Social media reacts: Glasgow 2014 Opening Ceremony

  • 24 July 2014
  • From the section Scotland
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Image caption The ceremony drew on many iconic Glaswegian and Scottish images

It had been seven years in the planning.

Ever since that crucial day of 9 November, back in 2007, when it was announced that Glasgow would host the Commonwealth Games in 2014, all of the preparations had been building towards this - the Opening Ceremony.

It was the time for the city to shine - when Glasgow would welcome 4,500 athletes from the 71 nations and territories of the Commonwealth, and kick off what is sure to be a momentous and unforgettable 11 days.

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Image caption The Scottie dogs proved to be among the stars of the show

Celtic Park was the setting, and with a bill that included performances from the likes of Susan Boyle and Rod Stewart - with the appearances of Scottie dogs, giant Tunnocks Tea Cakes and a nod to some of the country's landmark inventions just some of the other highlights of an evening that was unmistakably Scottish - the 40,000-strong crowd were treated to something that left the nation ready to deliver the best Games ever seen.

And, on such a grand occasion, it was no surprise that the first place many people took to when they wanted to share their thoughts and musings on the proceedings was social media.

Whether it was the great and the good of the sporting world, renowned musicians, or even some of the athletes who will be going for gold throughout the competition, they were just some who set Twitter alight before, during and after the big event.

Singer Amy MacDonald, who graced the stage alongside a selection of Glaswegians to give a rousing rendition of 'Rhythm of my Heart,' began by summing up the feeling of Scots all over when she shared her delight and pride at what was to come...

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Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon got in on the action, first by giving a glimpse of we could expect...

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Then she shared a snap in the midst of the atmosphere...

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When things finally got under way, Tweeters allowed their creativity to flow from the off...

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And, the hit definitely seemed to be the four-legged friends who accompanied each team on their entrance...

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Back to the humans, for a bit, and there was only one man who everyone was talking about...

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...even if some were not convinced by his choice of outfit.

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James McAvoy posed for a Commonwealth selfie with Chris Hoy...

...who later came to the rescue by opening the baton to get the Queen's written message.

Not everyone loved the ceremony...

But one group who didn't have a bad word to say were the athletes, with some of them even managing to share their enthusiasm with the social sphere.

New Zealand's Olympic and World Champion Shotputter, Valerie Adams, could not wait to show off her team to the world...

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And, the moment we had been waiting for, some of the men and women who will be hoping to become Scotland's heroes...

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All in all, it was an unforgettable night that had galvanised passion and pride in equal measure, summed up brilliantly by Becky Adlington...

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And, judging by this, Glasgow 2014 has truly gripped social media already.

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