Glasgow 2014: John Beattie's Commonwealth Games diary

  • 29 July 2014
  • From the section Scotland

I am out and about on my bike to experience the sights and sounds of Glasgow as the city hosts the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

l am using Twitter to keeping a diary of my experiences - as well as broadcasting live from 12:00 each day on BBC Radio Scotland.

Tuesday 29 July

One of the great things about the games is that we are welcoming people from around the world to our country.

The Kiwis have set up a location in a city centre hotel - they claim it's their territory and insist on you saying Kia Ora to everyone you meet.

Back out on the street producer Marion MacNeil gathered local opinion on the Games.

Some weird and wonderful sights as we headed back to office.

And at BBC at the Quay there's time for a quick selfie with stunt cyclist Danny MacAskill who had been performing some of spectacular tricks.

Monday 28 July

This morning I headed to Hampden with producer Marion MacNeil to speak to people heading to the athletics.

Crowds were building and I hoped to get some top travel tips from an insider...quick chat with a Glasgow Taxi driver.

Image caption Shuttle buses heading back to the city centre

On the way back to the office a wee reflection on the "great times" of these Glasgow Games.

Friday 25 July

Another early start.

And it's all about the wins in the pool last night. I go in search of the next Hannah Miley at Glasgow Club.

I also got an explanation of what sport events can mean to the population from Dr Richard Cox, top sports psychologist.

And as I pedalled back to the office with my producer Marion we spotted a few famous faces along the quayside.

Thursday 24 July

Day one of sporting competition and I start with a chat with Australian swimmer Nathan Hart's dad.

I then chatted to other excited spectators in George Square.