Nigel Farage: 2010 UKIP manifesto was 'drivel'


UKIP's leader said his party' was working on new policies

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The UK Independence Party would not scrap Trident, Nigel Farage has said, describing the manifesto that contained the policy as "drivel".

He told LBC 97.3 radio the party had never advocated unilateral disarmament but was currently reviewing its policy.

In recent days, the UKIP leader has faced questions about pledges made in its 2010 general election manifesto.

David Campbell Bannerman, who drew up the 2010 document, said Mr Farage was "in terrible trouble over policies".

Mr Farage said the 2010 manifesto had been binned and the party was working on new policies to be unveiled later this year.

Mr Farage stepped down briefly before the last election to concentrate on winning a seat in Parliament and says he was not involved in drawing up the manifesto.

His successor, former Conservative peer Lord Pearson, appeared not to be familiar with much of the policy programme during the 2010 campaign.

'Professional footing'

Among other things, the manifesto called for taxi drivers to be required to wear uniforms, for British weights and measures to be "safeguarded" and for the burka to be banned in public buildings.

Start Quote

I didn't read it. It was drivel.”

End Quote Nigel Farage UKIP leader on 2010 manifesto

In a phone-in on the radio station, Mr Farage said he had already acknowledged that much of the manifesto was "nonsense" and UKIP had gone back to a "blank sheet of paper" in terms of its preparations for the next election in 2015.

He claimed the document was nothing more a collection of disparate policy papers.

Mr Farage is understood to have fallen out with the main author of the manifesto, David Campbell Bannerman - an MEP who has since rejoined the Conservative Party.

Mr Campbell Bannerman said in an interview to be broadcast on BBC Radio 4's The World Tonight: "I think Nigel is in terrible trouble over policies. He's never believed in them. He's on the ropes.

"We had 18 policy groups, very professional people. It was a very serious paper, but Nigel could not be bothered to read it, anything to do with policy. I'm afraid it's not good enough for someone who claims to be a serious political leader.

"You're dealing with someone who isn't bothered, isn't serious, is a bit of a joker, and it's not good enough. It's not a political party. It's a pressure group".

UKIP's leader said he did not defend the party's 2010 general election manifesto, but its 2015 policies would be "similar in flavour",

Mr Farage signed the foreword to the 2010 manifesto as the "chief party spokesman," along with Lord Pearson and Mr Campbell Bannerman.

It said "While withdrawal from the European Union superstate is central to UKIP's message, the party has a full range of policies that have helped it grow to become Britain's fourth largest political party."

Mr Farage also launched the manifesto at a press conference in Westminster, saying it was time for "straight talking" in British politics.

Explaining why he had now disowned the document, he told LBC: "Malcolm Pearson, who was leader at the time, was picked up in interviews for not knowing the manifesto.

"Of course he didn't - it was 486 pages of excessive detail. Eighteen months ago I said I want the whole lot taken down, we reject the whole thing...

"I didn't read it. It was drivel. It was 486 pages of drivel...It was a nonsense. We have put that behind us and moved onto a professional footing."

'Tight times'

But he said he was "really annoyed" by suggestions that UKIP, whose main policy remains taking Britain out of the EU, was not committed to Trident - the independent submarine-based ballistic missile weapons system which dates back to the 1960s.

He rejected suggestions that calls to scrap Trident had appeared at one stage on the party's official website.

Vanguard submarine carrying the Trident nuclear weapons system UKIP says there is a case for reducing the number of nuclear submarines

"On a discussion forum, about a year ago, someone put up an idea, a policy proposal saying 'what if we scrapped Trident'.

"It has never been adopted or accepted as UKIP policy. It has never formally been put out there as UKIP policy."


UKIP's 2010 manifesto called for Trident to be retained and ultimately be replaced by "four British-built submarines armed with US missiles".

The policy is currently being reviewed and would set out it in detail during the summer, Mr Farage added.

"We have been thinking very hard what to do with Trident...but it will not involve scrapping Trident.

"I think there is an argument that, in tight times, we could go down from four to three submarines, but I think we need to maintain the independent nuclear deterrent."

The government has delayed a decision on the future of Trident until 2016 amid divisions between the two coalition partners.

The Conservatives back like-for-like renewal, but the Lib Dems want a "slimmed-down" version, with a maximum of three submarines.


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    Comment number 812.

    #803 hellb

    My #798 was replying to--

    "#783 hellblazer

    "For a start yes the EEC is a trade agreement," ???"


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    Comment number 811.

    The ’83 (Michael Foot) Labour manifesto included withdrawal from the EU.

    One reason - loss of sovereignty.

    Also - a free market, ‘devil take the hindmost’ approach to wages, conditions etc. Why else allow free movement of cheap labour?

    The EU is a free market, libertarian exercise. It conflicts with nationalist instincts and those that want national autonomy (both of right & left wing).

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    Comment number 810.

    even though there not elected.maybe mr farage should add to his manifesto the abolition of this useless club of hooray Henry's. That would I am sure add many millions of votes to there pot. Along with the welsh and liberal peers they have shamed democracy .


