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Cable thief could be seriously hurt after Methil incident

A metal thief who caused an explosion at an electricity sub-station by cutting into an 11,000-volt cable could be seriously hurt, police have said.

The power supply was cut to a number of houses and businesses in Methil, Fife, after the cable was hacked at 02:00.

Police said it was likely the person had been badly burned or suffered an electrical shock and should seek medical assistance urgently.

They were concerned the thief may have suffered serious internal injuries.

Electrocution fears

Inspector Donald Jenks, based at Levenmouth Police Station, said Scottish Power had found that attempts had been made to cut through a mains cable which shorted out causing an explosion and a failure of the supply.

He said: "On examining the damage at the site of the incident, the Scottish Power engineer fully expected to find the person responsible to have been electrocuted.

"Police have conducted a thorough search in the area to ensure there is nobody in need of assistance."

He added: "An electric shock of this magnitude could have caused significant internal injuries that might not be immediately apparent.

"Our initial inquiries are to ensure the safety of the person responsible, if you have any information that would help us identify this person please call us on 101."

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