutha as the helicopter is gently winched away.

    Helcopter lifted from bar The crashed helicopter is fully lifted out of the Clutha bar

    Listen to crash survivor Nancy Primrose and her sister, Ann Faulds, speak about their "lucky" escape from the Clutha bar.

    Gavin Lee

    tweets: There are many tears in the crowd here as the helicopter is finally removed from the #Clutha pub


    Police Scotland confirm that a 16-year-old man has been arrested and is in police custody following an investigation into comments made online following the helicopter crash in Glasgow. It is alleged he posted sectarian and racist comments on a social networking site. A report will be submitted to the procurator fiscal.


    Statement from helicopter operators Bond: "We have been in close communication with the AAIB, manufacturer, and the UK regulator the CAA. There are around 1,000 of this type of aircraft around the world, which are mainly used for lifesaving and mission-critical services such as air ambulance. At this time, there is no information from the current investigation which would lead the regulator, the manufacturer or Bond to halt flights of the EC135 fleet."


    National Police Air Service, which operates some similar aircraft across its fleet, although none in Scotland, says its service will continue as normal.

    Scottish Fire - West

    tweets: Helicopter has now been safely removed which will allow our specialist urban search and rescue crews to continue search of building #Clutha

    Five of the victims pictured Five of the nine crash victims have been named by Police Scotland

    The dead include;

    • Gary Arthur, 48, from Paisley, Renfrewshire
    • David Traill, 51, from Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire
    • Kirsty Nelis, 36, from Inverkip, Renfrewshire
    • Tony Collins, 43
    • Samuel McGhee, 56, of Glasgow
    Rescuers lift the police helicopter wreckage from the roof of the The Clutha Pub

    Some of the first agency pictures are coming through of the wreckage being lifted from the roof of the pub.

    Scottish Police Federation

    tweets: #PSHelicopter now being recovered from #Clutha Full search now able to be carried out & investigation begin to bring answers to families

    Scottish Fire and Rescue services watch as the police helicopter is lowered to the ground

    The wreckage is shown here being carefully lowered to the ground after a delicate, painstaking operation to raise it from the pub's roof.


    The wreckage of the Police Scotland aircraft was winched from The Clutha, where it came down at 22:25 on Friday.

    Mr B.B. Payne, Saltash, Cornwall

    emails: As a retired engineer, (ex RAF) I find it disgusting that it has taken so long to remove the remains of the aircraft from the crash site. A heavy lift mobile crane could have been on site to lift the aircraft to enable rescue of any injured victims far sooner. Who was responsible for the delay?

    Archdiocese Glasgow

    Pope Francis prays for Glasgow after #Clutha tragedy. Papal sympathy message received

    Daily Record front page This is how the Daily Record told the story on its front page on Monday

    All of Scotland's daily newspapers had the Clutha bar helicopter crash on their front pages. The Scotsman said five victims of the accident victims had been named. On the same theme, The Herald said the death toll had risen to nine as tributes were paid to the victims.


    Rev Laurence Whitley, of the Church of Scotland, said this was an unbearable time for those waiting for news. He says he hopes the "sense of solidarity" that Glaswegians are so good at, was a help. He added that the doors of the cathedral in the heart of city would be open and people could sign a book of condolence and say a prayer in the chapel.

    Gavin Paul Wilson

    @BBC_HaveYourSay Sad anticipation hangs over Glasgow as she awaits news of her wains still unaccounted for, Your resolve is Humbling

    Family handout of Mark O'Prey Relatives release this picture of Mark O'Prey, 48, who has been missing since the helicopter crash on Friday
    Jim McKay, Alloa

    texts: Ref the Crash, unless I've missed it, no mention of a 'Mayday' or any other transmissions to the Helicopter Control HQ ??

    James Burton

    tweets: Glasgow helicopter crash: East Yorkshire emergency services send messages of support in wake of Clutha pub disaster

    1120: Reevel Alderson BBC Scotland's social affairs correspondent

    "The operator of the police helicopter which crashed last Friday night, Bond, says there is no information which would lead it to ground its other aircraft. The helicopter was an EC135, of which about 1,000 are in operation world-wide. They include two operated by Scottish Ambulance Service, based at Inverness and Glasgow - at the same heliport on the Clyde to which the police helicopter was returning. Bond said it was in close contact with the helicopter manufacturer, Eurocopter, the Air Accident Investigation Branch and the Civil Aviation Authority."


