People's Panel: Lindsay Neil

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Image caption Lindsay Neil is now retired, but spent many years working as a GP

Occupation: Retired doctor

Age: 73

Lives: Selkirk

Voting Intentions: Yes to independence

Lindsay Neil lives in Selkirk, in the Scottish Borders and is a retired GP.

He is very active in his local community, campaigning for urban regeneration, fishing rights and the Common Good Fund, as well as founding the local archery club.

He describes himself as "a pretty committed 'Yes' man" and has long been a supporter of independence for Scotland.

"I remember seeing Wendy Wood at the bottom of the Mound when I was a student, and even in 1968 I argued we should run our own show.

"There is a distance between us and Westminster, a schism. Westminster is too far away and I don't think people in England know an awful lot about Scotland.

"We need to turn our attention to things that are needful in Scotland, rather than being taken along on the apron strings of the UK generally."

He also doesn't trust the promises from the pro-union parties about further devolution for Scotland in the event of a 'No' vote:

"It's the negative way the campaign has been managed from England. I think it has been arrogant, coming up here telling us what we are going to get and not get. Voting 'No' is a far, far greater risk."

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