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Friday 19 December

Mark Reckless on Tory court action over election costs

Most read stories on BBC News political pages in 2014

EU week: New EU budget set and German road tolls

EU neighbours: Lithuania changes from litas to euros

Europe immigration: Germans views on migration

Thursday 18 December

Tory MP on acupuncture, herbal medicine and homeopathy

Advice for London mayor candidates from Stephen Norris

Photographer Stefan Rousseau's political images of 2014

Ken Livingstone on 2016 London mayoral election

Local government funding for English councils

Wednesday 17 December

2104 highlights: Political and Parliamentary moments

Dame Wendy Hall on MPs scrutinising online privacy

Greens working on 12 seats at 2015 general election

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on BBC-OBR conspiracy claims

PMQs: PM and Miliband on Christmas and economic claims

PMQs: Cameron and Blenkinsopp on numbers of NHS nurses

PMQs: Clarke and Cameron on Labour economic plans

Robinson and MPs review Cameron and Miliband at PMQs

Tuesday 16 December

Conservative archive on UK, Common Market, EEC and EU

Gemma Arterton and Isla Blair back equal pay calls

UK will join the euro, says former deputy PM Heseltine

House of Parliament repair work and costs: John Ware

Heseltine and Tyler on Jenkin House of Lords retirement

Monday 15 December

Political book gifts on Tory, Labour, UKIP and Lib Dems

UKIP's Suzanne Evans on candidate Kerry Smith comments

Leanne Wood on Plaid, SNP and Green election talks

Cheap food at social supermarket for people on welfare

Sunday 14 December

UKIP defends candidate in offensive phone call row

Iain Duncan Smith and jobseekers on Universal Credit

Iain Duncan Smith on Universal Credit introduction

Food bank use tiny compared with Germany, says minister

Sunday Politics Scotland: Review of 2014

Friday 12 December

Political week: Salmond, Sturgeon, Clegg, Candy Crush

Protest against pornography laws outside Parliament

Skills shortage: Derby firms on finding trained staff

Andy Burnham on NHS waiting times and trolley waits

Burnham on Clegg NHS Hinchingbrooke privatisation claim

Royal College of Nurses on NHS pressures

Thursday 11 December

Westminster Christmas parties: Nick Clegg's drinks

Pledges and vows: Scottish independence and tuition fees

Philip Davies MP on book ban for prisoners court case

FULL VERSION: Author and MP on book 'ban' for prisoners

Leslie on Miliband speech and Labour's spending plans

Jolyon Rubinstein: 100,000 sign petition against lying MPs

Wednesday 10 December

Benefits Street's Dee Kelly on MPs and welfare payments

Liberal Democrat government role question in Twickenham

Robinson and MPs review Clegg and Harman at PMQs

PMQs: Clegg and Harman on NHS hospital privatisation

PMQs: Clegg and Harman on women and equality

PMQs: Reynolds asks Clegg on Autumn Statement absence

PMQs: Bradshaw and Clegg on NHS operations for smokers

Tuesday 9 December

General election 2015: Conservative hopes in Scotland

Davidson on Scottish Conservatives, polls and elections

RSPB and Wildlife Trust call on MPs to look at nature

General election 2015: Whig bid to return to Parliament

Immigrants' role in traffic congestion: Charlene Rohr

EVEL debate: Tory, Labour and Lib Dems

Swinney and Davidson on Scottish stamp duty

UKIP suspends general secretary

Monday 8 December

Nuisance phone call numbers 'out of control' says Which

Royal Mail on threat to 'universal service' deliveries

What is Vladimir Putin and Russia up to?

Sunday 7 December

Student vote warning for 2015 general election

Why fewer students could vote in 2015 general election. (with minister interview)

Autumn Statement reaction: Gauke and Leslie

UKIP policies: Breast-feeding, sex education and Trumpton

Friday 5 December

Political week: Clegg, Osborne, Farage, Cable and Brown

Tebbit on Tories, Thatcher, Scargill and immigration

Lord Steel on the death of Jeremy Thorpe

Matthew Hancock on the Autumn StatementDaily Politics highlights of 2014

Cochrane on referendum campaign

Thursday 4 December

International aid: Michael Moore and Peter Bone

Estate agent on Autumn Statement stamp duty change

Cameron pledges to modernise Conservative Party image

Can Captain Euro change how UK thinks of EU?

Wednesday 3 December

BBC live page for Autumn Statement

BBC Autumn Statement index

Autumn Statement: UK economy in graphics with Jo Coburn

Tuesday 2 December

Autumn Statement 2014: Christmas present spending

Ken Clarke: Archive of Tory MP's political highlights

Ken Clarke rules out return to front line Tory politics

TTIP and NHS: Ken Clarke and Dr Bob Gill on trade deal

Veil debate: Yasmin Alibhai-Brow and Myriam Francois-Cerrah

Monday 1 December

Penny Mordaunt talks hens and cockerels in Parliament

Isabel Hardman on hoaxed web images of MPs in Commons

Why more political parties are being set up

MPs' views on Gordon Brown standing down

How many seats could Lib Dems lose in 2015 over student votes?

Sunday 30 November

Lincoln immigrants on Cameron welfare change plans

Migration Watch's Lord Green on UK population rise

Immigration debate: Brady and Hanson

Autumn Statement preview with IFS's Johnson

Friday 28 November

MEP censure motion: Vote over Juncker on Luxembourg tax

EU week: TTIP, Google, euro economy and Pope visit

EU neighbours: cycles, oysters and rubbish in Denmark

BNP conference: Immigration and integration policies

Simon Darby: BNP immigration message and rise of UKIP

Reaction to David Cameron immigration speech

Thursday 27 November

Broadcasting rules: John O'Farrell on TV clips of MPs

By-election candidates who only expect to lose the seat

Monster Raving Loony's Howling Laud Hope's political career

Immigration debate: Farage and Pritchard

SNP reaction to Smith Commission

Can you tell a mosque from a cathedral?

Wednesday 26 November

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on English NHS figures

Main tells Cameron about mother's death under Welsh NHS

PM praises Berry and McCartney Movember moustaches

PMQs: Reckless heckled in his first question as UKIP MP

PMQs: Zahawi quotes Shakespeare in Thornberry van question

PMQs review: Nick Robinson with MPs Shapps and Smith

Shapps woke from coma in US and was asked about health bill

Sol Campbell on Labour mansion tax for £2m properties

Tuesday 25 November

Clark, Goldsmith, Docherty, Field, Fuller in recall debate

David Mellor 'idiot' cabbie comments says ex-Sun editor

Hazel Blears on Lee Rigby and security report

National editor Richard Walker on new Scottish paper

Nigel Farage: Voters' views on UKIP leader as future PM

Monday 24 November

Owen Paterson on UK leaving European 'super country'

Open Europe's Mats Persson: UK benefits and EU migrants

Right to be forgotten censorship fears: Mosley and Ginsberg

Right to be forgotten online: Mosley and Ginsberg

Sunday 23 November

Rochester and Strood by-election night scenes

Grant Shapps: Rochester, Reckless and general election

Lord Tebbit on Rochester result and Cameron leadership

Rachel Reeves: Immigration, welfare and Thornberry tweet

Friday 21 November

David Steel: Rapping, Spitting Image and Boy David tag

Political week: Economic red lights, Klass and benefits

UKIP's O'Flynn on Rochester and Strood result

Health and Social Care Act: Liz Kendall on Labour bill

Thursday 20 November

Straw on Iran nuclear programme talks and inspections

Full sequence: Straw and Phillips debate Iran's nuclear programme

Resignations: Major, Thatcher, Aitken, Cook, Short, Purnell

Stewart Hosie: SNP under First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

Barnett Formula and West Lothian Question: Raab and Stuart

Wednesday 19 November

UKIP immigration policy: Woolfe on Reckless comments

Angus Robertson on Alex Salmond standing to be SNP MP

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on mansion and 'bedroom' taxes

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on NHS and Nessie poll claim

PMQs: Cameron and Jones on Tory MPs defecting to UKIP

PMQs: Cameron and Champion on child sex abuse help

NHS: Cameron and Efford on NHS private members' bill

Robinson, Leadsom and Reynolds review PMQs questions

Tuesday 18 November

Rochester and Strood by-election campaign candidates

Immigration vote: Good or bad mood box question

First Minister Alex Salmond's career in archive footage

Alex Salmond legacy: David Torrance and Kevin Schofield

Profiling a typical Daily Politics viewer

Should American dating coach Julien Blanc be banned from UK?

Immigration debate: Hanson and Green

Pollster asked: Who will win the general election?

Monday 17 November

David Lammy on Ken Livingstone Tower Hamlets comments

UKIP v Labour policy debate: Tim Aker and Vernon Coaker

Elected mayors: powers for leaders in big cities

12-16 November

No programmes: Parliament in recess

Tuesday 11 November

BBC FOI request: 1992 civil servants plans for Kinnock

Jeremy Browne on working with Theresa May

Fashion advice for politicians from Caryn Franklin

European Arrest Warrant vote and debate: Hanson and Green

Kwarteng and Browne in airport expansion debate

Remembrance Day commemorations around the UK

Monday 10 November

TV election debates: Greens, SNP and Plaid demands

Jacob Rees-Mogg on European Arrest Warrant vote

Politics and #WeBackEd hashtag in social media campaign

Fredrik Reinfeldt: Swedish view of UK EU membership

TV election leaders debate: Lucas, Barker and Bradshaw

Sunday 9 November

Tory MEP Daniel Hannan on European Arrest Warrant

Matthew Hancock on revised EU demand to UK

Miliband leadership: Powell, McBride and New Statesman

Caroline Flint on Ed Miliband and Labour party polling

Friday 7 November

Berlin Wall: Thomas Kielinger and Gisela Stuart's memories

Political week: Baker, Osborne, Cameron and May

Looking into Luxembourg's tax affairs

Thursday 6 November

2014 news images of best newspapers political cartoons

Cabbies, MP, and TUC talk political correctness

Doyle: Labour bid for aggravated offence against forces

Ed Davey on UK energy security (full interview)

Strengths and weaknesses of Cameron, Miliband and Clegg

Wednesday 5 November

Gay blood donor rules need changing - Michael Fabricant

Margaret Curran on Johann Lamont rift press reports

Tim Farron and Amber Rudd on coalition relations

John Bird on Miliband giving money to Manchester beggar

PMQs: Cameron on Tower of London poppy display

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on EU reform and referendum

PMQs: Cameron asked possible VAT rise by Greenwood

PMQs review: Nick Robinson, Amber Rudd, Margaret Curran

Tuesday 4 November

Justin Tomlinson on Sadiq Khan mobile phone car claims

Equal pay day: Wage rates for men and women

Malcolm Bruce on Norman Baker Home Office resignation

Kerry McCarthy on vegan food loyalty card offer to MPs

Nicky Morgan on equal pay and gender gap

Monday 3 November

Cities Growth Commission on Great Manchester mayor plan

Annual Tax Summary: TUC and MPs on spending information

Woodland Trust: England Tree of the Year entries

Sunday 2 November

Police and Tory views on European Arrest Warrant powers

Hilary Benn on Labour Lords reform and devolution plans

Ken Clarke on UK role in EU, and immigration figures

Friday 31 October

Steve Webb on family-friendly government policy checks

Family-friendly check for government English policies

Afghanistan images painted by former minister Kim Howells

Immigration week: PMQs, Fallon, Boles and Calais mayor

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner count

Andy Slaughter reacts to Maureen Lipman comments

Is the Daily Politics studio haunted?

Thursday 30 October

Borgen: Copenhagen legacy of Danish political drama

Jacob Rees-Mogg on May's European Arrest Warrant claims

BBC camera troubles with Coburn, Taylor and Campbell

Halloween: Westminster and Whitehall ghost and ghouls

Wednesday 29 October

Elect leaders by lottery suggests David Van Reybrouck

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband clash on immigration records

PMQs review: Coaker and Neill on Cameron v Miliband

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on European Arrest Warrant

PMQs: Cameron says no separate Scottish EU referendum

PMQs: Devolution call for Essex and East Anglia

PMQs: Plaid's Elfyn Llwyd on fair funding for Wales

MPs wearing political wear slogans on T-shirts

Debate: What happened to the EU referendum bill?

Tuesday 28 October

Political reputations: Can voters trust MPs again

Matt Hancock: Legacy of under investment in UK power

FULL SEQUENCE: Hancock and Smith on UK energy supplies

Lord McConnell on Scottish Labour 'too angry at SNP'

FULL SEQUENCE: Jack McConnell on search for a new Scottish leader

Fracking in the UK debate: Smith and Corre

Reaction to EU demand for £1.7bn from the UK

Monday 27 October

Scottish Labour needs rebrand says ex-MP Dennis Canavan

Bookmaker odds on Russell Brand for London mayor

SNP, UKIP and Green parties see membership increases

FILM AND DEBATE: Why are people turning to smaller political parties?