    The helicopter wreckage remains at the scene.


    tweets: Just observed a mins silence in work for the victims of the tragedy on Friday really puts things into perspective. Lump in my throat #Clutha

    Scottish Fire - West

    tweets: Specialist Urban Search and Rescue Crews continuing their work, digging through the large amount of debris. #Clutha


    Downing Street confirms Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael will make a statement in the Commons this afternoon on the helicopter crash. It will take place after the energy statement.

    Bowls Australia

    tweets: As we get excited about @Glasgow2014, importantly our thoughts & prayers are with those effected by helicopter disaster in Glasgow #Clutha

    Evelynn Lowey

    tweets: Outside the clutha bar paying my respects and laying some flowers very sad and emotional.♥♥♥♥


    A BBC Scotland documentary, The Crash That Shook Scotland, will be broadcast on BBC One Scotland at 22:35 GMT tonight.

    Pope Francis Pope Francis said he was praying for the victims and their families

    The Pope's message of sympathy, sent via his ambassador to the UK, Papal Nuncio Archbishop Antonio Mennini, reads: "Having learned the sad news of the tragic accident which occurred in Glasgow when a police helicopter crashed into Clutha Vaults pub, close to the cathedral, causing the death of several people and numerous injured, I would like hereby to convey to you, as Archbishop of Glasgow, the closeness of the Holy Father as well as my most sincere sympathy in these difficult moments. I assure you of my prayers for those who have tragically lost their lives or have been injured as well as their relatives. May the Lord grant eternal rest to those who have died and comfort their relatives and the entire community of Glasgow in these moments of distress and sadness."

    Severin Carrell

    tweets: #Clutha bar "The Glasgow #ska family" leaves white shirt: "goodnight friends, until we dance again!"


    NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde medical director, Dr Jennifer Armstrong, confirmed 12 patients remained in hospital. She explained;

    • One person was discharged from Glasgow Royal Infirmary yesterday afternoon
    • Another patient was admitted after being referred from their GP after leaving the scene on Friday without seeking medical attention.
    • Eight patients are being treated at Glasgow Royal Infirmary
    • One patient is at the Western Infirmary.
    • A further two patients have been transferred to the National Queen Elizabeth Spinal Injuries Unit at the Southern General Hospital, taking the total number of patients at that unit to three.

    Dr Armstrong added: "The patients continue to be treated for a range of serious injuries including bone fractures, spinal injuries, lacerations, chest injuries and head injuries."

    Helicopter lifted from Clutha bar Damage to the underside of the helicopter is clearly visible as the wreck is lifted out of the Clutha bar

    Now that the wreckage of the helicopter has been removed, rescue teams are making a full search of the building.


    The BBC's Sophie Long says ambulances have been seen leaving the cordoned off area around the pub and are believed to have contained the bodies of victims.

    Bouquets of flowers and messages at the crash scene People are continuing to lay flowers and leave messages at the crash scene
    Scottish Fire - West

    tweets: Very poignant to see emergency teams form guard of honour as remaining victim's body removed from #Clutha pub. #respect


    tweets: @BBC_HaveYourSay emergency services -proficient and caring all in one. Terrible tragedy, deep sincere thoughts to all.


    First Minister Alex Salmond paid tribute to the work of the emergency services as he opened a new health village in Aberdeen. Mr Salmond said: "The staff of Scotland's health and emergency services are the beating heart of our nation. Indeed, the response to the ongoing tragic incident in Glasgow serves as a poignant reminder of their unfailing dedication to keeping the people of Scotland safe, well and healthy. They continue to be an inspiration to us all and we are immensely proud of the invaluable contribution they make on a daily basis."

    Angela Degnan

    tweets: Final bodies removed from #CluthaBar though not said how many R.I.P

    Lynsey Shaw

    tweets: @BBC_HaveYourSay We can learn from the stoicism displayed in the face of immense trauma by all those affected by events in Glasgow #heroic

    The hole left in the building after the helicopter was removed. The hole left in the building after the helicopter was removed
    Val, Seaford

    emails: Can't tell you how sad this whole incident makes me feel. I know no one in Scotland but I shed tears for these people. God Bless you all.


    The police are delivering a statement on the latest situation. They say the helicopter wreckage will be analysed at the air investigation unit at Farnborough.


    The fire service talks of "substantial" walling of sandstone in the Clutha bar. They say that there were three layers of roofing to negotiate the rescue operation. It was an "extremely complex operation", the media is told.


