Social media reacts: Team Scotland's Glasgow 2014 parade uniform

It started off well when Team Scotland proudly showed off its parade uniform on Twitter…


…and the first reaction, from hockey player Vikki Bunce, was positive.


But then things took a turn for the worse, with a thumbs down from Scottish sports presenter Dougie Donnelly…

Dougie Donnelly

…and an unflattering comparison from top lawyer Aamer Anwar.

Aamer Anwar

Then Scotland's journalists got involved, and the criticism got a bit more creative.


A few people compared the outfit to soft furnishings, like comedian Al Murray…

Al Murray tweet

…and Helen Milburn.

Milburn tweet

TV producer Mick McAvoy turned to history for a solution…

McAvoy tweet

…and Mogwai musician Stuart Braithwaite suggested it might be an ingenious distraction from other Glasgow 2014 issues.

Braithwaite tweet

All in all, it seems the uniforms didn't go down very well…

Hassan tweet

…but, like lawyer, and wife of Chris Hoy, Sarra Hoy says, in the end, when the games start, it won't really matter.

Hoy tweet

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