Drop in Neets figures for Scotland

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Image caption The number of teenagers not in employment, education or training has fallen to pre-recession levels

There has been a significant fall in the number of teenagers in Scotland not in employment, education or training, according to official figures.

They suggest there were 29,000 so-called "Neets" last year - down from 33,000 the year before.

This is the lowest number since before the recession.

The Scottish government has a promise of a place in education or training for anyone aged 19 or under who does not have a job.

In the 12 months to November, the rates of 16-19 year olds who were not in employment, education or training decreased in all 32 local authority areas.

South Ayrshire, Midlothian and North Ayrshire showed the largest decreases, down 3.1%, 2.8% and 2.7% respectively, according to figures from Scotland's chief statistician.

Highest levels

The highest percentage of teenagers without employment, education or training in 2013 were in Clackmannanshire (11.8%), North Lanarkshire (10.3%) and West Dunbartonshire (10.1%).

A third (31%) of all Neets in Scotland were in the three local authorities with the highest total number of Neets - Glasgow, Fife and North Lanarkshire.

Since November 2008, the number of 16-19 year olds who were not in employment, education or training has decreased in all but three of Scotland's 32 local authorities.

South Ayrshire (3.3%) and North Ayrshire (3.2%) have had the largest decreases, with West Dunbartonshire and West Lothian also showing a decrease of 3.1%.

However, there was a 1.1% increase in South Lanarkshire and a 0.7% rise in East Renfrewshire, while the rate remained unchanged in North Lanarkshire.

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