'Vigilant but calm'

What will be the response of the authorities in Scotland to the disclosure that Abdul Rakib Amin, who appeared in a recruitment video for the Islamic militant group Isis, was educated in Aberdeen?

Vigilant but calm, according to Humza Yousaf, the Minister for External Affairs in the Scottish government.

He told me that, as a Scottish Muslim himself, he had never encountered such extreme views as espoused in the Isis video.

That was not, he stressed vigorously, an argument for complacency.

The police, he said, would take every possible step in liaison with other authorities and with the communities of Scotland to prevent radicalisation taking hold.

It was, however, an argument for a calm, measured response.

Scotland, he argued, had drawn together after previous connections to terrorism, most notably the attack on Glasgow Airport.

He firmly forecast such a development on this occasion.

Muslims in Scotland, he said, were peace loving, friendly members of the community.

They were every bit as shocked as other people in Scotland by such developments.

Mr Yousaf was speaking after members of the Scottish cabinet discussed the issue during their meeting in Selkirk.

Brian Taylor Article written by Brian Taylor Brian Taylor Political editor, Scotland

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