As it happened: Tuesday at the Conservative conference

Key points

  • London Mayor Boris Johnson focuses his speech on housing, and urges the government to tackle the "baleful effects of stamp duty in London"
  • Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith argues that the government is "returning fairness" to the welfare system
  • England's health watchdog the Care Quality Commission will be given statutory independence, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt announces

Live text


  • Aiden James 
  • Ed Lowther 
  • Bernadette McCague 

Last updated 1 October 2013


And that's it for our live coverage for today. The final day of conference begins at 9:15 BST tomorrow, with David Cameron due to address his party at 11:00 BST.


Under the headline "Migrants do the 'menial' jobs British youths won't, claims Boris Johnson", the Express focuses on one of the key points in the London mayor's speech. He had wondered aloud if Jamie Oliver "has a point" when the chef complained about the work ethic of British young people.


The Mirror castigates the prime minister on the same topic, urging readers to "Listen to David Cameron admit he doesn't know the price of value bread", and depicting the PM's face on the inside of a breadmaker in an elaborate photo-montage.


The Daily Mail reports that David Cameron "struggled" when LBC 97.3 presenter Nick Ferrari questioned him on the price of a value loaf. "I've got a bread maker at home which I delight in using and it turns out in all sorts of different ways," he replied. The newspaper claims that the breadmaker in question cost more than £100.


Here's how some of the papers are responding to today's conference speeches. In the Telegraph, Dan Hodges writes that "The Tories are no longer fanatical about Boris". He thinks that "Borismania has reached its apex".


Michael Gove gets a standing ovation for his speech. And that ends the afternoon session at conference.



tweets: Maybe teachers are striking Michael Gove because you've treated them with complete contempt for the last 3 years! #cpc13


Matthew McDonald

tweets: @BBC_HaveYourSay "Don't put your ideology before our children's interests." Thick with irony. Speak to the teachers I know for a change.


Michael Gove says Labour's approach to education represents "a huge gaping hole where their heart should be".