Europe debate with Con/Lab/UKIP/Lib Dem

Sunday 26 October

Elizabeth Truss at French food expo selling UK food

Elizabeth Truss on Tory environment and power policies

Welsh NHS has 'nothing to hide', says health minister

Friday 24 October

Farage defends deal with Polish MEP in EU grouping

European Union priorities for Juncker administration

EU neighbours: Politics Europe on Germans and the EU

Plaid conference: Leanne Wood on NHS and assembly powers

Plaid Cymru conference: Comparisons with SNP fortunes

European week: Juncker, budget, immigration and UKIP

What is TTIP and why are some opposed to it?

Farage and Kamall on UK to pay more into EU budget?

Thursday 23 October

Westminster dog of the year contest: Rob Flello and Diesel

Johnson, Gove and Cameron celebrate Guido Fawkes site

Political reporting: Michael White and Paul Staines

NHS England's Simon Stevens on health care in England

Wednesday 22 October

Loyd Grossman: Cut 20% VAT on older building repairs

PMQs: Reed and Cameron on girl's hospital letter to PM

PMQs: MacNeil and Cameron on Scottish referendum pledge

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on English and Welsh NHS

PMQs: Nic Dakin asks David Cameron about VAT rise

PMQs review: Robinson on Cameron and Miliband health clashes

Labour MP Simon Danczuk on Fiona Woolf inquiry role

Alp Mehmet on UK migration and European treaty

Tuesday 21 October

Westminster wonks, think tanks and political ideas

Gibraltar chief minister Fabian Picardo on its future

Political hits: Clegg, Thatcher, D:Ream and Mike Read

Paul Nuttall on UKIP European Parliament EFDD grouping

UKIP's Paul Nuttall on Rochester and Strood phone calls

Recall bill powers: Zac Goldsmith and Tom Brake

15 stand in House of Lords by-election

Monday 20 October

Warning to Labour on union funding from Assem Allam

UK reaction to Jose Manuel Barroso speech

Are these the worst political adverts?

Sunday 19 October

New tech catching unguarded comments from politicians

Rochester and Strood by-election campaign phone call claims

Grant Shapps on Rochester and Strood by-election

New homes: Emma Reynolds on Labour house building plans

Ebola threat to UK and Africa: Pollock and Solomon

Friday 17 October

Roy Hattersley: Birmingham MP and Labour deputy leader

Coburn and Cato on UKIP's grouping in the EU

Can MPs really do anything about how football clubs are run?

MPs debate Bob Neill's bill for EU membership referendum

Political week: Scotland, Ebola, Carswell and Freud

Reg Empey on Northern Ireland Assembly finance gridlock

Thursday 16 October

Advice on jobs for people with disabilities

Anne Begg and Mark Harper on disability payments

Halfon calls for Hunt apology over Daily Politics comments

Labour plans for first-time buyers homes in England

Lord Smith on Scottish devolution commission deadlines

Wednesday 15 October

Lord Freud: Disabled people 'not worth full wage'

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband and Freud wage comments

Esther McVey on Freud comments about disabled people

Cameron on Alan Henning: 'We have lost a local hero'

PM on Ebola: 'We will do everything we can to keep this country safe'

PMQs: UKIP MP Douglas Carswell on Cameron and recall

Tuesday 14 October

SNP's Pete Wishart on Scottish and English devolution

English and Scottish devolution: Redwood and Danczuk

Mansion tax: Labour and Lib Dem plans to collect money

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas on TV election debates

Paul Lewis - What's going on with pension changes?

Monday 13 October

Grahame Morris on MPs recognising state of Palestine

BBC's Ric Bailey on 2015 general election TV debates

TV election debates: Tory, Labour, Lib Dem and UKIP reaction

NHS strike action in England and N Ireland

Sunday 12 October

Nigel Farage on NHS, UKIP manifesto and coalition talks

Labour Party: MPs' views of Ed Miliband leadership

Friday 10 October

British Chambers of Commerce members on Europe trading

2015 general election polling with Peter Kellner

2015 general election prediction and electoral maths

FB: Is there an Ebola threat to the UK?

Thursday 9 October

Top 10 party conference speeches from political leaders

Madeleine Moon on UK military action in Iraq and Syria

Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst talks peace with MEPs

FB: Top ten party conference speeches of all time? (full version)

Simon Hughes on Lib Dem conference

FB: Keeping ebola out of the UK?

FB: Lib Dem policy on drugs arrests

Wednesday 8 October

Liberal Democrat conference: Clegg party images of 2014

Lib Dem conference: Letts reviews Nick Clegg's week

Lib Dem conference: Clegg attacks Miliband and Cameron

Nick Clegg: Mental health 'a great liberal cause'

Lib Dem conference: Clegg on Farage and Europe debates

Lib Dem conference: Nick Clegg vows opportunity for all

Liberal Democrat conference: Nick Cleg speech in full

FB: Norman Lamb on Lib Dem health plans

FB: Danny Alexander on mansion tax

FB: Andrew Neil's questions for Lib Dems

Tuesday 7 October

Lib Dem conference: Airport expansion around London

Lib Dem president: Lynne, Cooper, Jack and Brinton

Pauline Pearce's bid to be Liberal Democrat MP

Green Darren Johnson on winning over Lib Dem voters

Liberal Democrat conference: Jo Swinson on airport vote

Swinson on airports and mansion tax (full interview)

Monday 6 October

Lib Dem conference: Cameron or Miliband coalition vote

Lib Dems conference: Protest votes and by-elections

Lib Dem conference: Ashdown hate for Tories and Labour

Lib Dem conference: Steve Bradley on football club tax

Paddy Ashdown on Lib Dem polling and future coalitions (full interview)

Susan Kramer on Lib Dem economic plans

Tory Brandon Lewis on Lib Dem relations

Sunday 5 October

Liberal Democrat conference: Clegg and coalition survey

Liberal Democrat conference: David Laws on Clegg survey

Sunday Politics: By election polls and reaction

Friday 3 October

Political week: UKIP defections and Tory conference

Party leaders rally support ahead of by-elections

Heywood and Middleton by-election candidates

Bruce: Cameron owes Clegg an apology

Malcolm Bruce on Lib Dem conference (full interview)

Thursday 2 October

One week to go in Clacton by-election campaign

Adam Fleming meets the Clacton by-election candidates

Nick Griffin expelled from the BNP

Best Yorkshire man or woman: Dench or Wilberforce

Dominic Raab and Shami Chakrabarti on Human Rights Act

Wednesday 1 October

Tory conference: Cameron and party key moments of 2014

Tory conference: Letts reviews David Cameron's week

David Cameron's conference speech in full

Tory conference: Cameron impersonates teenage Hague speech

Tory conference: David Cameron on NHS and health plans

Cameron on spending cuts and tax free allowances

Tory conference: Cameron says he will 'sort out' Europe

Tory conference: Cameron pledge on English votes

Tory chief whip Michael Gove on Mark Reckless defection

FB: Michael Gove on tax and cuts figures

FB: Priti Patel on Universal Credit

Tuesday 30 September

Conservative conference: Delegates' EU in or out choice

Tory conference: Johnson jokes on Salmond and UKIP

Tory conference: Boris Johnson gives permission to purr

Islamic State: Philip Hammond on UK military action

Jeremy Hunt on NHS funding in England

Stanley Johnson on Boris' ambitions

Monday 29 September

Tory conference: Ruth Davidson on Scottish target seats

Dan Hannan MEP on Tory defectors Carswell and Reckless

George Osborne on benefit cap and youth unemployment

George Osborne: 'Working age benefits to be frozen'

Tory conference: Osborne speech on economy and welfare

Tory conference: Javid on TV licence and public money

Mirror's Kevin Maguire on Brooks Newmark photograph story

Conservative conference: UKIP or Lib Dem coalition

Labour reaction to Osborne Speech: Chris Leslie

Sunday 28 September

Mark Reckless on leaving Cameron and Tories for UKIP

Tory views: UKIP pact, EU, immigration and gay marriage

Tory conference: Hague on EU vote and UKIP defections

David Davis predicts Clacton and Rochester by-elections

Friday 26 September

Political week: Indyref, air strikes, Labour conference

UKIP conference: Party plan for general election seats

Nuttall: UKIP election hopes and green taxes pledge

Abbott and Howarth on air strikes vote

Thursday 25 September

Labour conference: Letts reviews Ed Miliband week

Suzanne Evans on Parliament recall and UKIP tax rate

Scottish independence: Sheridan on 2020 Indyref vote

Shapps and Ashworth on Labour's economic plans

Airstrikes debate: Tory MP and Stop the War coalition

Wednesday 24 September

Labour conference: Burnham attacks NHS coalition plans

Labour conference: Angela Eagle reads Miliband speech

Labour conference: Socialism or socialising for delegates

Labour conference archive: Blair, Kinnock and Harman

Jones and Ferguson asked: Why go to a conference?

Recalling Parliament: Holloway and Zahawi

Tuesday 23 September

Labour conference: Miliband and party images of 2014

Labour conference delegates on Gordon Brown future

UKIP threat to Labour in general election campaign

MPs on UK military action against Islamic State (IS)

Caroline Flint on Gordon Brown future and mansion tax money

Andy Burnham on air strikes and mansion tax

Labour conference: Miliband on Scotland referendum

Labour conference: Miliband with apprentice Elizabeth

Labour conference: Miliband on Syria and Islamic State

Labour conference: Ed Miliband on NHS staff and money

Monday 22 September

Ed Balls draws blood in clash with reporter in charity match

im Murphy - Scottish votes on English issues

Labour conference: Ban Scottish MPs on English votes?

Labour conference: MPs and delegates at New Statesman reception

Labour conference: Rachel Reeves on cutting deficit

Vince Cable on the West Lothian question

Labour conference: Ed Balls on economy, benefit and tax

Ed Balls' Labour conference speech in full

Sunday 21 September

Alex Salmond on future plans for SNP and Scotland

Scottish independence: referendum night behind the scenes

Tory MP Dominic Raab on devolved powers across the UK

Chuka Umunna on unions, Trident and immigration

Labour election candidates 'back tax rises' after 2015

Labour conference: Prescott reaction to leader survey

John Prescott and Andrew Neil at Labour conference

Friday 19 September

Michael Fallon on Scottish funding and Barnett Formula

Bernard Jenkin and Diane Abbott on English devolution

Scottish independence: Indyref images and highlights

Norman Smith on fallout from #indyref result

Thursday 18 September

Open House London: How to visit 10 Downing Street

Australian PM Abbott moves office to didgeridoo home

Riot Club: Bullingdon Club film follows Wade Posh play

Tory MP David Amess: Labour and Lib Dems more 'posh'

Wednesday 17 September

Scottish independence: Vine tracks polls and results

Scottish independence: Andrew Neil with Barrhead voters

Scottish independence: Indyref campaign highlights

What will UK do about Islamic State?

Employment and unemployment figures: Mark Harper and Richard Davies

Tuesday 16 September

Scottish independence: Andrew Neil with Hamilton voters

Will #indyref speed up an English Parliament: Bone and Powell

Could Parliament be recalled after #indyref vote?

Sam West and Mark Wallace on politics and the arts

Cole and Winterson: Do we love or loathe nasty politics?

Monday 15 September

Scottish independence: New powers fair or unfair to rest of UK?

UK reaction to Islamic State: Air strikes or boots on ground?

Clip: Tory Zac Goldsmith on recall bill to force by-elections

Full sequence Clip: Zac Goldsmith and MPs on recall powers

Jenkins: Biggest grassroots moment Scotland has ever seen

Reid: More you decentralise the state, the better it is

Sunday 14 September

Scottish independence: Tapestry tells nation's history

Clip: Sheridan dismisses oil resource fears

Tommy Sheridan with Andrew Neil (full interview)

Clip: Galloway claims 'working people damaged by Yes vote'

George Gallowway with Andrew Neil (full interview)

Friday 12 September

English and Welsh devolution: Wood and Redwood

Jo Coburn on the Scottish independence polls

Scottish independence: Referendum views from Glasgow

English Democrats' Robin Tilbrook on party conference

Scottish independence: Andrew Neil with Alistair Darling

Scottish independence: Andrew Neil with Fiona Hyslop

Thursday 11 September

Rotherham child abuse and race claims: Cryer and Evans

Referendum debate: Kennedy and Canavan

Scottish independence: Quebec lessons for Scotland?

Jesse Norman on choosing new House of Commons clerk

Social media and twitter abuse: MacKenzie and Aaronovitch

Polly Toynbee told in tweet abuse: Hope you get cancer

Wednesday 10 September

How would Scotland leaving affect rest of UK

State funding for political parties, says Alice Thomson

PMQs: Hague and Harman on Scottish independence vote

PMQs: Redwood and Hague on English devolution call

PMQs: Wishart and Hague on Scottish independence

PMQs: Caroline Lucas told off for climate change poster

PMQs: Landale, Crabb and Reynolds on independence referendum

Tuesday 9 September

University Technical Colleges - how schools are funded

Schools debate: Baker and Millar

Rotherham abuse: Mann and Green on PCC Shaun Wright

Scottish independence: Cameron and Miliband will miss PMQs

Is there such a thing as 'over-saving'?