    The quantity of rubble was far more extensive than expected. It was a very, very confined space throughout, the fire service says.

    Breaking News

    Nine bodies have now been removed from the Clutha bar, it has been confirmed. The emergency services expect no more victims to be found.


    The next few hours will see the work concluded by the emergency services, the media is told.


    No further bodies are expected to be found.

    Emergency services personnel salute the cortege of private ambulances Emergency services personnel salute the cortege of private ambulances
    Megan Fitzpatrick

    tweets: Heartbreaking seeing everyone standing watching the Clutha bar, makes you appreciate the simple things!

    Glasgow City Council

    tweets: Book of condolence is open at @GlasgowCC City Chambers Mon-Fri 8.30am-6.30pm & 9am-1pm on Saturday #Clutha


    Follow the latest updates with the BBC's One O'clock news and Reporting Scotland, starting at 13:30.

    Lesley Di Mascio

    tweets: Glasgow City Council say people will be able to sign the book of condolence at the city chambers until 6 tonight. #Clutha

    1307: Reevel Alderson BBC Scotland's social affairs correspondent

    "Police Scotland is to continue operating a helicopter in support of operations. The aircraft which crashed on Friday was operated by Bond Helicopters and the Scottish Police Authority said they are contracted to continue supplying the service. A spokesman said, however, a review was already planned into helicopter operations in the light of the transfer to a single police force last April."


    Police Scotland's Deputy Chief Constable, Rose Fitzpatrick, in a statement to the media said: "In due course the wreckage of the helicopter will be removed and will be taken for detailed examination and investigation by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch Farnborough facility. This now enables us, working with colleagues from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, to continue the search and recovery operation within the site to satisfy ourselves that all the victims of Friday night's tragic incident have been recovered."

    Gillian Wheelan, Real Radio Scotland

    tweets: Really upsetting watching police ambulances drive away. Emergency crews lining street makes you think about incredible job they're doing.


    Deputy Chief Constable Rose Fitzpatrick added: "The uncertainty for the families of those who have died is at the front of our minds. It remains our absolute priority to give clarity to those affected as soon as we are able. The loss of so many people has been deeply felt."

    Morven McPherson, STV

    tweets: Air Accident Investigator: there was no emergency transmission from pilot of #PSHelicopter which crashes into the #Clutha bar in #Glasgow.


    The operation to remove the helicopter from the body of the building took a good chunk of Monday morning. Here, we present those images in a gallery of stills.


    tweets: Just walked past the clutha bar. Really hits home when you see it first hand like that.


    The emergency services say they cannot rule out finding further bodies in the bar itself - but they do not anticipate discovering more.

    Emergency workers make their way to form a Guard of Honour salute for one of the victims Emergency workers make their way to form a Guard of Honour salute for one of the victims being taken away by ambulance

    BBC Scotland reporter Aileen Clarke says that the emergency services have now entered their final phase.


    BBC Scotland reporter Cameron Buttle says Glasgow hospitals had "just seven" minutes to prepare for the emergency on Friday night.

    Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael signs a book of condolence Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael signs a book of condolence at Glasgow City Chambers
    The book of condolence at Glasgow City Chambers He writes that the day stands out as one of the saddest in Glasgow's history
    Breaking News

    Air crash investigators have said no mayday call was made before a police helicopter crashed into the roof of a pub, killing nine people.


    Alan Crossan, owner of the Clutha pub, praises the emergency workers and the spirit of Glaswegians. "They are like a different breed. They face danger. They are incredible people," he tells the BBC. He says joiners and plumbers have been in touch offering to help him fix his pub.


    David Miller, deputy chief inspector of the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB), said the helicopter made a vertical descent into the Clutha bar in Glasgow and he confirmed the pilot made no mayday call.


    Mr Miller went on to add;

    • The helicopter did not have a flight data recorder
    • It did, however, have electronic systems on board which may have important recorded data
    • Nothing detached from the craft in flight before the accident
    • And there is nothing to connect the incident with any previous accidents in the North Sea
    Rescue workers look on as the helicopter is lifted onto a truck's trailer Latest images show the wreckage being lifted onto a truck's trailer to be transported to Farnborough
    Glasgow City Police

    tweets: While emergency workers continue to work at the Clutha, we continue to provide a service to residents and visitors to the City Centre. Our officers will continue to carry out patrols of the City Centre as part of the seasonal initiative.


    What do we know about Glasgow's Clutha bar crash?

