Cameron hails all-party support against Juncker bid


David Cameron and Angela Merkel have clashed over who should head the European Commission, as Ben Wright reports

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David Cameron says there is a political consensus in Westminster against Jean-Claude Juncker becoming president of the European Commission.

The prime minister was speaking after Labour said it opposed the former Luxembourg leader getting the job.

The UK opposition said Mr Juncker's record suggested he would make getting much-needed reforms "more difficult".

Mr Cameron hailed the support of "all major UK parties" as he held talks on the issue with other EU leaders.

Mr Cameron is meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte for wide-ranging talks on the EU's future at Mr Reinfeldt's summer residence in Harpsund.

The person chosen to head the commission, the EU's executive body, will be one of the most contentious issues discussed during the two-day gathering.

David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Fredrik Reinfeldt and Mark Rutte talk in a boat near the summer residence of the Swedish Prime Minister The four leaders took to the river for a spot of relaxation before the talks began in earnest
David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Fredrik Reinfeldt and Mark Rutte talk in a boat near the summer residence of the Swedish Prime Minister It's not clear if the next EC president was discussed during the boat trip
David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Fredrik Reinfeldt and Mark Rutte talk in a boat near the summer residence of the Swedish Prime Minister A boat trip is a regular treat for guests at the Swedish PM's country residence

Mrs Merkel has publicly backed Mr Juncker, the candidate nominated by party groups in Europe, but the UK, Sweden and the Netherlands are leading a campaign to block his candidacy.

Mr Cameron is strongly opposed to Mr Juncker's belief in a closer political union between EU member states and has described Brussels as "too big" and "too bossy".

His hand was strengthened on Monday when Labour said its MEPs in the European Parliament, which must approve the choice by EU leaders, would vote against Mr Juncker.

"The message from the European elections was clear - that we need reform in Europe," a spokesman said.

"We need reform so we can promote jobs and growth. Mr Juncker's record shows he would make these reforms more difficult."

Nick Clegg, Britain's Deputy Prime Minister and Lib Dem leader, has already said he backs Mr Cameron's stance.

David Cameron speaking to the media in Sweden Mr Cameron said the UK, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands were all "strong, growing" economies

Mr Clegg, a former MEP, said: "What I want is for national governments to retain their right to decide who this is.

"I don't think Jean-Claude Juncker is the right person. We need someone in that position who will reform the European Commission, to help it grow and to help create jobs in this country," he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

After Labour's intervention, Mr Cameron tweeted: "All major UK parties are now united on one point: Jean-Claude Juncker should not be President of the European Commission."

Speaking in Sweden, Mr Cameron said the issue of who ran the commission could not be separated from the need for Europe to shift its strategic focus.

"We want to see an EU which is more open, competitive and flexible - one that does less pointless interference but one that is effective in helping to get growth and jobs," he said.

"Obviously there is a link to that agenda and the people who should be running these institutions but this meeting today is really about content and what Europe should be doing in the next few years."

Mr Cameron also made clear he believed it should be up to the elected leaders of the EU's 28 member states to decide who headed the commission rather than "some new process that was never agreed".

Angela Merkel and Jean-Claude Juncker The German chancellor has given Jean-Claude Juncker her backing
Juncker: For and against

Angela Merkel: German chancellor, after some hesitation, backed European People's Party candidate. Some in Germany believe she may be willing to discuss alternatives

David Cameron: Opposed to former Luxembourg PM's candidacy - said to see him as a "face from the 1980s" who cannot solve the problems of next five years

Fredrik Reinfeldt: Seen as opposed to Mr Juncker and reports in European media suggest Swedish prime minister himself could be compromise candidate

Mark Rutte: Opposed to Mr Juncker, and Dutch PM due to meet Irish prime minister after Swedish summit to discuss alternative candidates


EU leaders have traditionally named the commission head on their own, but new rules mean they now have to "take into account" the results of the European Parliament elections.

The European People's Party (EPP) grouping, of which Mr Juncker is a member, won the largest number of seats in May's polls, and he has argued that gives him a mandate.

The decision will be made by the European Council - the official body comprising the 28 leaders - by qualified majority vote. That means no single country can veto the choice.

The decision is expected at an EU summit on 26-27 June although an agreement by then is by no means guaranteed.

Mrs Merkel said the four leaders would not make a final decision on who they would back, adding that her position was well known.

Mr Rutte also told reporters that it was premature to put forward names for who should replace Jose Manuel Barroso as head of the commission.

"My belief is that we should first focus on content, discuss what the new commission should do... then discuss who fits that profile," he said.

The BBC's Ben Wright, in Harpsund, said the scene was set for a lengthy power struggle between EU leaders and the European Parliament over the appointment with the UK worried about the prospect of a "stitch-up".


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    Comment number 1209.

    Time and time again, ignorance of such fundamentals scare me. For if we do not know even the basics then who are we to climb on the shoulders of such slain giants & pass judgement of what is right or wrong. I'm all for impassioned debate, but not ignorant impassioned debate - as surely, that really is the door opening for fascism as history has shown...

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    Comment number 1208.