Monday 8 September

New political alliances: Thatcher and Guevara images

Scottish independence: Blair Jenkins and panel of three MPs

David Laws on Lib Dem plans for 2015 general election

TUC's Frances O'Grady on minimum wage and pay rises

What do MPs thinks of a pay rise for MPs?

Friday 5 September

March for NHS: Darlo Mums protest against privatisation

Health privatisation claims: Irvine and Manning

Green leader Natalie Bennett: minimum and living wages

Candidates aiming for new European commissioner posts

European week: Nato, vacuum cleaners and German polls

EU neighbours: Politics Europe on Croatians and the EU

Thursday 4 September

Fox calls for military action against Islamic State

Getting a straight answer?

Miliband and Freeman on Scottish independence

Politicians talking about the fight against crime

Ross and Davies on official crime statistics

Wednesday 3 September

Bryan Appleyard: Factory farming, food and eating meat

PMQs: Cameron on Sotloff killing and Islamic State

PMQs: Miliband and Cameron on Middle East terror threat

PMQS: Cameron and Roy on Scotland currency and debt

PMQs: Robertson and Cameron on Scottish independence

PMQs: Clacton by-election birthday present for Cameron

PMQs: Cameron and Abbott on sacking council directors

PMQs review with Landale, Neil, Thornberry and Hancock

Tuesday 2 September

Diana Johnson on Labour reaction to Rotherham claims

John Woodcock on Syria and Iraq 'humanitarian crisis'

Energy and green pledges from David Cameron

George Monbiot and Ed Davey on government energy plans

Parris and Wallace on Europe and UKIP threat to Tories

Has Boris Island airport run out of runway?

Can you clean up with lower power vaccuum?

Monday 1 September

Voter registration changes for new electoral register

Ice bucket challenge for MPs Brake, Malhotra and Bone

Row over appointing new Commons clerk

Reaction to Carswell defection prompting Clacton by-election

Should Parliament have been recalled?

Monday quiz: What is the EU about to ban?

Tuesday 22 July

Recess political reading tips from Keith Simpson MP

Wooing BME ethnic vote and winning Croydon voters

Ethnic minority voters: Paul Uppal and Seema Malhotra

Costs of students fees system: NUS v Social Market Foundation

Trojan Horse plot claims in some Birmingham schools

Rushanara Ali and Douglas Murray on Gaza/Israel violence

Monday 21 July

Sir Robert Rogers on Clerk of the House of Commons role

Corporation of London and City role in UK finances

Fiona Woolf on City of London and banks' reputation

Europe debate: Fiona Woolf and Steven Woolfe

Reshuffle reaction with James, Abbott and Burt

Thursday 17 and Friday 18 July

No Daily Politics due to live golf coverage

Wednesday 16 July

Fracking discussion: Vivienne Westwood and MPs

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on the cabinet reshuffle

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband clash on the economy

PMQs: Robinson and MPs on Cameron v Miliband

Tuesday 15 July

James Landale on David Cameron Tory cabinet reshuffle

Juncker voted in as European Commission president

More couples getting married in Britain, says ONS

Cabinet reshuffles: Gillan and Loughton

Assisted dying debate: Falconer and Nathanson

Monday 14 July

Royal Mail competition for postal delivery services

Baroness Butler-Sloss quits child abuse inquiry chair

Mary Macleod on women in Parliament

UK to get a spaceport?

Sunday 13 July

Positive discrimination: Appointment by merit or sex?

positive discrimination: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and Munira Mirza

Sunday Politics interview: Nicola Sturgeon

Friday 11 July

Scottish independence: Celebrities on yes and no

Scottish independence: Largs on referendum campaign

Royal Mail sell-off: Billy Hayes and Adam Memon

Rachel Reeves: Serious questions on Universal Credit

Scottish independence interview: Johann Lamont

Scottish independence interview: Blair Jenkins

Thursday 10 July

Norman Baker on emergency powers for data laws

Tom Watson MP on data laws 'hasty legislation'

UK football team: Laurence Robertson and Pete Wishart

Which parts of the UK are feeling a recovery?

Happy birthday Magna Carta!

Wednesday 9 July

Celebrities trivialise politics says journalist Tanya Gold

PMQs: Cameron and Miller on 'revenge porn' offences

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on child abuse claims

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on health waiting times

PMQs: Cameron and Raab on strike ballot legislation

PMQs: Campbell and Cameron on Christian gay cake row

PMQs: Robinson and MPs on Cameron v Miliband

Images of Hancock, Brown, Cameron, Farage, Miliband

Tuesday 8 July

Victim and witnesses commissioner Newlove's first report

Hospital parking charges: Views of Nottingham motorists

Hospital parking fees debate: Halfon and Haldenby

Political parties' focus groups and polling research

Pollster Frank Luntz predicts 2015 hung parliament

Could a US news-style work in Britain?

Monday 7 July

Chris Hopson NHS funding and service levels in England

Croatia and European Union: One year of membership

Bryant and Jackson on the UK and EU

Coburn and Brant on Westminster sex abuse allegations

Sunday 6 July

Lib Dems: Harvey, Huhne and Pugh advice for Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg on Lib Dem role in UK economic recovery

Darling: 'No way EU will let Scotland keep UK rebate'

Austerity debate: Hancock and O'Grady

Friday 4 July

Hardeep Singh Kohli on Mahatma Gandhi and London visit

Austerity protests: Francesca Martinez and Harry Cole

MEPs' views on Eurosceptic UK leaving European Union

European Union - and the jobs for British in Brussels

European week: Juncker, Beethoven and child benefit

Britain's biggest-ever warship at Rosyth

Thursday 3 July

UKIP's Nigel Farage on leaving the European Parliament

Tim Loughton on families, children and marriages

Newspaper political cartoons from World War One

Cameron biography: Anthony Seldon and Isabel Oakeshott

NHS metrics: Are waiting times getting better or worse?

NHS in England statistics: Andy Burnham and Dan Poulter

Wednesday 2 July

Relax Sunday trading rules says Tory MP Philip Davies

Dog Awareness Week: MPs on dog bites while canvassing

Is Lord Howard up for a job in the EU?

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on NHS waiting times

PMQs: Cameron and Halfon on teenage murders in Israel

PMQs: Cameron and Baldry taunt Miliband over referendum

PMQs: Skinner and Cameron on NHS pay and waiting times

PMQs review: Landale and MPs on Cameron v Miliband

Tuesday 1 July

MPs at PMQs behaviour: Justine Roberts and Nigel Evans

Clegg, Miliband and Cameron's image problems for voters

Reaction to Labour 'economic powerhouses' to rival London pledge

Monday 30 June

Green peer Jenny Jones: Build homes on golf courses

Golf courses: Green Jenny Jones v Tory Cheryl Gillan

Reaction to Prince Charles speaking out

Shapps and Mahmood on Ed Balls business speech

Sunday 29 June

Europe debate: Kennedy and Hannan

Could/should smoking be banned completely?

Will the post-2015 Parliament be full of white men?

Friday 27 June

Political week: hacking, HS3 rail and mortgage lending

Nick Robinson on David Cameron stance over Juncker

Charities and politics - Oxfam's Perfect Storm poster

Thursday 26 June

Europe: London's European machinery and anti-EU offices

Hacking trial: Watson wrong on Brooks, but no apology

Watson and Garnier on phone hacking (full version)

Who is Jean Claude Juncker? And can Cameron stop him?

Wednesday 25 June

Myriam Francois-Cerrah on extremists and conservatism

PMQs: David Cameron quizzed over Andy Coulson vetting

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on phone hacking and Coulson

PMQs: Cameron and Bryant on phone hacking and Coulson

Hacking: Tory MP Philip Davies on MPs contacting police

Nick Robinson's PMQs Coulson hacking exchanges review

Tuesday 24 June

Eating and heating: How to measure poverty levels

Poverty debate: Jack Monroe and Mark Hoban

Al Jazeera journalist Sue Turton on jailed journalists

Interest rates to rise: Ann Pettifor and Fraser Nelson

Monday 23 June

Meacher: Labour MPs and shadow cabinet Miliband critics

Party policies and business help needed from government

CBI's Katja Hall's views on political business policies

Europe debate: Business for Britain and British Influence

Sunday 22 June

Liberal Democrats: Clegg and Liverpool on party future

Sir Menzies Campbell on rebuilding Liberal Democrats

Rachel Reeves on Labour's Universal Credit plans

Friday 20 June

Political week: Clegg, Sturgeon, Miliband and Mandelson

County flags chosen by residents across England

Flag debate with vexillologist and town crier

Philosopher John Locke promoted by Labour MP Lisa Nandy

Iraq debate: Oborne, Ashley and Nawaz

Thursday 19 June

House of Lords reform and pledges for change

Helene Hayman 'gimmick' candidate in Enoch Powell seat

Labour welfare proposals: Timms and McVey

Baghdad-born MP on violence in Iraq - and western reaction

Wednesday 18 June

TV vet Marc Abraham: Time to stop puppy farming

Vet Marc Abraham and MP on puppy farm and dog welfare

PMQs: Tapsell and Cameron on Blair Iraq impeachment bid

PMQs: Cameron quizzed on passport application delays

PMQs: Cameron on bid to stop Juncker EC president bid

PMQs Cameron and Miliband on Iraq and Middle East

PMQs: Cameron and Fabricant on Stephen Sutton legacy

PMQs review with Robinson, Eagle and Harper

Tuesday 17 June

Trumpington told Thatcher 'exactly what I thought'

Baroness Trumpington on Lord King V-sign in Parliament

Winter floods report: Dan Rogerson and Anne McIntosh

Scottish Independence campaign: Polls and campaigning

Scotland #indyref debate: Forsyth and Robertson

What makes someone British?

Monday 16 June

China PM Li Keqiang visit to UK for business talks

Party manifesto plans for 2015 general election

Scottish independence: Labour leader on devolved powers

Scottish independence: Green leader on constitution bid

Sunday 15 June

Westminster transfer: MPs stickers to keep to swap

Indy ref abuse on social media - Yes and No reaction

Friday 13 June

Sun photo: Former Liverpool mayor on Miliband and Clegg

European week: Boat, taxis and stop Juncker campaign

European Union symbols: How to hang the EU flag

European Parliament: MEPs try to form new groupings

Thursday 12 June

World Cup: MPs on England and football predictions

Godfrey Bloom: UKIP must change or get no MPs in 2015

Godfrey Bloom: political highlights of former UKIP MEP

Lindsay Hoyle names MPs in private member's bill ballot

British Social Attitudes Survey - do we change with age?

Mike Penning on benefit backlog and welfare changes

Economy debate: Chris Leslie and Jesse Norman

Wednesday 11 June

Mood box question: Cameron or Juncker vision for Europe

Chris Bryant confused on Croatia joining European Union

Reviewing Cameron and Miliband at PMQs: Bryant and Fox

David Cameron: 'Turnout in elections is depressing'

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on Trojan Horse school row

Speaker Bercow warns MPs over PMQs noise

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on passport backlog claims

Daily Politics survey of the UK's 73 MEPs

Tuesday 10 June

Official Monster Raving Loony Party election campaigns

Loony Party leader Alan Howling Laud Hope on finances

Francis Maude on civil service spending and cuts

Difficult problems: Social care, Lords reform and drugs

Schools debate with Quilliam and Muslim Council of Britain.

Charles Clarke on future role for 'tragic' Tony Blair

Passports: Keith Vaz on application backlog warning

Monday 9 June

Life as a councillor: Luke Akehurst and Graham Snell

Matthew Doyle: Fiona Cunningham and special adviser role

David Blunkett on Birmingham schools extremism claims

Dominic Raab and Owen Jones on meritocracy

Sunday 8 June

Will Jean-Claude Juncker get the top EC job?

Did party labels on ballots affect European election results?

Election debate: Green Molly Scott Cato and UKIP's Gawain Towler

Friday 6 June

Political week: Queen's Speech, tug-of-war, Gove and May

Trojan Horse: Myriam Francois-Cerrah and Toby Young

Scottish independence and English border businesses

Newark by-election result reaction: Shapps, Helmer and Tall

By-election archive: Orpington to Hamilton, Crosby, and Eastleigh

Thursday 5 June

2015 general election and second political coalition?

