In full: Prime Minister's Questions

Key points

  • David Cameron is quizzed by Labour leader Ed Miliband and backbench MPs for 30 minutes
  • Ed Miliband pointed out an all male front bench and said the Conservatives were 'failing women'
  • Mr Cameron said there was no justification for the current London Undergound strikes

Live text


  • Justin Parkinson 


It was a rumbustious PMQs, despite Ed Miliband's claim that he wants a more serious, sober discussion. Anyway, that ends our live text coverage of events for this week. You can continue to follow debates in the Commons on BBC Democracy Live or on the BBC Parliament Channel. Please join us again next week.


Labour's Vernon Coaker, a former teacher, mixes his metaphors, likening Francis Maude to a "drowning man clutching at straws".


Sky News political editor Adam Boulton

tweets: Speaker Bercow lets #PMQs run an 6 minutes - his version of keeping all MPs in detention I suppose


Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude says it is "very unusual" for there to be no women on the government front bench for PMQs. Home Secretary Theresa May and Culture Secretary Maria Miller were absent today for various reasons, he explains.


On the Daily Politics, BBC political editor Nick Robinson says Labour packed its front bench with women ahead of Ed Miliband's questions on gender equality.


The Daily Mirror's Kevin Maguire

tweets: E Mili won #pmqs again by hammering Cameron on floods & sexism after hitting him on 50p tax last Wed. Civility is for losers


That was a pretty lively session. Education Secretary Michael Gove will not be too happy about his telling-off by the Speaker. Presenter Andrew Neil describes Mr Bercow's joke as "rather mannered" and pre-planned on the BBC 2's Daily Politics.


Mark Ferguson, Labour List

tweets Monty Python reference from Bill Cash. Nothing if not modern up to date cultural references from the Tories there #pmqs


The Sun politics team

tweets: This week's #PMQs verdict hands @Ed_Miliband a 4-2 win over @David_Cameron:


Lib Dem Andrew George says more investment is needed to protect the Penzance to Paddington rail line. David Cameron agrees it is an "urgent requirement to get this right". That ends Prime Minister's Questions for this week.