    • It happened at about 10:30 on Friday
    • A police helicopter, with two PCs and a civilian pilot, were on board
    • The bar had about 120 revellers inside listening to a live band
    • About 32 people were taken to a number of Glasgow hospitals
    • The latest is that 12 people remain in a serious condition
    • Nine bodied have been recovered from inside the bar
    • The helicopter itself has also been removed from the roof of the building
    • The Air Accident Investigation Branch say the pilot made no mayday call
    • It added that nothing detached from the helicopter before impact
    Elliott in Glasgow

    tweets: Just walked past the Clutha Bar absolutely heartbreaking to see all the flowers ! Rip and condolences to all the family's

    Cllr Paul O'Kane in Neilston
    Eastwood Park, East Renfrewshire

    tweets: Flag at half mast here at Eastwood Park as East Renfrewshire offers condolences to the people of Glasgow #clutha

    Catriona O'Neill from Stirling

    tweets: Laid flowers down this morning by the Clutha Pub on my way to college. So harrowing to see it all. R.I.P #clutha


    Have a look back at a selection of eyewitness and breaking news tweets from the time of the Glasgow helicopter crash.


    Scotland's Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said crews had been working as quickly and safely as possible but that she understood the "frustration and the anguish" of people who are waiting for news.


    A silent queue is forming at Glasgow City Chambers of people wishing to sign the book of condolences. Scottish Labour deputy leader Anas Sarwar, MP for Glasgow Central, wrote it had been a sad few days for the city but "we have seen the best of our citizens".

    Emma Howard in Glasgow

    tweets: You hear about these things happening in other parts of the world, but you never think it could happen in your own city #Clutha #RIP


    The book of condolence is open at Glasgow City Chambers between the hours of 8:30 to 18:30, Monday to Friday and 09:00 to 13:00 on Saturday.


    Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran, who represents Glasgow East, has been visiting the command centre and the council. "It is hard times and the city is hurting. We have to move on, move on to asking some of the questions about why this happened and what we do now," she urged.

    Adrienne Pyke

    emails: What a very sad, moving sight, watching the removal of the helicopter.......

    Aidan Kerr

    tweets: At the #Clutha police cordon and I don't think any TV pictures can come close to the carnage that must happened in that wee pub. Horrific


    Philip Tartaglia, the Archbishop of Glasgow, appears on the BBC visibly shaken after visiting the incident site. "I can't imagine what it has been like. All we can do is offer our prayers for those affected. This is my end of town and I'm so gratified that so many Glaswegians showed the real spirit of Glasgow - that gives you real hope for the future."


    Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon holds a news conference. She said the personal impact as well as the professional impact of those working in the emergency flying quads was great.


    Our thoughts and good wishes are with those who have suffered, added Ms Sturgeon.


    Gary Hardacre, head of risk and resilience at the Scottish Ambulance Service, said the ambulance control centre acted very quickly. The first ambulance was on scene within one minute of the call, very quickly supported by 10 others.

    John Mcaulay

    texts: When the Clutha was called 'The Wee Mans', back in 1981 it was the first pub that I went to for a pint. Castlemilk is high up and my friend, his two children and I were going to the shops at 10pm when I pointed to the chopper and we saw a beam of light coming down. My friend phoned me at midnight and asked me to go to the news channel. It was a terrible scene and my memory went back to the nights that my friends and I had so many happy times.


    Asked about support offered to ambulance workers in the wake of the crash, Gary Hardacre, of the Scottish Ambulance Service, says: "It takes a certain type of person to work in these kind of services. We have staff with immense professionalism, pride and 'can-do' attitude and that's what they do."

    Ms Sturgeon points out that she was aware of an "enormous spirit of solidarity" on her visit to the ambulance station.

    Scotland's pubs

    The SLTA sends sincere condolences to those who lost loved ones in the Clutha Bar tragedy.

    Ryan Black

    tweets: @BBC_HaveYourSay Watching the footage from Rome. People must remember to #pray for all affected by the #Clutha tragedy. #RIP


    Glasgow City Council says it will provide financial help to the injured and bereaved. "There will be people who are unable to work or who face a lengthy road to recovery," says council leader Gordon Matheson. "Families face uncertain times ahead without loved ones. We can and will help them in the days, weeks and months ahead."

    A general view of the scene on 2 December Crews continue to carry out work in the pub as dusk falls

    Gillian Dacey, of the rescue team Rapid UK, explains that the rescue operation was made more difficult because of the helicopter's impact on crashing and the structure of the pub - a single storey flat-roofed building. She says delays were the result of rescue teams trying to ensure against the building collapsing a second time.