Twitter awards: Pete Wishart is most tweeted-about MP

James singer Tim Booth on religion and Christian upbringing

Andrew Lansley suggested for UK EU commissioner role

Labour reaction to Queen's Speech

Wednesday 4 June

State Opening of Parliament programme (no DP)

Tuesday 3 June

MPs and peers battle in Parliamentary tug of war contest

David Willetts on student fees and teaching standards

Lib Dems Nick Clegg and Vince Cable share pint in pub

Online news v newspapers and magazines you can hold

UK property market: London v rest of the UK

Monday 2 June

Newark by-election candidates tested on favourite PM

Newark by-election brings MPs to Nottinghamshire seat

Socialist Equality Party's Chris Marsden on BBC bias

Scottish Tory tax plans: Marco Biagi and Adam Tomkins

Sunday 25 May

Elections: Lord Ashdown on threat to Clegg leadership

Election review: Patrick O'Flynn and Diane Abbott

Election: Pickles on Tory immigration target and polls

Elections: Lib Dem MP John Hemming on Nick Clegg future

Giles: Dilnot film: How do things stand after election night?

Friday 23 May

Vote 2014 site (with news and video)

Thursday 22 May

Caroline Criado Perez: Put mothers' names on wedding certificates

Polling: Compulsory voting on UK election days

Dogs, selfies, topless and rosettes in polling stations

Role of UK ambassadors around the world in modern era

Election day: Does rain and sun affect voter turnout?

Wednesday 21 May

Local and European election numbers with Jeremy Vine

European elections: Voters on leaflets and door knocking

Astrologer's election prediction for political leaders

Northern Ireland campaign for local and European seats

Dr Yussef Anwar on National Liberal Party policies

Elections: Chris Marsden of the Socialist Equality Party

John Morris on Peace Party European election policies

Dr Louise Irvine of National Health Action Party

Pollster on the local and European polls

Does it matter where candidates are on ballot paper?

Eve of election gaffes

Tuesday 20 May

Council elections: Voters on local and national issues

We Demand a Referendum Now's Nikki Sinclaire on Europe

EU is 'undermining democracy' says Brian Denny of No2EU

Nigel Farage should be prosecuted, says Tommy Tomescu

Which beer matches our leading politicians?

Labour policies debate: Hancock and Timms

Sally Morgan stepping down from Ofsted role

Monday 19 May

Role of GPs in Lansley and Hunt's new NHS England

Danny Lambert on Socialist Party of Great Britain politics

Off-message Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem and Green councillors

Charging to see a GP: Maureen Baker and Thomas Cawston

Voter segmentation: Views of the political parties

Sunday 18 May

12-hour challenge on the election trail with candidates

Polls for the local, European and general elections

Friday 16 May

Iraq: Jenkin and Howell on Chilcot Inquiry report delay

Political week: AstraZeneca, UKIP and election polls

Elections: Christian People's Alliance on gay marriage

How BBC decides election coverage for political parties

Voters on local and European election knowledge

John Gaunt on MPs' report into Police Federation

Thursday 15 May

Britain First's leader Paul Golding on BNP breakaway

Scottish independence: Sturgeon on currency and defence

Leanne Wood on Plaid Cymru bid for Welsh votes in EU elections

Pension and annuity change to buy a Lamborghini?

Interest rate and housing debate: Hopkins and Reynolds

Wednesday 14 May

UKIP: Patrick O'Flynn on Sanya-Jeet Thandi 'racism' comments

An Independence from Europe's Mike Nattrass on elections

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on Pfizer AstraZeneca bid (clip)_

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on Pfizer AstraZeneca jobs (full exchanges)

PMQs review: Nick Robinson on Cameron Miliband session

LED streetlights stop people sleeping, says campaigner

Tuesday 13 May

Labour business record attacked by Lord Digby Jones

Gatwick and Heathrow airport bosses on expansion bids

Bosses on expanding London airports (full sequence)

European elections: 4 Freedoms Party on EPP allies

Pfizer boss Ian Read questioned by MPs on AstraZeneca bid

Boss on Digby Jones: The New Troubleshooter documentary

Opera quiz on arias performed by baritone Morgan Pearse

Tories take poll lead for first time in two years

Monday 12 May

Where R is greater than G (and plans for an 80% tax rate)

Politicians with charisma: Boris, Thatcher, Blair, Salmond, Farage

Matt Forde and Peter Hitchens on Blair and Boris images

Farage bodyguards debate: UAF's Bennett and UKIP's Evans

Coalition tensions over education: free schools and free meals?

Sunday 11 May

Elections: UKIP campaign with leader Nigel Farage

Farage on need for bodyguards: 'I can't stand it'

Labour denies election broadcast is negative and a smear

Friday 9 May

Political week: AstraZeneca, mangoes and fracking

Anarchist Peter Kropotkin championed by Tom Hodgkinson

Online news: Breitbart, Political Scrapbook and vice.com

TUSC's Dave Nellist on election launch

Nick Griffin on BNP election campaign

Party political broadcasts: Delingpole, Jones and Grender

Thursday 8 May

Newspaper regulation: Leveson and freedom of the press

Press regulation debate: Tony Gallagher and Evan Harris

Nuttall on UKIP's female, black and ethnic-minority candidates

The top five political restaurants?

Violent criminals and open prisons: Nick Gibb and Tony Gallagher

Lord MacGregor on shale and fracking 'huge benefits'

Fracking and shale: Marcus Adams and Tony Gallagher

Wednesday 7 May

Ex-teacher: 'You can't teach skills without facts'

Natalie Bennett on Green Party local election launch

One year to general election: view from Con/Lab/LD/UKIP

PMQs: Speaker John Bercow with noisy MPs in Commons

PMQs: Cameron and Vaz on Indian mango import ban

PMQs: Miliband accuses Cameron of rent plan U-Turn

David Cameron: Nigeria girls abduction 'act of pure evil'

Cameron and Miliband on Pfizer bid for AstraZeneca

PMQs review: Robinson on Pfizer bid for AstraZeneca

Tuesday 6 May

Election: May 6 deadline day for voting registration

Political party 'machine' role in election campaigns

McConnell on Live Below the Line and international aid

Local election campaigns: Farron, Shapps and Benn

Population prediction: 1-in-3 to be from ethnic minority?

Sunday 4 May

Elections: Liberal Democrat campaign with Nick Clegg

Sunday Politics interview: Andrew Neil and Malcolm Bruce

Sunday Politics interview: Andrew Neil and Grant Shapps

Friday 2 May

Political week: Speaker v Cameron and election launches

Bob Neill at Conservative local council election launch

Trimble: McGuinness playing to gallery over Adams arrest

Niccolo Machiavelli 'has jumped cultures' says McTernan

Which strikes do (and don't) the public back?

Chuka Umunna on AstraZeneca and takeovers of UK firms

Thursday 1 May

Sadiq Khan: Labour plans for rent and tenancy controls

Religion and state: Parliament and Church of England

May Day, St George's Day and new bank holidays

UK and Europe: Benn, Jenkins, Farage and Clegg debates

The arrest of Gerry Adams: Henderson and Long

Wednesday 30 April

Peter Tatchell on civil partnerships and marriage laws

Political parties' foreign gurus for election campaigns

Cameron and Miliband on Royal Mail shares and sell-off

PMQs: Speaker reminds MP of Ladies' College education

PMQs: Speaker interrupts Cameron on Axelrod comments

PMQs: Cameron on Shakespeare birthday and national day

Robinson PMQs review: Cameron, Miliband and Royal Mail

English Democrats launch local and European election campaign

Election debate: Duncan, Murphy and Aker

Tuesday 29 April

Daily Politics mood box: Ed Miliband as prime minister?

Vladimir Putin: Why some admire Russian leader's image

EU debate: Evans and Buckland

What has the EU ever done for women?

Some of the pros and cons of electric cars

Monday 28 April

European relations: Thatcher, Cameron, Farage and Brown

Sir Menzies Campbell on Cyril Smith sex abuse claims

European and local election political campaign launches

Elections debate: O'Flynn, Gillan, Jowell and Campbell

HS2 vote in Common on Monday night

Natalie Bennett on Green Party election launch

Sunday 13 April

EU election: Tory, Labour, UKIP and Lib Dem on Europe

EU referendum: Tory, Labour, UKIP and Lib Dem policy

What's up for grabs on 22 May in EU elections?

Friday 11 April

MEPs and political groupings in the European Parliament

European week: Greek economy and Catalonia independence

Daily Politics mood box: Are voters fixed or floaters?

Thursday 10 April

Does choice work when it comes to public services?

2014 election: Dave Nellist on TUSC socialist policies

Handbagged: Thatcher and Queen on the West End stage

MPs Dan Jarvis and Alun Cairns to run London marathon

Nadine Dorries on cost of milk and shopping

Wednesday 9 April

Clegg, Ford, Fox, Smith, Mitchell, Davies, Dorries and Clinton say sorry

Jo Coburn on the downfall of Maria Miller

Maria Miller: "I wish I could have stayed"

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on Miller resignation

PMQs; Miliband on Cameron 'terrible error of judgment'

Maria Miller was becoming the story, says Grant Shapps

Basingstoke councillors on Maria Miller resignation

Nick Robinson reviews PMQs and Miller resignation

Billy Bragg on access to books and guitars in prisons

Tuesday 8 April

School meals: FoI requests on Clegg hot meal pledge

Miller expenses 'damaging' Conservatives says Davies

Government SpAds: Special Advisers in the news

Labour to devolve Whitehall power to 'generate jobs'

Jeremy Browne: Globalisation and cutting top tax rate

Switching power company to save money?

Monday 7 April

Pauline Pearce: London riot footage and political role

Pauline Pearce on fame and politics after Hackney riot

Maria Miller expenses: Coffey and Mann

Talking EU and Europe with Tim Aker and David Lidington

Sunday 6 April

Labour Party: Neil Kinnock-era lessons for Ed Miliband?

Caroline Flint on Labour general election strategy

Friday 4 April

Ex-Telegraph editor on Craig Oliver and Maria Miller

Political week: Royal Mail, with PMQs Muppets and dunce

Anna Lo on lack of Chinese people in UK politics

Scottish independence: lessons from 1995 Quebec vote

Scottish independence: Cochrane and McMillan

What does the public think about the EU?

Thursday 3 April

Conspiracy theories: Tony Gosling and David Aaronovitch

Clegg-Farage Europe debate: In the press 'spin' room

Wind farm arguments: David Aaronovitch and Peter Bone

Wednesday 2 April

Nick Ross on TV licence fee and paying for BBC services

Dimbleby previews BBC2 Clegg v Farage debate on Europe

PMQs review: Robinson and Neil on Cameron v Miliband

Political briefings: Letwin, Major, Huhne and Hutton

Speaker on braying and sneering to Siobhain McDonagh

PMQs: Royal Mail sell-off and Labour manifesto claim

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband exchange Muppet and dunce taunts

Tuesday 1 April

Hain and Newmark on British MPs who were born abroad

MPs born abroad: Nadhim Zahawi and Gisela Stuart

Powers of elected mayors: Ken Livingstone and Bob Neill

Is the UK in a retreat from green policies?

Royal Mail sell-off price: Cooper and Murray

The importance of image to politicians - can baldies do it?

Monday 31 March

Re-shoring: Bringing jobs back to UK from abroad

MP expenses 'abused 700 years ago' says Chris Bryant

What do MPs know about Westminster and political history?

£10 monthly NHS England charge, says ex Labour minister

Action for Children: Cinderella Law and emotional abuse

Climate change debate: Berry, Mahmood and Brook

Sunday 30 March

Whatever happened to the BNP?

Energy Secretary Ed Davey dismisses 'blackout' fears

Ed Davey on power, investment and mothballed plants (full interview)

Friday 28 March

Political week: Energy, Benn funeral and teachers' strike

Westminster political journalists on lunchtime drinks

Nikki Sinclaire MEP on fraud claims and Nigel Farage

Left Unity targets disaffected Labour voters - Shaheen

Housing benefit and welfare changes: Timms and Elphicke

Who do you trust most to run the economy?

Thursday 27 March

Plain packs for cigarettes and black market claims

Cigarettes plain packs: Diane Abbott and Simon Clark

UKIP voters: Author Matthew Goodwin on party research

Welfare cap debate highlights

Who won the Nick and Nigel EU debate?

Domestic energy costs: Fallon and Greatrex

Diane Abbott on Tony Benn funeral

Wednesday 26 March

Prof Steve Jones: Genetics, education and Boris Johnson

Talking fat and cheese with Anna Soubry

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on energy prices and Budget

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on Budget and bingo

PMQs: Defence cuts 'deep and damaging' says Tory MP

PMQs: Balls briefing against Miliband says Cameron

Teacher strike: NUT's Christine Blower on working hours

Fox hunting with dogs: No change in law says Cameron

PMQs review: Robinson on Cameron, Miliband and economy

Tuesday 25 March

Tory immigration target: Mark Field and Mark Pritchard

Scottish Independence: New powers if Scotland votes no

Scottish independence: Carmichael on devolved powers

Northern Ireland journalist Deric Henderson retires

Deric Henderson recalls politics of Northern Ireland

Debate on the future of the BBC and the licence fee

Russia, Crimea and western reaction: Dannatt and Carmichael

What do the polls say about Scottish independence?

