Prime Minister's Questions: David Cameron v Ed Miliband

Key points

  • David Cameron faced questions about his decision to employ Andy Coulson as his director of communications
  • Ed Miliband said the PM had demonstrated wilful negligence. Mr Cameron said the Leveson Inquiry backed him
  • The judge in Andy Coulson hacking trial says he has concerns about the PM commenting before all verdicts were in

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Last updated 25 June 2014


17:00: PMQs update - David Cameron has also faced criticism from his cabinet colleague, the veteran Conservative minister Ken Clarke, for making a statement on Andy Coulson before the case had concluded. "It was unwise. They should have taken some legal advice first but I doubt whether it ever crossed David's mind," he told BBC Radio 4's The World at One. Told that No 10 said they had taken "the best legal advice", Mr Clarke added: "I think I know the source of 'the best legal advice' so I'll have a chat with him and correct him."


17:00: PMQs update - Labour is hoping to keep up the pressure on David Cameron by asking Sir David Normington, the former senior civil servant and Commissioner for Public Appointments, to investigate why Andy Coulson was not given top-level security clearance when he worked in Downing Street.


So Prime Minister's Questions is over for another week, but the fall-out is likely to continue - we'll be updating this page with the key video clips, the full video of the session and later we'll add more reaction to the session. You can follow proceedings in the House of Commons on Democracy Live, and, of course, on the BBC News website, the latest phone-hacking developments.


The Downing Street spokesman said there had been widespread media coverage of the verdict and the prime minister had sought legal advice before issuing his statement. A spokesman for the prime minister added that David Cameron had taken the "best legal advice before issuing his apology yesterday".


Number 10 has responded to the judge's comments, making it clear the prime minister's apology had been in response to the verdict delivered in open court and was restricted to that issue.

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Nick Robinson, Political editor

On Daily Politics Nick Robinson said the Attorney General had been in the room with Mr Cameron at the same time he was giving his apology, advising him about what could and could not be said.


On Daily Politics Nick Robinson said the judge in the phone hacking case had said Mr Cameron had been "ill advised and premature" when he gave his apology about Mr Coulson.


Robin Brant Robin Brant, outside the court, said the judge's concern had been about the impact of the PM's comments on the jury's deliberations