    Breaking News

    The helicopter, covered by a tarpaulin, has been put onto a low loader lorry and driven away.

    Helicopter on low loader The helicopter wreckage, loaded onto a truck and draped in a cover, begins the 420-mile journey to Farnborough in Hampshire
    The helicopter wreckage on the back of a truck is driven away Police escort a truck carrying the helicopter, covered in tarpaulin, through the streets of Glasgow

    In the Commons, Home Secretary Theresa May paid tribute to those involved in the Clutha bar rescue and recovery mission.


    A half-hour TV special: "The Crash That Shook Scotland" is being broadcast tonight on BBC One Scotland at 22:40.

    Immaculate Heart Church, Glasgow

    tweets: The parish continues its prayers for the victims of the Clutha Bar disaster and invites all to join with us.

    The Hairy Hobbit

    tweets: The Glasgow helipad looks very empty without SP99 #Clutha


    For further coverage and to hear a good summary of the day's events, listen to Newsdrive on BBC Radio Scotland.


    Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael is due to make a statement to the House of Commons at 16:30 about the Clutha bar incident in which nine people are known to have died.

    Nicola Sturgeon

    tweets: Just met some of the @Scotambservice staff involved in the response to the #clutha tragedy. To call them heroes is no exaggeration.


    Aileen Clarke, reporting for the BBC at the scene, says that fighfighters are still on the roof of the pub. She adds that "every now and again" the relative silence is peppered with banging. There is clearly more work going on, she tells BBC Radio Scotland's Newsdrive programme.


    The site will be handed over to Glasgow City Council once it is made safe and the recovery operation has been completed, Aileen Clarke adds.

    Cllr Matt Kerr

    tweets: Thank you to all services, & @GlasgowCC staff of all depts who worked, & are still working hard, to help all affected at the #cluthavaults


    First Minister Alex Salmond will make a statement to MSPs at Holyrood tomorrow.

    Iain McKenzie MP

    tweets: Heading to the Chamber for today's statement on the tragedy that took place at the #Clutha bar on Friday. Thoughts with all those affected.


    Pauline Howie, chief executive, Scottish Ambulance Service, said: "I would like to thank all of our teams who responded immediately, working throughout the night to treat and care for the injured alongside colleagues in the police and fire services. As always, our staff displayed the highest standards of professionalism and a total focus on saving lives when faced with an incredibly challenging situation. I would also like to thank the many people who have sent messages of support throughout the weekend."

    Gavin Lee BBC News
    The helicopter crash site

    "Emergency crews are dismantling the remaining tents at the crash site, signalling the end of recovery operation at the Clutha pub."

    David McCann

    tweets: Edinburgh Lord Provost conveys the Capital's "deepest sympathy for the bereaved families and friends of the deceased". #Clutha

    James Doherty

    tweets: One minute silence at 6pm on George Square, Glasgow, to remember those impacted by #Clutha tragedy, before festive programme resumes.

    Alistair Carmichael Alistair Carmichael wears his "People make Glasgow" badge

    Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael tells the House of Commons that the search of the Clutha bar continues and more victims maybe found.


    The minister openly praises Labour MP Jim Murphy who was passing the scene moments after the crash and helped with the recovery of the injured.


    Making reference to his 'People make Glasgow' badge, Mr Carmichael says: "We in this House stand in solidarity with the people of Glasgow as they mourn there loss and come to terms with their grief."


    Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran says she echoes Mr Carmichael's words, adding that the incident was shocking. She too thanks Mr Murphy. She says he cannot be in the House today because he is away working in the Philippines.


    Ms Curran, Labour MP, asks Mr Carmichael if the AAIB report into the incident will be delivered before the end of the year. She finishes her address by saying: "This has been a dark weekend, but darkness will not snatch everything from us it is not in the darkness that we shall live on - people ran toward the danger, not away. Out of this tragedy this is a powerful tribute."

    Colin Mathie

    tweets: Good to see jim murphy getting credit from his colleagues in parliament #cluthavaults


    Both Mr Carmichael and Ms Curran wore "People make Glasgow" badges when they made their addresses to the House of Commons. They were given them by leader of Glasgow City Council, Gordon Matheson.

    Neil Lennon lays flowers Laying flowers in sorrow - Celtic manager Neil Lennon

    Celtic manager Neil Lennon visited the scene of the tragedy in Glasgow and put his floral tributes with the dozens of others.