Monday 24 March

Budget 2014: Pub prices after 1p tax cut for beer

LabourList's Mark Ferguson on supporters' calls to party

Caroline Lucas MP appears in court

Ukraine and Russia: Lord West and Tory MP Patrick Jenkin

Inheritance tax and priorities for older voters

Sunday 23 March

Voter segmentation: How Worcester Woman votes today

Budget 2014: Steve Webb on pensions and annuity changes

Bez plans to stand for Parliament on anti-fracking ticket

Friday 21 March

Tory MP Jesse Norman on philosopher Edmund Burke

Political week: Budget, Crimea and Tony Benn tribute

UK Polish ambassador Witold Sobkow on Russian relations

2015 election result: bookmaker vs political sociologist

Thursday 20 March

MP4 band of MPs: Brennan, Knight, Wishart and Cawsey

Budget 2014: Paul Lewis on pension and annuity changes

Budget 2014: Johnson on Tory beer and bingo tax poster

Wednesday 19 March

BBC Budget special index

Tuesday 18 March

Budget 2014: Caroline Flint and 10p income tax rate

Budget day speech memories: Lamont and Ussher

Shetland home rule: Tavish Scott and Lord Lamont

Tories and Europe: Heath, Thatcher, Major and Cameron

Budget 2014: Output gap judging a nation's economy

Monday 17 March

Budget 2014: Shapps on job creation and UK recovery

HS2 construction: Creagh, Anderson, Shapps and Gillan

Sunday 16 March

EU referendum pledges and 2015 general election result

Farage 'to stand down' if Miliband wins 2015 election

Farage: UKIP to target blue collar Labour voters

Budget preview: Lamont, Bruce and Blears

Friday 14 March

European week: Soros, Crimea, referendum, phone and pie

European Union jobs - sitting the test to be a civil servant

EU data rules aim to make online surfing data safer

Remembering Tony Benn: Shirley Williams and Claire Short

Voters may forgive MPs for drug taking and past crimes

Elvis Bus Pass Party's Lord Biro could challenge Clegg

Thursday 13 March

MPs and peers sing, dance, play music on the stage

Johnson family dynasty: Stanley, Boris, Rachel and Jo

Budget 2014: Lib Dem Tim Farron on income tax levels

MPs at the big board: Davey Kelly and Cameron

Badger cull pilot: Simon Hart and Caroline Lucas

John Woodcock on UK role in world conflicts

Wednesday 12 March

Ukraine ambassador Volodymyr Khandogiy on Crimea future

PMQs: Bone and Clegg on EU referendum party policies

PMQs: Clegg and Harman on health policies and Care Bill

PMQs Harman and Clegg on income tax and 'bedroom tax'

PMQs: Elvis jibe at Nick Clegg after by-election result

PMQs: Heckling, finger pointing and a 'death stare'

Make voting compulsory at elections, says Kevin Meagher

PMQs review: Neil, Eagle and Hancock on Clegg v Harman

Tuesday 11 March

Rebranding Tories as Workers Party: Halfon and Lavery

Political books: Jacqui Smith and Menzies Campbell

Postal vote 'fraud': Andrew Stephenson and Tom Hawthorn

Bob Crow tributes: McLoughlin, Watson and McDonnell

Tributes to RMT leader Bob Crow Whelan and Corbyn

Care Bill debate: Andy Burnham and Dr Phillip Lee

Ian Lavery MP wants young people at dog track races

Monday 10 March

TV licence and BBC funding future: Bridgen and Goodman

Life as a minister: Chris Mullin and Tim Loughton

Life as minister: Jeremy Browne and Michael Browne

Labour's plan for a job guarantee: Stephen Timms interview

Montage: Party manifesto pledges

Montage: Do political leaders know when it is time to go?

Sunday 9 March

Universal Credit: Iain Duncan Smith and welfare changes

Iain Duncan Smith answers SP viewers' questions

Friday 7 March

Political week: Ukraine, Russia, and Cameron photo

Voice UK's Jermain Jackman bid to be first black UK PM

I want to be UK's first black PM (longer version)

Lib Dem election results, predictions and UKIP threat

Ed Davey: UKIP 'basically lie to people' on immigration

Europe debate: Ed Davey and Suzanne Evans

Thursday 6 March

Spads: Who or what are government Special Advisers

Nick Clegg on UK immigration figures and policies

Lembit Opik tests Olly Grender on Lib Dem knowledge

Ukraine MP Sergei Sobolev on western help for Crimea

National Audit Office warning on Help to Buy Scheme

Immigration figures: Olly Grender and Nadhim Zahawi

Wednesday 5 March

UK wine duty escalator: Peter Richards on tax cut call

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on Russian troops in Ukraine

PMQs: Cameron on G8 in doubt over Russia and Crimea

PMQs review: Robinson on Cameron, Miliband and Russia

Eric Pickles pledges over parking, bins and council tax

PMQs: Straw heckled over Chiltern and TPE train question

Tuesday 4 March

Parliamentary pancake race with MPs, peers and press

Labour and union links: Kinnock, Smith and Miliband

Matthew Hancock MP on National Apprenticeship Week

Labour's plans for the NHS and health care

Monday 3 March

No programme today (back on Tuesday)

Sunday 2 March

Party political logos: Halfon, Nandy and Oakeshott

Labour education policy for schools in England

Tristram Hunt on sacking or keeping unqualified teachers

Tristram Hunt on Labour education and free schools plan

Mark Field MP on UK reaction to Russia in Ukraine

Friday 28 February

European week: Prostitution, smoking rule and cars

UK could follow Switzerland's European Union relations

European elections: Bid to increase voter turnout

UKIP chances at European elections for EU MEP seats

Thursday 27 February

Spitting Image makers on David Steel satirical puppet

Horse fly-grazing - illegal grazing of animals on farms

Green Party struggle to expand and lose one-issue image

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett interview

Angela Merkel speaks to UK Parliament in English about EU

Europe debate as German chancellor addresses MPs

Child poverty debate: Porter and Garnham

Wednesday 26 February

Grangemouth plant: Ineos boss calls for UK shale gas

Daily Mail's Andrew Pierce on Harriet Harman coverage

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on flood defence spending

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on climate change claims

PMQs: Cameron and Dodds on Hyde Park bomb court case

PMQs review: Robinson, Neil, Curran and Grayling

Tuesday 25 February

Politics in Wales: Carrier bag and prescription charges

Griff Rhys Jones: Welsh 'too sensible' for independence

Localism and planning polices to control developments

Harman claims 'nothing more than absurd' says Leslie

Atos: Anne Begg on disability tests government contract

James Landale on Harriet Harman allegations

Economy debate: Javid, Leslie and Swales

Monday 24 February

PMQs Speaker insults 'hurtful' says Andrea Leadsom MP

Backbench women MPs on PMQs: Leadsom, Blears and Burt

Political appearances and what MPs look like

Race debate: Sadiq Khan and Paul Uppal

UK and Ukraine: Whittingdale and Bryant

Sunday 16 February

Swinney: Scotland will not join ERM or euro currency

Bob Crow: Driverless Tube trains 'not going to happen'

RMT union's Bob Crow on ticket offices and Tube strikes

UKIP threat to Conservatives after Wythenshawe result

Elections: UKIP's Patrick O'Flynn and Tory Vicky Ford

Friday 14 February

More garden cities: Plans for new Letchworth and Welwyn

European elections: polls suggest gains for Eurosceptics

Political week: Floods, Scotland, and smoking in cars

Zac Goldsmith on Cameron dropping recall policy

Wythenshawe and Sale East byelection reaction

Thursday 13 February

Scottish independence: Effect on England, Wales and N Ireland

Primary school start age for summer born children challenged

Scottish independence: Nicola Sturgeon on sterling use

Who is Nicola Sturgeon? Questions for SNP deputy leader

Gordon Brown MP: Mark Ferguson and Harry Cole

Debate: What happens to the UK if Scotland leaves?

Wednesday 12 February

UK floods: Michael Fish on storms and weather history

Somerset Levels flooding: Dr Hannah Cloke on dredging

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on flood money pledges

PMQs review: Robinson and MPs on Cameron v Miliband

PMQs: Cameron says Police Federation in need of reform

PMQs: Cameron and Sawford on minimum wage penalties

Whelan's political meetings in Red Lion and Gay Hussar

Tuesday 11 February

News reporting challenges with web and rolling channels

More bias needed in BBC news says Alain de Botton

Alzheimer's and dementia: Fiona Phillips and Christian Guy

MPs on Westminster cat of the year voting fraud claims

UK floods: Miliband, Hammond, Cameron and Howell

Education debate: Fiona Phillips and Toby Young

Monday 10 February

Former MP Edwina Currie on food banks and benefits

Food banks debate: Edwina Currie and Marc Godwin

Redwood and Eagle on reaction to floods

Sunday 9 February

Chuka Umunna: Labour tax plans and leadership elections

Lib Dem strategy - Get Gove!

Friday 7 February

European week: Floods, EU corruption and Ukraine

European Space Agency: billions spent on high tech jobs

MEPs on eurozone integration and euro currency future

Teacher strike: NUT's Christine Blower on Gove talks

Wythenshawe and Sale East by-election candidates

Scotland debate: Reaction to PM's speech on the Union

Which TV show do Tory, Labour and Lib Dem voters prefer?

Thursday 6 February

Flood defences spending: Cameron and Miliband claims

Eric Pickles on government flood defence and protection

Science news and media reporting of medical reports

Lynne Featherstone on female genital mutilation in UK

Strikes debate: Dominic Raab and Jeremy Corbyn

Women in Parliament: Macleod and Thornberry

Wednesday 5 February

Parliament needs cats to deal with rats and vermin

Prof Alice Roberts: Ban creationism in school science

PMQs review: Robinson on Cameron, Miliband and women MPs

PMQs: Cameron on London Underground Tube strike action

PMQs: Speaker Bercow tells Michael Gove to write lines

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on women on Tory front bench

PMQs Cameron and Miliband on flooding in England

Tuesday 4 February

MPs on Westminster life: Charlotte Leslie and Meg Munn

Tory deselections: Paul Goodman and Anne McIntosh

Mujeeb Bhutto not a Conservative says Shapps

Alan Johnson on Labour leadership vote and union links

Monday 3 February

Ofsted: Zenna Atkins on Michael Gove and Sally Morgan

Immigration facts and figures: People entering the UK

Immigration debate: Alp Mehmet and Diane Abbott MP

Europe debate: Loughton, Jungclaussen and Mehmet

Sunday 2 February

Natalie Bennett gives Greens' travel news

Somerset Levels flooding: 'Government so slow to react'

Paul Kenny on unions' future relations with Labour Party

Friday 31 January

Political week: Floods, tax, immigration and Scotland

Louise Cooper on Austrian economist Friedrich HayekDaily Politics highlights of 2014

Dr Louise Irvine on National Health Action Party policy

National Health Action Party on Cameron NHS policies

Thursday 30 January

Judge treated me like little girl says sex case witness

Search engines and what web users ask about MPs

Michael Dugher on Labour leadership election changes

Immigration debate: Hillier, Baron and Aker

Miners' strike: Call for apologies - Dugher and Rosindell

Wednesday 29 January

Syria: Call for UK military invention from Sunny Hundal

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on UK helping Syrian refugees

PMQs: Speaker Bercow says lion must get back in its den

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on 40p and 50p top tax rates

PMQs: Cameron and Nandy on miners' strike apologies

PMQs: Cameron's backing for Immigration Bill

PMQs review: Robinson and MPs on Cameron v Miliband

Grant Shapps answers Tory party chairman rumours

Tuesday 28 January

Nuclear, wind and renewable debate: Bennett and Dorries

Arnie Graf - Labour MP Chris Leslie on Tory 'mischief'

MPs keep in touch: Twitter, Facebook and reality TV

Lib Dems deputy leader contest to follow Simon Hughes

Royal debate: Conservative MP and Republic group

UK economy debate: Halligan, Anderson and Dorries

Monday 27 January

Somerset floods: MP Ian Liddell-Grainger on dredging

Feminism: Two Ronnies, Ann Leslie and Everyday Sexism Project

50p tax rate: Business trust in Osborne and Balls

House prices and home building stats

Sunday 26 January

Rennard and Hancock: Bad week for Clegg and Lib Dems

Where are the Lib Dem deputy leader candidates?

