"A small island no-one pays attention to."


Thus, a Russian spokesman described Britain in the days before David Cameron travelled to St. Petersburg for the G20 summit.

After the BBC first reported this yesterday, President Putin's press secretary and close adviser Dmitri Peskov insisted that "it is definitely not something I have said". He went on to add that Mr Putin had good relations with David Cameron.

Number 10 seem unconvinced. A spokesman said: "I'm sure the Russians will want to clarify these reported remarks."

They went on to claim that the G20 agenda reflected "a very British agenda" and "highlighted how a small island with great people can achieve a big footprint in the world."

It is clear that beneath the smiles and handshakes at this summit the tensions lie not far below the surface.


At 2am local time Putin began his second meeting of the evening with the leader of the small island....

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    Comment number 30.

    This is 100% true - everyone knows it.

    I've used this analogy before but I use it again - the UK is like a midget perched on the scaffolding of its own set-backs & failures. It has a high vantage point, a historical legacy of empire & the Industrial revolution, but the midget's scaffolding is now rusty & frayed, & risks a catastrophic collapse at any moment. The world knows this.

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    Comment number 7.

    Russia should keep its trap shut if it knows what's good for it. We've voted not to bomb Damascus, no mention of Moscow.

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    Comment number 21.

    15 Simon

    "our population is rising whereas theirs is falling"

    The last thing we want is a rising population

    There are more than enough humans on this planet and with millions of young people across the world unable to find jobs, how can we regard that as a criteria for success?

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    Comment number 26.

    "A small island no-one pays attention to." I think our Russian friend is in danger of mirroring his own country's insecurities onto us. I'll take the insult a lot more seriously whenever Russia ever gets around to being half as influential as our country has been in world events over the last 250 years. Meanwhile in reply I would merely jest "1 Cold War 2 World Wars and a World Cup!"

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    Comment number 51.

    Dear Nick, I hope that one day you will become a serious reporter and concentrate on how you can help Britain go forward.

    I have no problems with dropping the "Great" in Britain and working towards improving the economic circumstances of our citizens.

    I get irked with trivial comment that serves no useful purpose. What are the most important things that the Government needs to tackle.


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