    Kate Devlin, The Herald

    tweets: Frmr Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy praises media for "responsibility & sensitivity" of reporting on the Glasgow helicopter crash #Clutha


    For a round-up of all the events of the day, watch the BBC's Six O'Clock news, followed by Reporting Scotland on BBC One Scotland.

    Labour MP Kerry McCarthy

    tweets: Still in chamber for statement on Glasgow helicopter crash. Some moving contributions from Scottish Labour MPs.

    The SNP

    tweets: @PeteWishart in HoC gives condolonces to bereaved & says Glaswegians & emergency services were tremendous in their response #clutha

    House of Commons Tributes were paid to the emergency services which had been involved in the Clutha bar tragedy

    Members of the House of Commons have been speaking about the Glasgow helicopter crash. Jim Sheridan, Labour MP for Paisley & Renfrewshire North, said he was a regular customer of the Clutha Vaults. He praised fellow MP Jim Murphy and said Glasgow needed "another Clutha Vaults". Watch the tributes continue through Democracy Live

    James Mills

    tweets: lovely intervention by @JimSheridanMP just now on #Clutha, a pub he frequents, in the Glasgow Helicopter Crash Statement in the chamber #HoC

    Alistair Carmichael and Margaret Curran Alistair Carmichael and Margaret Curran wearing their "People Make Glasgow" badges

    Fiona O'Donnell MP asks if a book of condolences be opened at the Houses of Parliament. Mr Carmichael says he would like that to happen, but he says it is up to the parliamentary authorities.


    To obvious acknowledgement in the chamber, the Speaker John Bercow says he sees no reason why such a book cannot be opened. He adds there are logistics about where it would be in situ - possibly in the library - but in principle he was agreeable.


    The MPs finish their tributes in the House of Commons. Members turn to other business.

    Patrick Sweeny, Eastbourne

    emails: Born in Glasgow and forever a Glaswegian. My every thought and prayer goes out to absolutely everyone in Glasgow affected by this great tragedy but being a Glaswegian I know that the city and its great citizens will forever flourish. The Clutha, (The Clyde), the name of it thrills me and fills me with pride. In this time of great sorrow for every Glaswegian throughout the world, every Glaswegian should feel so proud of every other Glaswegian, all who have shown great shared sorrow and strength. The sweetest of song is the song of the Clyde. We will never ever forget The Clutha, (The Clyde) and we will never ever forget those who have been so sadly lost in this tragedy. God bless this great city and all who have suffered.

    Suzanne Campbell

    tweets: Listening to the news of the #clutha bar, puts shivers up my spine. Thinking of the families who have lost and those still waiting on news


    Margaret Curran told the Commons: "Our minds are still focused on those who died and suffered injuries but we must establish what happened on Friday to prevent such tragedies in the future."

    Neil Lennon at the Clutha bar Neil Lennon said the whole city had been affected

    After laying his floral tribute, Celtic manager Neil Lennon, told the gathered media: "It's an unforeseen tragedy that's affected the whole city, and the city is united in grief at the minute. I was out myself on Friday night with some friends when I heard, so it puts a lot of things in perspective. Our own club has been affected indirectly with a young girl who plays with the ladies' team losing her father, so I just wanted to come down on behalf of the club and pay respects to all the people involved."

    Chris Mason Political correspondent, BBC News

    "Commons Speaker John Bercow has confirmed that a book of condolence will be opened at Westminster following the Glasgow helicopter crash."


    BBC reporter Huw Williams remains at the scene of the crash. He says that 60 hours after the helicopter fell into the building it was removed. He adds that although there was no black box on board electronic equipment could help piece together what happened in the moments before the crash.

    Scottish Police Federation

    tweets: Admiration and respect paid to emergency service workers by MPs from across UK in @houseofcommons debate on Glasgow helicopter crash


    The latest news from Deputy Chief Constable Rose Fitzpatrick is that the search and recovery operation at the site will continue. In a statement she adds that "we need to satisfy ourselves that all the victims of Friday night's tragic incident have been recovered".

    Alexander Gunn

    tweets: Paying our respect today. #GBNF #Clutha

    Lynsey Pattie

    tweets: Just home from laying flowers at the #clutha bar. Can't believe this has happened and my heart goes out to the victims families and friends


    That's it for our live text, video, picture and tweet coverage on the aftermath of the Clutha bar helicopter crash. Updates to the story will continue on the BBC news website and on the BBC News channel.


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