HS2 bosses salaries defended by transport secretary

Patrick McLoughlin on train, bus and motoring costs

Immigration Bill debate: Mills and Diane Abbott

Nigel Farage gives UKIP weather forecast

Friday 24 January

EU Referendum Bill 'badly drafted' says Lord Foulkes

EU Referendum Bill may be lost in Lords says Browning

Gloria de Piero MP on feminist Mary Wollstonecraft

Political week: Rennard claims, UKIP weather, biscuits

Cartoon row: Deselection call for Lib Dem Maajid Nawaz

Economy debate: Sajid Javid and Chuka Umunna

Thursday 23 January

Nigel Farage on 2010 and 2015 UKIP election manifestos

Sports to politics: Coe, Thompson and Campbell

Euro elections: Tory Olympic rower James Cracknell

Westminster pubs - centres of political press briefings

Maguire on pub where Blair told: UK not joining euro

Women working in financial markets: Farage and Cooper

Wednesday 22 January

Green Belt protection needed says naturalist Ray Mears

Lord Rennard 'is no Jimmy Savile' says Chris Davies MEP

PMQs review: Robinson on Cameron and Miliband

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on UK role in Syria

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on UK employment figures

PMQs: Cameron and Kirby on Brighton weather forecast

PMQs: Cameron and Dodds on Northern Ireland Haass talks

Splash diving MP Penny Mordaunt on Tom Daley show

Tuesday 21 January

Stephen Williams MP on saving pubs and community assets

David Blunkett on Russell Brand, voting and politics

US lessons on funding for UK theatre, museums and arts

Women MPs standing down in Conservative marginal seats

Rennard claims on Lib Dems: Linda Jack and Paddy Ashdown

Monday 20 January

Rennard divide 'could destroy party' says Lord Greaves

Lord Rennard row: Sir Menzies Campbell on Lib Dem row

Brighton and Hove council tax referendum on social care

Noisy MPs: Speaker calls for better behaviour from MPs

UKIP's Peter Reeve on suspended councillor David Silvester

Sunday 19 January

Lib Dems: Glasgow voters on party policies and biscuits

Alexander 'more than tough enough' to take on Ed Balls

Danny Alexander: Lib Dem economic policies and Rennard

Sunday Politics debate: Spying in the UK

Friday 17 January

EU regional funds: Cornwall, Transylvania and Sicily

European week: Maltese passports and Greek presidency

Foreign Minister Kristian Vigenin on Bulgarians in UK

European freedom of movement rules: EU reaction to UK plan

MPs told to lose weight by surgeon and peer Ian McColl

Scottish independence: Blair Jenkins and Blair McDougall

Thursday 16 January

MPs on EU laws and freedom of movement across Europe

UK military cuts and spending: Dannatt on Gates claims

Tories: Cameron bid to modernise Conservative Party

Public view on health spending and NHS priorities

Wednesday 15 January

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on housebuilding figures

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on RBS bank bonuses

PMQs: Cameron on 'huge amount of myths' about fracking

PMQs: Cameron and Watson on UK links to Amritsar raid

PMQs: Benefit Street 'in every constituency' says MP

Queen on Robinson tablet computer interrupts TV debate

Ex-offenders and addicts for JP role - Policy Exchange

PMQs review: Robinson Flint and Vara on bank bonuses

Tuesday 14 January

David Winnick on MPs and the good old days of politics

MP paintings and art: Blair, Ashdown, Abbott and Clarke

MP paintings and art debate: Mulln, Doran and Isaby

Tory MP Alec Shelbrooke to wear onesie for Commons vote

Monday 13 January

Fallon: Fracking could make huge difference to economy

PPS: MPs and role of Parliamentary Private Secretary

UK supermarkets: prices, suppliers and horse meat

Ex-Tesco boss on changing supermarkets ad High Streets

Sunday 12 January

Conservative MPs call for UK veto over EU laws

Chris Grayling on human rights and UK/European courts

Grayling reforms and HM Liverpool academy with working prisoners

Friday 10 January

UK floods: Climate change or just weather to blame

Charlie Wolf explains Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged book

Political week: Floods, Mordaunt, Johnson and Osborne

Climate change and EU referendum debates on our FB site

Thursday 9 January

Occupy London legacy for church and St Paul's Cathedral

David Lammy MP on Mark Duggan 'peaceful vigil' plan

UK interest rate rise: Andrew Lilico and Nigel Mills

Maude denies Universal Credit rift with Duncan Smith

Maude on digital government and driving licences

Wednesday 8 January

'Move House of Lords and Royal Opera House north'

PMQs: Paul Goggins tributes from Cameron and Miliband

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on floods, storms and power

PMQs: Cameron on climate change and abnormal weather

PMQs: Cameron on Bletchley codebreaker Alan Turing

Scottish independence: Davidson on Cameron 'Tory toff'

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on fixed odds betting machines

PMQs review: Robinson on Cameron and Miliband exchanges

Tuesday 7 January

Fixed odds betting machines: Tom Watson on regulations

Parliament for hire: weddings, meetings, afternoon teas

Nick Robinson: The Truth About immigration documentary

Immigration debate: Kennedy, Reckless and Aker

Lib Dem secret weapon for 2015 general election

Monday 6 January

Legal aid budget cuts: Sarah Forshaw on lawyer protests

UKIP role in TV 2015 general election leader debates

Scottish independence: Teenagers's views on referendum

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    15:56: Compulsory ID cards and voting House of Lords Parliament

    Labour peer Lord Maxton argues that the best way of ensuring full voter registration and increased voter turnout is a "compulsory ID card with biological identifier" which will speed up identification and allow electronic voting form home.

    Cabinet Office Minister Lord Wallace of Saltaire says this type of ID card "may be coming" but that the "large question" about "how much data the government already has on citizens and how much it is able to pool that data together" must be answered first.

    15:46: Chuka Umunna's strategic Brazilian friend New Statesman

    Co-authoring articles with South American politicians is not exactly a mainstream tactic for British frontline politicians. But that is what shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna has done, penning a blog for the Staggers with Brazil's minister of strategic affairs, Roberto Mangabeira Unger. The article doesn't focus much on Brazilian affairs, instead outlining the details of Labour's 'plan for prosperity' out this week. "Only by joining inclusion to innovation - and so raising productivity across the economy - can Britain assure its future," they write.

    15:36: David Cameron on Oxford case

    "The most important thing, apart from all the policy changes and the legal changes, is this is a big change in culture. We need to say loudly and clearly abuse of children under the age of 16 is wrong. It's not consent, it's not normal relations, it's wrong and we have to be intolerant of it and not walk on by as happened in too many cases in the past."

    @DannyShawBBC Danny Shaw, home affairs correspondent for BBC News

    tweets: Paul Gambaccini "enthusiastically" supports 28-day bail limit. Says only reason for delay is to "get someone else to accuse you" #yewtree

    15:19: Harris stripped of CBE
    Rolf Harris

    Disgraced former children's entertainer Rolf Harris has been stripped of his CBE, an official announcement in the London Gazette states. Harris was convicted last year of indecent assaults, including one on an eight-year-old autograph hunter

    @DannyShawBBC Danny Shaw, home affairs correspondent for BBC News

    tweets: Paul Gambaccini says he lost £200,000 in income/legal fees after being arrested over sex offences allegations for which he was never charged

    @Jeremy_Hunt Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt

    tweets: Pleased #kirkup found new Chief Inspector regime means CQC fit 2 spot poor care 'for first time'. M.Bay legacy must be lasting culture change

    15:07: Oxford exploitation report

    A re-cap: More than 370 girls may have been the victims of child sexual exploitation in Oxfordshire over the past 15 years, a report has said. Both police and council officers are accused of not recognising that the girls were victims of crime and ignoring girls' and families' complaints and pleas for help. Thames Valley Police has apologised to victims and their families, saying the force is "ashamed" of its shortcomings. The key points of the report are here.

    @DannyShawBBC Danny Shaw, home affairs correspondent for BBC News

    tweets: Monitoring @CommonsHomeAffs where we're expecting to hear from Paul Gambaccini and his lawyer Kate Goold on Govt plans for police bail

    15:01: 30 years ago today... The Mirror
    1984 miners' strike

    Labour veteran Dennis Skinner is in today's Mirror writing about his thoughts and feelings 30 years ago today - when the miners' strike finally came to an end. It was, he writes, "one of the saddest [days] of my life". Even after the passage of three decades his anger against Margaret Thatcher and her government has not abated. "The legacy of what Thatcher did survives 30 years later in low pay, zero hours contracts, casual employment and insecurity," Mr Skinner says. "Thatcher was responsible for social breakdown. We're paying the price of her vindictiveness."

    @UKParlArchives Parliament Archives

    tweets: Did you know...#WinstonChurchill asked #LloydGeorge to be part of his war cabinet #WW2 More at LivingHeritage

    14:58: Question time

    It was Welsh First Minister's Questions earlier in Cardiff. Here you can read a blow-by-blow account of what happened.

    @sandralaville Sandra Laville, senior correspondent for the Guardian

    tweets: A police officer in desperate email to bosses asked how many more times did she have to raise concerns before one of girls was found dead

    14:53: 'Consequences for failure'
    David Cameron

    David Cameron has insisted he will end the "walk-on-by culture" that he says has blighted child sexual exploitation cases for too long. Speaking after today's Downing Street meeting, he insisted the role of the government was to "bring everyone together and make sure the lessons are being learned, and any legal changes that are necessary are passed". The prime minister defended the government's efforts so far, but said that "if professionals fail there needs to be consequences". And he added: "In the end, all the legal changes we make… none of that is a substitute for a healthy dose of common sense, rolling up your sleeves, getting stuck in and putting an end to this abuse."

    Cycling safety House of Lords Parliament

    Vice President of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Lord Jordan uses the first question in today's House of Lords to highlight the recent YouGov survey commissioned by the society, which found 68% of people would support more safe cycle routes in their area, compared with just 16% against.

    Of 2,169 adults surveyed, 58% said they never usually cycled, but 39% said they would cycle more often if the roads were made safer.

    @BBCNormanS Norman Smith, BBC News assistant political editor

    tweets: We need to end walk on by culture over child abuse says David Cameron

    14:45: Sol Campbell not running in Kensington
    Sol Campbell

    Ex-England footballer Sol Campbell says he's not put his name forward to be Conservative parliamentary candidate in the safe Tory seat of Kensington, which is being vacated by Sir Malcolm Rifkind. But the former Arsenal and Tottenham footballer hasn't ruled out a new career in politics altogether. Instead, he says he has ambitions "elsewhere in the political arena". Mayor of London perhaps? We can't see that dividing opinion in north London at all.

    14:41: Ebbsfleet statement House of Commons Parliament

    Communities Minister Brandon Lewis is making the second statement of the day, which is on the government's plan for thousands of new homes in Ebbsfleet in Kent. He wants to hurry the pace of the development up.

    @BBCHughPym Hugh Pym, BBC News health editor

    tweets: Labour, if elected, want mandatory review of case notes for all deaths in hospital - Professor Nick Black to advise review

    @davidottewell David Ottewell, regional journalist

    tweets: Parliament of losers: the make-up of the Commons if candidates who finished LAST in 2010 had been awarded each seat:

    Parliament of losers
    14:33: Some ideas for Labour

    Labour's approach to the economy could go down better with voters if Ed Miliband actually comes up with some economic "ideas", Anatole Kaletsky, chairman of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, writes in Prospect magazine. "Miliband must explain that a new model of global capitalism has been evolving since the 2008 crisis and that Labour will support this evolutionary process, while the Tories will try to resist it," he urges. Only by unifying his policies around a 'new capitalism' will he succeed in "capturing the public imagination".

    14:31: The politics of crumpets Buzzfeed
    Ray Hall

    Bad news for the Beer, Baccy and Crumpet party, which has been told by the Electoral Commission it is going to have to change its name on the basis that "crumpet" could be "considered as describing women as a sexual object in a demeaning way and would cause offence". Leader Ray Hall has told BuzzFeed his party has been "nobbled" because its leaflets with the name on had already been prepared. He says he has a plan B though: "If they object to crumpet, because it's offensive and sexist, I'll add an 'S' to the end of crumpet which would not refer to females but refer to the crumpet cakes."

    14:29: Sheen for PM?

    As Hollywood star Michael Sheen is applauded for delivering a passionate political speech to a pro-NHS march on St David's Day, our colleagues over on the Wales team have had a look at whether he could make a move into politics.

    @BBCHughPym Hugh Pym, BBC News health editor

    tweets: Sir Bruce Keogh, of NHS England, to review professional codes of doctors and nurses to ensure incentives to prevent cover ups


    David Cameron says children have suffered horrific sexual abuse on an "industrial scale" with too many people and organisations "walking on by".

    @ayestotheright Tony Grew, Commons journalist

    tweets: if we have a sin bin then I can keep a list of naughty MPs. Which would be excellent.

    @BBCHughPym Hugh Pym, BBC News health editor

    tweets: Jeremy Hunt on Morecambe Bay : it was a second Mid Staffs, where problems, albeit on smaller scale, occurred largely over same time period.