    What is UKIP's policy on the English language?

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    Comment number 809.

    I'm really enjoying the BBC's smear campaign against UKIP. When will the BBC critique the big 3s failed 'festos? I did a quick google of "conservative manifesto bbc", the second result really caught my eye "Conservative manifesto analysis: Promising change". I'm not really a UKIP supporter, but anything that makes the BBC sweat this must be doing something right. [mods, leave my post alone]

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    Comment number 808.

    Following the shameful way labour peers have denied the people a vote on Europe or to put it another way they know what's best for us, even though there not elected.maybe mr farage should add to his manifesto the abolition of this useless club of hooray Henry's. That would I am sure add many millions of votes to there pot. Along with the welsh and liberal peers they have shamed democracy .

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    Comment number 807.

    779. David Wallis

    No the center is somewhere between the Liberals and the Scottish Nationalists, look at

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    Comment number 806.

    Ah, I can see where we differ David (802).

    I think socialism IS extreme. Blair was correct in moving his party away from the divisive, anachronistic, class war-ridden old left. Like Thatcher, he understood that the centre ground was based on aspiration, not envy.

    If you believe a return to Old Labour ideas would 'restore the balance,' I couldn't disagree more. The centre has shifted... HURRAH.

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    Comment number 805.

    Last night the deputy Chairman of the Ukip Party was on Newsnight.

    Neil Hamilton.

    What a bunch of All-stars.

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    Comment number 804.

    Some rubbish on here about EU payments ...
    For every £26 paid to the EU they give us back £10.
    They use our £16 to ...

    Give Egypt 890,000,000 Euro
    Give Mali 520,000,000 Euro
    Give West Africa 138,000,000 Euro
    Spend 420,000,000 on EU Embassies in the Pacific Rim
    Pay the 36,500 in Brussels
    Run 500 Limousines and chauffeurs
    Put 335 staff in jail for 900 yrs for fraud

    Wanna stay in? No

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    Comment number 803.


    Sorry I meant EEA in that post, my mistake. Not EEC.

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    Comment number 802.

    Jeremy, the point that I was making is that until Tony Blair formed New Labour, left-wing socialist politics wasn't extreme. From the formation of the the Labour party to the 70s and 80s, being left-wing and socialist wasn't extreme, and usually just meant you were an ordinary bloke, not a 'hardcore lefty'.
    It wouldn't be good if SW was now centre either. But we need to restore a balance.

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    Comment number 801.

    786. David

    And never mind such issues such as trade, migrant workers, and that includes the British, controlling banks, so they can't be so silly again etc.

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    Comment number 800.


    That just proves my point so you must be agreeing with me. The EU is an expanding empire without an army that wants to go federal. You do have a veto in the EEC btw.

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    Comment number 799.


    Sorry, you are either a troll or really really thick. The money we give to the EU is the problem, the 50 million a day. If we left the EU, we don't pay their membership fee, agree some form of deal/join EEA in days and carry on trading as normal. We sell them things, they sell us things, but they sell us about 50bil more a year and increasing. I just want us to make our own laws.

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    Comment number 798.

    #783 hellblazer

    "For a start yes the EEC is a trade agreement," ???

    ´In the preamble, the signatories of the Treaty declare that:

    "- determined to lay the foundations of an ever closer union among the peoples of Europe,
    resolved to ensure the economic and social progress of their countries by common action to eliminate the barriers which divide Europe,´

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    Comment number 797.

    786. David
    It is the idea that I am being blackmailed to stay in the EU thats makes me want to leave.

    Why would the multi-national companies stay if we left the EU? The company I work for does nearly all it's business overseas and if we left the EU, there would little reason to stay in the UK. When you travel a lot, being in the EU is so much easier for businesses.

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    Comment number 796.

    I've no idea what you mean, David (779).

    It's clear who occupies the centre ground. Both big parties still have rumps of extremists (as do the Lib Dems), but hard core Lefties know that Labour is not for them - and a million or so swivel-eyed Little Englanders are trying out Farage's disposable rose-tinted glasses.

    Good riddance to extremists. Their influence will wither. The centre will hold.

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    Comment number 795.

    I said the EU sells us about 50bil more than we sell them, meaning consumer goods ... I mean we pay over 50 million£ a day
    I'll do the math for you seeing as you are incapable

    £50,000m/365 = £136m per day

    £136m - £53m = £83m per day

    So every day we gain £83m from the EU and you want to leave?

    Do you see why I ignored your 'economic' argument?

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    Comment number 794.

    Just now

    I know what they are, you've just misunderstood me. There is no legal precedent of a country leaving the EU like the UK, I'm saying we don't know if we would sign up to the EEC, or another deal.


    As usual, there is Scotland to act as the Guinea Pig in the experiment.

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    Comment number 793.

    Read about Otto Von Bismark and the creation of the German democratic system, it will cure you of believing PR is a good idea. The Germans wanted the British system , Bismark who was fanatically anti democratic invented PR.


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