Scottish independence: Put your questions to Michael Fry

Michael Fry, Historian
Image caption Michael Fry hopes that under independence there will be a revival of right-wing policies

The latest in our series of Scottish independence referendum webcasts will see historian and journalist Michael Fry answering your questions.

The BBC's Bill Whiteford will be quizzing the pro-independence campaigner on his vision for a post-Yes Scotland.

Mr Fry founded the campaign group Wealthy Nation in 2013 to represent the views of those who intend to vote Yes in September but who sit to the right of centre on the political spectrum.

He said independence was the only hope for a revival of right-wing policies in Scotland, which he argued were necessary if Scotland was to grow its economy and increase its wealth.

A former Conservative Party member, he left the party in 2007 and has complained that the Tory brand is "toxic" and out of touch in Scotland.

Mr Fry had previously labelled Labour's proposals for further devolution of powers to Scotland as a "feeble package".

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People in Scotland will go to the polls on Thursday, 18 September, to vote in the independence referendum.

They will be asked the Yes/No question: "Should Scotland be an independent country?"

The interview with Mr Fry will be published on BBC Scotland's news website.

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