    14:13: 'Won't come forward' BBC Radio 4 Today

    Tim Loughton, former children's minister and Conservative MP, is critical of the idea of mandatory reporting of all abuse allegations - an idea favoured by Labour. "Good social workers - and most social workers are doing a decent job in difficult circumstances - need to build up a relationship of trust with vulnerable girls, and boys in many cases as well, who're reluctant to come forward. If those victims now know that their concern is going to be escalated right to the police, and there will be implications from that, and it will be out of the control of that social worker, with whom they've got a relationship, in some cases it's going to mean that some of those victims don't come forward."

    14:04: 'Never again' House of Commons Parliament

    Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham, responding to Jeremy Hunt's statement about maternity services at Furness General Hospital, says getting to the truth should have been more straightforward. "Bereaved families should never again have to fight in the way these families have to get answers," he says. He notes that the problems don't seem to have been fixed. He quotes the report saying further difficulties were noted as recently as mid-2014. The investigation into Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust found 20 major failures in care from 2004 to 2013.

    14:00: 'Only cardinal offence' House of Commons Parliament

    Jeremy Hunt says he is asking Sir Bruce Keogh to review the professional codes of both doctors and nurses in a bid to prevent further cover-ups. "Medical notes were destroyed, mistakes covered up, quite possibly because of a defensive culture because the individuals involved thought they would lose their jobs if they were discovered to be responsible for death," he tells MPs. "But… within sensible professional boundaries, no-one should lose their job for an honest mistake made with the best intentions. The only cardinal offence is not to report that mistake openly so that the correct lessons can be learned. "

    13:55: Furness General Hospital's future BBC Radio 4

    Just before Heath Secretary Jeremy Hunt began his statement on the unnecessary deaths at Furness General Hospital, Barrow MP John Woodcock spoke on The World At One about the importance of not jumping to close the maternity unit. That, he said, would put more lives at risk by requiring mothers to travel an hour to Lancaster. "We have to make the lasting legacy of this an actual sustained, improved maternity unit," he said. "Improvements have been made in recent months - they're fragile but we need to sustain them."

    13:54: 'No greater pain' House of Commons Parliament
    Jeremy Hunt

    In the Commons, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is now on his feet making a statement about maternity services at Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust, after a report by Dr Bill Kirkup found a "dysfunctional" maternity unit's "substandard care" led to the unnecessary deaths of 11 babies and one mother. Mr Hunt begins: "There is no greater pain for a parent to lose a child, and to do so knowing it was because of mistakes that we now know were covered up makes the agony even worse… we can at least provide the answers to the family's questions about what happened and why, and in doing so try and prevent a similar tragedy in the future." Our story on Dr Kirkup's report is here.

    13:47: Fixing parliament BBC Radio 4
    Houses of Parliament

    Yesterday evening's warning from Speaker John Bercow that parliament will have to be "abandoned" if steps aren't taken to fix the Palace of Westminster in the next 20 years have got Westminster wondering what will actually happen to the building. John Thurso MP, the House of Commons commissioner, says patience is needed. "What we're determined to do is take a decision that offers the best value for money for the taxpayer," he tells The World At One. The problem is they won't know what that decision is until they've received professional advice, he explains. Read our story on John Bercow's comments here.

    13:40: Lobby latest Iain Watson Political correspondent, BBC News

    Some points from this morning's lobby briefing:

    • Cabinet this morning was treated to a presentation on "women and equalities" by Nicky Morgan and Jo Swinson; another on life sciences (particularly the human genome project) by Jeremy Hunt; and, given the Mexican state visit, the foreign secretary outlined British policy on Latin America.
    • Sir John Major has been asked to attend Boris Nemtsov's funeral in Moscow. The PM's spokesman denied this was a provocative act towards President Putin, saying: "We want constructive relationships... We thought it was fitting for him to represent us."
    • The PM's spokesman wouldn't be drawn on when parliament would be recalled after the election and if the PM felt it should be swift in order to give MPs involvement in any coalition negotiations. "Announcements will be announced when they are announced," said the PM's spokesman, helpfully.
    13:36: Men of Pakistani origin BBC Radio 4

    Chief Constable Sara Thornton, of Thames Valley Police, tells The World At One there's a clear pattern, as backed up by today's report, that the perpetrators of child sexual exploitation are mainly of Pakistani origin. "The report suggests somebody needs to do some independent research as to why this is happening," she says. "The government could commission it but it needs to be academically robust and it needs to be independent."

    13:27: Beyond the front line BBC Radio 4

    Maris Stratulis, from the British Association of Social Workers, says today's report on child sexual exploitation has identified that the culture change everyone agrees is necessary must extend well beyond the actions of junior staff. "There's a disproportion here of people focusing on the frontline practitioners," she tells The World At One. "We want leaders and governors to be asking the right questions." The serious case review into Oxfordshire indicated that practitioners had been working in isolation, rather than sharing information and working collaboratively.

    @rowenamason Rowena Mason, political correspondent at the Guardian

    tweets: Commons nearly empty for UQ on Yarl's Wood. No sign of the home secretary or immigration minister - Karen Bradley speaks for govt

    13:21: 'We are not a Rotherham' BBC Radio 4

    Oxfordshire County Council's former leader Keith Mitchell tells The World At One that he is "not sure I ever really understood the scale" of the abuse in Oxford. "Oxfordshire has been and remains a good council. I just wish we'd done it earlier," he says. "We are not a Rotherham, I won't have that said. We are a good council and we have put in place the measures that are necessary to stamp this abuse out."

    13:17: 'Inhuman' system

    Conservative MP and business minister Nick Boles has expressed concern about "inhuman inflexibility" in the benefits sanction system. The remarks were made to a group of charity volunteers and reported by the Grantham Journal.

    "With some of these cases it seems to me that there is an inhuman inflexibility that is imposed on them… The sanctions are a worry, and do need to be looked at," he said. "In the run-up to the election there is not a lot we can do, but we can get the case studies together where the sanctions seem to be most unreasonable… The beginning of a parliamentary term, when people are looking at things afresh, is the best time to make a change."

    13:09: Yarl's Wood urgent question House of Commons Parliament
    Yarl's Wood detention centre

    The next item on the Commons agenda is about Yarl's Wood immigration detention centre, which has come under scrutiny for the way it treats asylum seekers. Keith Vaz, chairman of the home affairs select committee, has called for inquiries into Yarl's Wood in the past. Now he and other MPs will seek to establish, via an urgent question, what the government will do after undercover filming showed one management team member describing inmates as "caged animals".

    13:05: Labour's pardons promise

    Here's our full story on Labour's plan to introduce a Turing's Law. "What was right for Alan Turing's family should be right for other families as well," Ed Miliband said.

    13:01: Cooper on child sexual exploitation
    Yvette Cooper

    Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper has been speaking about the Oxfordshire serious case review. She says it's "yet another example of children simply not being listened to when exploited and abused". She adds: "I think the government's response is a bit of a missed opportunity, because we need stronger laws on abduction and exploitation to stop these crimes, stronger requirements for institutions to respond, but also stronger prevention with compulsory sex and relationship education in schools."

    12:58: Clegg talks religion

    Despite being well-known as an atheist, Nick Clegg has given an interview to Premier Christian Radio. The deputy prime minister said he attends mass most weeks with his wife and children and does so "with great joy". "I sometimes think it must be the most wonderful thing to be infused with faith. It's not something that's happened to me, it's not happened to me yet and I would embrace it." He said he might be an atheist but had "never had that much time for what I call vociferous secularism", adding: "I'm always a bit sceptical of anyone who acts with raging certainty about anything."

    12:55: Sex education response House of Commons Parliament

    Here's what Nicky Morgan had to say in response to Tristram Hunt's request for her support on sex education: "I am fully in favour of full PSHE education on consent. But it has to be excellent, it can't just be about ticking boxes."

    12:51: Sex education House of Commons Parliament

    Shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt, at the end of a long list of questions to Nicky Morgan, calls for "age-appropriate statutory sex and relationship education to teach young people about consent and healthy sexual relationships". Her agreement would result in cross-party backing for the idea, he says.

    12:51: 'Brave' victims House of Commons Parliament
    Nicky Morgan

    Oxford West MP Nicola Blackwood, who is a member of the home affairs select committee, asks Nicky Morgan to make it a "personal priority to ensure survivors [of child sexual exploitation] have the long-term and sustainable support they need". "We must not only pay tribute to the victims for their bravery in coming forward but we must also recognise such serious abuse has long-term and complex consequences," she says. The education secretary, above, says she can be reassured the government will do all it can to help them.

    12:47: Survivors' fund House of Commons Parliament

    There will be a £7m fund to support victims and survivors of child abuse and sexual exploitation, Nicky Morgan adds. But Labour MP for Oxford East Andrew Smith calls for a public inquiry, saying child protection services were "chaotic" and there was a "failure to act on clear evidence on sexual exploitation".

    12:45: 'Broken windows matter' Daily Politics Live on BBC Two
    David Lammy

    David Lammy, whose report for Policy Exchange has prompted debate today about police's ability to deal with crime, calls for a "debate with the public about whether we still take theft seriously or not". He insists that "broken windows matter" because failing to address low-level crime will only result in more serious crime taking place. Commentator Tim Montgomerie says crime is a "success story" for the government but accepts "there are parts of the country where crime is still a daily problem".

    12:43: 'Horrific abuse' House of Commons Parliament

    Nicky Morgan is summarising the measures the government is taking to ensure the "horrific abuse" detailed in the Oxford report is "stamped out" and never happens again. David Cameron will chair a meeting of ministers, police and council safeguarding officers later.

    12:39: Morgan abuse statement House of Commons Parliament

    Foreign Office questions has now come to an end. Education Secretary Nicky Morgan is now making a statement about the serious case review into child sexual abuse in Oxford, saying what has emerged in the report is "sickening". She says child abuse had been a "scourge in many communities around the country".

    12:36: Diplomatic language House of Commons Parliament

    Ever wondered how many UK diplomats speak Russian or Arabic? Tory MP John Baron is curious, suggesting that linguistic shortcomings may have contributed to the UK being "unsighted" over recent developments in Ukraine or the Middle East. Foreign Office minister Tobias Ellwood says there are 170 Arabic-speaking mandarins in his department and a similar number of Russian speakers.

    12:35: National security Daily Politics Live on BBC Two
    Margaret Beckett

    Margaret Beckett, chair of parliament's national security strategy committee, is on the Daily Politics explaining why she and her fellow parliamentarians have released a report criticising the government for its limited interest in developing a strategy. "What there doesn't seem to us to be is the kind of coordinated approach that we'd hoped for," she says. More broadly, she says fears about defence cuts are a "legitimate anxiety". The government hasn't been able to make decisions, having stepped back to consider the bigger picture. "They identify high-priority risks but they don't necessarily link them to the spending decisions," she says.

    12:30: Religious freedoms House of Commons Parliament

    Shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander says a new job is needed in the Foreign Office: a global envoy for religious freedom, reporting to the foreign secretary, which he says a Labour government will create. Philip Hammond sounds unimpressed. "Our general approach is to try to get things done," he says, by using the tools already in place. "I don't think simply creating new posts delivers in quite the way the shadow foreign secretary thinks."

    12:27: Benefit sanctions The Guardian
    Nick Boles

    Business minister Nick Boles has criticised the government's "inhuman" benefit sanctions regime, the Guardian reports. It quotes him telling constituents the current system does "need to be looked at".

    12:20: 'Hidden from view' Daily Politics Live on BBC Two

    The eye-catching move by the government to impose criminal sanctions on those who fail to ensure the children they're responsible for are protected from sexual exploitation is in line with rules already in place in the NHS, Cllr David Simmonds, from the Local Government Association, tells the Daily Politics. "It's absolutely clear this has been hidden from view - we need to make sure that mums and dads know the signs, that teachers know the signs when they pop up in the classroom."

    12:21: Wrong question House of Commons Parliament

    A little light relief in the Commons as Labour's Mary Glindon realises she has asked the wrong question. She apologises and changes tack - pressing ministers on the use of the death penalty around the world.

    12:19: 'Off the rails' House of Commons Parliament
    Philip Hammond

    Philip Hammond tells MPs that the European Union has "gone off the rails" over the past 20 years and substantial reforms are needed, "not just some backroom deal". He says the Conservatives' pledge of a referendum has "lit a fire" under the situation in Europe and claims that he has the backing of at least 23 other members for its position.

    12:16: Child sexual exploitation: a national threat? Norman Smith BBC Assistant Political Editor
    A child in Rotherham

    The thing that really stands out for me, Norman Smith tells the Daily Politics, is Mr Cameron's decision to categorise child exploitation as a "national threat". At one level that is to ensure police forces cooperate with each other in trying to tackle child sexual exploitation. At another it is an attempt to give a wake-up call to the nation. Mr Cameron's view is it is a national moment because he believes it is endemic, not confined to one or two towns.

    12:11: Iranian diplomacy House of Commons Parliament

    Former Foreign Office minister Alistair Burt says he's soon going to be welcoming the first delegation of Iranian parliamentarians to visit Britain in a very long time. This is good news, Human Rights Minister Tobias Ellwood believes. "It's through full and frank engagement we can get our message across," he says.

