Reporter's view of the Royal Mile

The florist had spent the morning arranging a garland of hydrangeas and roses across the lintel of Edinburgh's Canongate Kirk.

Image caption The couple are believed to be delaying their honeymoon

He crossed the road and handed a pale yellow rose to Margaret Kittle, 76, from Canada.

She had been camped out overnight and it was her reward for her patience.

Margaret was just one of the 6.500 people who turned out to catch a glimpse of Zara Phillips' wedding.

Spirits were high in the crowd - as they waited for hours with not very much happening.

A coach then came into view, heading down the Royal Mile carrying the first set of guests.

Famous faces started to step off the buses, including Sir Jackie Stewart, the Scottish motor racing legend, Martin Johnston, who coaches the England rugby team and - for the crowd at least - the star attraction, England rugby star Johnny Wilkinson.

"Johnny, Johnny," they chanted, hoping they'd see more than the back of his head.

Fleet of limousines

In the midst of this the groom Mike Tindall arrived with his best man, the rugby player Iain Balshaw.

Looking extremely relaxed for a man about to join "The Firm", as the Royal family style themselves, he breezily waved to the crowd and gave a big grin.

Some time passed before a fleet of limousines started carrying the bride's family to the church.

They travelled at a fair pace up the Royal Mile, the crowd just catching sight of a waving Duchess of Cornwall.

There was a huge amount of interest in possibly the world's most famous couple - William and Kate.

Family affair

They had a special security escort and received an extra big cheer when they arrived at the kirk, along with Prince Harry.

Five minutes before the service began the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh glided to a halt outside the church in a Rolls Royce - not the usual State Bentley which affords a better view of Her Majesty.

This was mean to be a low-key, family affair but there has been a huge amount of media interest.

The woman who everyone wanted to see exercised the bride's prerogative and was a few minutes' late for her journey to the church. Wearing her Stewart Parvin ivory silk dress, she and her father Mark Phillips climbed into another Rolls Royce.

She was led down the kirk aisle by her father and a traditional Church of Scotland marriage service followed, conducted by the Rev Neil Gardner. The sanctuary had been extensively decorated and there was singing from a tartan-clad choir.

Champagne reception

It was all behind closed doors though. The couple emerged 45 minutes later to more cheers - and even louder ones when they exchanged a kiss.

There was a touching moment when Zara's mother, the Princess Royal, watched the couple drive off while linking arms with the groom's father, Phil.

The royal party then followed them to the Palace of Holyroodhouse. The road remained sealed off to allow all the guests to board their coaches again and head off for the champagne reception.

For the bridge and groom, time to relax and enjoy the company of their friends. However, like cousin William, Zara and Mike are thought to be delaying their honeymoon - saying they have important sporting commitments to fulfil.