    Byron, yes, we did participate in 2 world wars but when one considers that more german and russian soldiers participated in 1 eastern front engagement and suffered more casualties over a matter of weeks (batte of Kursk) than the entirety of the western front from start to finish, it puts the UK perspective of WW2 into new light.

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    Comment number 1207.

    The ´average´German has no ´Delusions of Grandeur´ --they are only thankful to be part of a society that functions --for what they pay for.

    The anti-EU Brigade on this and similar BBC blogs cannot say the same.

    " Do not confuse me with facts" --is the typical self destructive attitude.

    Unfortunately they are condemning others to suffer their folly.

    --and don´t give a damn.

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    Comment number 1206.

    1196. Byron97
    ...Us educated people...


    Maybe you should educate yourself a little bit on how EU, local and national elections work in the UK before leaving uneducated comments.

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    Comment number 1205.

    I see the Volkischer Beobachter and Der Sturmer types are out in Force, making rants like we stopped Hitler, then proceeding to talk like Hitler enthusiasts against foreigners.

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    Comment number 1204.

    1183 Merlin

    "The continual anti-EU rhetoric from the press has absolutely nothing to do with patriotism. These people only have allegiance to their own pockets"

    Despite the constant attacks and lies by the likes of the foreign owned Murdoch press the people of this country still support our EU membership and will back it in the referendum.

  • rate this

    Comment number 1203.

    @ 1201. Byron97 : as a Londoner born and bred, I had to laugh at your comment. Also, please clarify: you mention non-whites. They can still be English though, can't they. If they're not, where are they from? The EU? The commonwealth? They have to be to be able to vote in EU or local elections.

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    Comment number 1202.

    1198. labourdestroyedournation
    Just remember immigrants and the benefit reliant are more likely to vote Labour, That is why Labour are pro europe, a steady supply of new votes,

    EU citizens are only allowed to vote in local and EU elections, not in national elections. You people only ever have the same 2 arguments. Oh well, at least it's double the amount of UKIP policies.

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    Comment number 1201.

    1198. labourdestroyedournation
    I couldn't have said it better myself! That was why London voted Labour in the EU elections in May! London is no longer an English city, did you see Miliband's picture whilst campaigning in London? I did not see one White face at all! Here is a saying I have 'Labour - for the working people, just not ours!!

  • rate this

    Comment number 1200.

    Britain has been sold to ´Foreigners´ --Hook, Line and Sinker.

    Leaving the EU, companies will find the Lowest Common Denominator with wages, holidays, working hours etc.

    Without the EU, the British working class will get ´screwed´.

    Flag waving is suicide.

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    Comment number 1199.

    Is there any truth in the rumour, that there's a new reality show being filmed in Brussels called "I'm British, Get Me Out of Here"?

    I don't think it will work, you'll lose all the contestants at the earliest oppurtunity.

    I believe it's to be named "

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    Comment number 1198.

    Just remember immigrants and the benefit reliant are more likely to vote Labour, That is why Labour are pro europe, a steady supply of new votes, we must all make sure Labour never ever get back into power, we stopped Hitler, the likes of millibland, Harman, Cooper etc must be stopped also

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    Comment number 1197.

    @ 1195. margaret howard and 1154 Chris :

    Or here, from the horse's mouth, the ECA themselves:

    "As independent auditor, the ECA has signed off the 2012 accounts of the EU, as it has done each year since the 2007 financial year"

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    Comment number 1196.

    The left wing argument about leaving the EU is that we will 'lose money' and 'lose jobs'. Us educated people know this to be untrue. But I would still vote to leave the EU even if it did cost us a lot of money and jobs, do you know why? Because I love my country and It genuinely makes my blood boil at seeing what this country has become today. Flooded with immigrants, morals gone,crime rampant.

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    Comment number 1195.

    1154 Chris

    "The EU's accounts have never been signed off"

    Will that settle the matter for you once and for all?

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    Comment number 1194.

    1184. labourdestroyedournation for our Nige, Churchill's right hand man..


    LOL! Nige's cosying up to neo-Stalinist Putin reminds more of Hitler and Stalin's non-aggression pact. Churchill wouldn't have had any use for Farage - on the contrary: we united the nation, whereas Farage polarises it.

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    Comment number 1193.

    BBC Business

    Tungsten mining to begin in Devon.

    Money (one million) was raised on the Australian Stock Exchange --shares bought by mainly Australians and New Zealanders.

    -- I wonder who owns the land ?

    If it is not a foreign company, then one of the Landed Gentry (and Hangers on) ?

    --Not much left of British industry --and no EU to protect the workers.

    -- some future.

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    Comment number 1192.


  • rate this

    Comment number 1191.

    1181 margarethoward

    Oh Margaret, you really are committed, aren't you? You've really been taken in haven't you?

    Not a Whatsisname fan, by any chance? You know, the little puppet of a man that sometimes gets an invite to the top table? Clegg, that's his name, Clegg. If not, you ought to be.

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    Comment number 1190.

    1179.Tom43 : 1174. It_s yerself
    "You're confused. Miliband, Clegg, and Cameron would have been jailed for treason. Nigel would have been smoking a cigar."

    If it where so, the tower would receive so many today. We could get an executioner for minimum wage. He may not cut well, but for the first time, your glad your employee isn't that well skilled in his service.


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