    12:06: Now on your TV screens... Daily Politics Live on BBC Two

    Over on BBC2, the Daily Politics is now underway, with journalists Tim Montgomerie and Steve Richards offering their views at the start of the programme. You can watch by clicking on the 'live coverage' tab at the top of this page.

    11:59: Russia sanctions House of Commons Parliament

    Labour backbencher Willie Bain calls for tougher sanctions against Russia, and Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond agrees that they should be strengthened immediately. "We need to have that tool in place," he argues, in order to incentivise Russia into complying with the timetable set out in Minsk. "Our role has been, is, and will remain, to stiffen the resolve of all 28 EU members to be united and to be aligned with the United States in deploying what has been a very powerful weapon."

    @Kevin_Maguire Kevin Maguire, associate editor of the Daily Mirror

    tweets: Awful Oxfordshire sex abuse scandal in Cameron's backyard echoes Rotherham. Sack this council too?

    11:56: Space-age Britain
    Virgin Galactic

    The government's search for a British spaceport has made some progress today, with the number of potential locations on the shortlist narrowed down to just six. These are:

    • Campbeltown Airport
    • Glasgow Prestwick Airport
    • Llanbedr Airfield
    • Newquay Cornwall Airport
    • RAF Leuchars
    • Stornoway Airport

    The next step, according to this morning's consultation response, is working out more clearly what exactly a spaceport actually is. "The government is developing a detailed technical specification of spaceport requirements to increase understanding of 'what is a spaceport' and the detailed technical requirements for spaceplane operations," it says. More in our story here.

    11:50: Tony Blair's future House of Commons Parliament
    Foreign Office questions

    Angus Robertson. the SNP leader in Westminster, asks whether the UK government still has confidence in Tony Blair's efforts as a Middle East peace envoy. "Mr Blair has made large number of visits to the region, he continues to engage," Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond says, before adding: "And I've no doubt his role will be kept under constant review."

    @paulwaugh Paul Waugh, editor of Politics.Home.com

    tweets: This is Philip Hammond's final Foreign Office Questions before the election. Will it be his final ever FCO Qs as Foreign Sec?

    @Steven_Swinford Steven Swinford, deputy political editor, the Telegraph.

    tweets: Sir Malcolm Rifkind returns to political arena after cash-for-access scandal to urge govt to help Libya become 'moderate secular force'

    11:45: Rifkind returns House of Commons Parliament

    Sir Malcolm Rifkind gets a loud "hear hear" from Conservative MPs before asking his question about helping democratic forces in Libya to create a "decent country". Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond laments that it's not as simple as just getting behind a democratic authority - because it's not clear exactly where that democratic authority comes from. "It is vital to our security that there is a stable government in Libya," he agrees. Of course, Sir Malcolm was in the headlines last week over a cash for access sting.

    11:43: Commons under way House of Commons Parliament

    The Commons' sitting day has now begun, with proceedings starting after prayers with Foreign Office questions. Also coming up over lunchtime are an urgent question on child sexual exploitation in Oxfordshire; a further urgent question from home affairs committee chairman Keith Vaz on Yarl's Wood immigration detention centre; a statement from Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt on the independent investigation into Maternity Services at Morecambe Bay; and then a further statement from Housing Minister Brandon Lewis on the proposed new garden city at Ebbsfleet.

    @BBCJamesCook James Cook, Scotland correspondent for BBC News

    tweets: First Minister @NicolaSturgeon confirms the SNP no longer wants a blanket 3% reduction in corporation tax, instead favouring targeted cuts.

    @DeHavilland DeHavilland, political research organisation

    tweets: Speaker Bercow said in his #Speaker2015 lecture last night he'd granted 211 UQs. 2 more 2day takes that total to 213! Predecessor granted 2.

    11:24: Government plans

    Theresa May's statement announces the following:

    • a new independent taskforce, which will work in local authorities where child abuse is a concern
    • a new centre of professional expertise to develop better approaches to tackling sexual abuse
    • a £1m campaign to raise awareness and give advice to anyone worried about a child
    • a national whistleblowing helpline for anyone concerned about failures to protect children
    • a new inspection system to ensure local agencies are working effectively
    11:20: Theresa May statement

    This is the home secretary's written ministerial statement, published this morning, on the issue of child sexual abuse. We'll take a look at it in more detail shortly.

    11:15: Abuse report

    The full case review can be read here.

    11:14: 'Never be put right'

    Jim Leivers, Oxfordshire County Council's director for children, education and families, said the council "made many mistakes and missed opportunities to stop the abuse". The report "shows very clearly that the girls were badly let down by the people and organisations that could - and should - have protected them", he continued. "The dreadful experiences faced by these young women can never be put right. But the safeguarding board is now in a much better position to prevent, disrupt and detect these crimes."

    11:13: Police apologise

    Chief Constable Sara Thornton, of Thames Valley Police, said: "We are ashamed of the shortcomings identified in this report and we are determined to do all we can to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again."

    @LisaSkyNews Lisa Dowd, Sky News correspondent

    tweets: Report: victims white girls, perpetrators mainly Asian men. Recommends more research at national level into this issue.

    11:10: 'Unacceptable delays' BBC News Channel

    Independent chair of the Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board Maggie Blyth is outlining a catalogue of failures. Parents weren't listened to, children were treated as though they had consented to the abuse. While there was "no disregard of clear warnings" at a top level, there were "unacceptable delays" in reacting to what was going on that allowed perpetrators to get away with their crimes, she goes on.

    @sandralaville Sandra Laville, senior correspondent for the Guardian

    tweets: There was a professional tolerance of children having sex with older men

    11:05: 'Indescribably awful'

    Alan Bedford, the author of the independent review, wrote: "What happened to the child victims of the sexual exploitation in Oxfordshire was indescribably awful.

    "The child victims and their families feel very let down. Their accounts of how they perceived professional work are disturbing and chastening."


    As many as 373 girls might have suffered abuse in Oxfordshire, the report has found.

    @LisaSkyNews Lisa Dowd, Sky News correspondent

    tweets: Serious case review finds no evidence of 'wilful professional neglect' despite girls being trafficked & raped for a decade

    11:02: Child sex abuse

    The report into child sexual abuse in Oxfordshire has just been released and a news conference on its findings is about to begin.

    11:01: More on Turing's Law

    Labour say they will introduce legislation to allow the family and friends of deceased men to apply to the Home Office to quash convictions made under the historic gross indecency law. The Protection of Freedom Act (2012) currently allows individuals still alive to apply to have their convictions quashed, but at present, no such redress is available for the relatives of those now dead.

    @BBCNormanS Norman Smith, assistant political editor

    tweets: Ed Miliband pledges to introduce "Turing's Law" - posthumous pardons for gay men convicted under historic indecency laws

    10:54: 'Stain on society'

    Ed Miliband has told Gay Times Magazine he would fight to obtain pardons for all men convicted as criminals for being gay under the UK's now repealed gross indecency law. It follows the pardon for WW2 codebreaker Alan Turing. "I think it's a stain on our society, frankly," he told the magazine. "I think it's right what's been done in relation to Alan Turing and his family, but there are also other families that will have had relatives who were convicted... simply because of the person they love... I think we owe it to the LGBT community to make this move."

    @labourwhips Labour whips

    tweets: 2 UQs today: A Smith to Home Sec re Child Sexual Exploitation in Oxfordshire & K Vaz to Home Sec re Yarl's Wood immigration detention centre

    10:48: 'Half-way house' BBC News Channel

    Liz Dux, a lawyer at Slater and Gordon who represents victims, wants the government to introduce mandatory reporting of child abuse allegations. She says: "What concerns me about today is that it'll be a half-way house. The burden of proof for wilful neglect is very high. The burden would be on the prosecutors to show that a member of staff had knowledge and deliberately didn't pass it on.

    "We don't want people prosecuted for this, we want to stop the paedophiles. No-one wants to see a raft of litigation against social services - what we want to do is change the culture. So something is reported to you and you automatically know, you have no choice, you have to pass it on."

    10:41: Charity 'sorry' for Blair award BBC Radio 4

    Earlier on Today, the chief executive of Save the Children apologised for giving Tony Blair a global legacy award. Justin Forsyth said he was "very sorry" to the supporters and volunteers who were "upset" by the honour, given Mr Blair's involvement in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Admitting the row had "in part" damaged the charity, he added: "This has been really an unnecessary distraction." This was our original story about the award.

    10:33: MPs question Mark Carney

    In Parliament, Bank of England governor Mark Carney is answering questions from the Treasury select committee on its monitoring of the foreign exchange industry. The Bank has accepted that recent misconduct allegations in financial markets have increased the need to strengthen its oversight regime.

    @alantravis40 Alan Travis, Guardian home affairs editor

    tweets: Theresa May's decision to make child sex abuse part of the strategic policing requirement puts it on par with terrorism & organised crime

    10:27: 'I would do it differently' Buzzfeed

    Nicky Morgan, who also serves as equalities minister in addition to her job as education secretary, has given an interview to BuzzFeed about her views on homosexuality. She infamously voted against gay marriage in February 2013 but says her experience in the job has changed her mind. "Doing this role as equalities minister means you learn a lot," Mrs Morgan says. "You speak to a lot of people and yeah, hence very much I think if the vote was held now I would do it differently."

    @YvetteCooperMP Yvette Cooper, shadow home secretary

    tweets: Theresa May says her failed net migration target will be in Tory manifesto. Again. No ifs, no buts. Who does she think she is kidding?

    10:20: Two Davids
    David Cameron and David Walliams

    "Her favourite David is David Walliams" - that's what the PM has told a Downing Street party about his wife, Samantha. According to the Daily Mail, Mr Cameron told a St David's Day reception: "She sat next to him at a charity function and said he was the funniest man she'd ever met so I'm going to have to learn to live with that."

    10:17: 'Key pillars'

    Today's strategy, Nicola Sturgeon continues, is "based on the key pillars of investment, innovation, inclusive growth and internationalisation".

    10:16: 'Equality and competitiveness'
    Nicola Sturgeon

    Nicola Sturgeon says Scotland's economy has made progress since 2007 but it can still be improved. Today's economic strategy will promote "equality and competitiveness together as two sides of the same coin", she says. The Scottish government will pursue fair work and a living wage, encourage more women and disabled people into the labour market, and make key investments in health and educational attainment.

    10:11: Nicola Sturgeon speech BBC News Channel

    Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is now on her feet launching her economic strategy for Scotland in Linlithgow. You can watch her on the News Channel by clicking on the tabs above.

    10:10: 'Time for hand-wringing long gone'
    Abuse victim

    "The depressing list of abuse scandals in recent years has left the nation shocked and stunned," says the NSPCC's chief executive Peter Wanless. "But now we must have positive action to make sure children are properly protected and, hopefully, today's government announcements will start to swing the odds in favour of the victims, not the offenders. When we have children just out of primary school being targeted and groomed by predatory gangs of men, we know the time for hand-wringing has long gone. There have been enough warnings that we are not doing enough to keep children safe. Now it's time to act."

    10:01: '100% wrong' LBC

    Ask Boris concludes with the most passionate answer of the last 60 minutes from the London mayor, who is questioned about the role of the security services in radicalising Islamic State fighter Mohammed Emwazi. Human rights group Cage has produced a tape of Emwazi claiming MI5 threatened him and tried to "put words into my mouth". Its research director, Asim Qureshi, tells Mr Johnson there is "direct causality" between this and his subsequent actions as the radicalised 'Jihadi John'.

    Mr Johnson tells Mr Qureshi he has "got this 100% the wrong way up". He adds: "You need to see this thing differently. The security services are trying to keep us safe. They cannot conceivably be blamed for their actions in trying to prevent people trying to commit sick atrocities against the British people and indeed against people in Syria and Iraq. If you're a human rights group you should be sticking up for the human rights of those who are being beheaded in Syria and Iraq, that should be the focus of your concern." And with that Ask Boris wraps up. Our full story on the Emwazi tape can be read here.

    09:57: 'Strict disciplinarian' The Daily Telegraph

    A very funny sketch in the Telegraph today by Michael Deacon. "It must be tough, being David Cameron's children. By modern standards of parenting, he's a pretty strict disciplinarian... 'I want my children,' he declared sternly, 'to be able to walk from Liverpool to Leeds through green belt protected land.' What an extraordinary announcement. The distance from Liverpool to Leeds is 72 miles." Mr Deacon wonders how Nancy, Elwen and Florence will manage the arduous journey - and what they will do in Leeds when they get there. "Are they to spend the night in the city? Just the three of them? Mr Cameron made no mention of accompanying them on their gruelling trek."

    @Number10gov David Cameron, PM

    tweets: Sir John Major to represent UK at Boris #Nemtsov's memorial, over 20 years after they met here in Nizhny Novgorod

    Sir John Major and Boris Nemtsov


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