As-it-happened: First minister's questions

Key points

  • Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond took questions from opposition leaders and backbench MSPs during the weekly question time session.
  • Labour leader Johann Lamont grilled the first minister, while Conservative questions came from Ruth Davidson
  • This was the final first minister's questions before the Scottish Parliament October break

Live text


  • Andrew Black 
  • Deirdre Kelly 
  • Doug Kennedy 

Last updated 10 October 2013


Hello and welcome to this week's first minister's questions, live and loud from the Scottish Parliament.


Alex Salmond will be on his feet at midday, but right now, SNP ministers are answering questions from MSPs in the chamber.


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Brian Taylor, Political editor, Scotland

"Sat in for an excellent debate at Holyrood today. Excellent, Brian? Were there ructions? There were not. Was there excitable rhetoric? Equally, no.... read more from my blog."

STANDARD Information

Also on the agenda might be the announcement that SSE to raise energy prices by 8.2% - very topical given Labour leader Ed Miliband's pledge to freeze energy prices.


General Questions are dominated by government plans to cut the number of control rooms for the Scottish fire service. Minister Roseanna Cunningham says members of the public will have the same experience if they require fire service help. She adds that "there will be no boundaries as there is at the moment".


Labour leader Johann Lamont (JL) goes on the oil fund concerns.


@BBCDouglasF Canadian IT firm CGI to create 250 jobs in Glasgow, announces Alex Salmond #fmqs