South Shields by-election: Labour wins as UKIP makes big gains


Labour's Emma Lewell-Buck: "I am absolutely ecstatic"

Labour has won the South Shields parliamentary by-election, retaining a seat it has held since 1935.

It saw its majority reduced in Thursday's poll as the UK Independence Party finished a clear second, with a 24% share of the total vote.

The Conservatives were pushed into third while their Liberal Democrat coalition partners finished seventh.

Labour candidate Emma Lewell-Buck said she was "absolutely ecstatic" about her by-election victory.

The South Shields contest was triggered by the resignation of former Labour Foreign Secretary David Miliband as an MP.

UKIP also made significant gains in county council elections in England.

'Here to stay'

Ms Lewell-Buck argued that the result showed Labour was connecting with voters and the coalition government was taking the country in the "wrong direction".

As the result was announced, she said: "Mr Cameron, when working families needed a government on their side, you made them pay for a tax cut for millionaires.

"When our young people needed jobs, you gave them a shrinking economy, and when the most vulnerable people in our society were really struggling you gave them the bedroom tax."

Ms Lewell-Buck added: "I will help get people back to work, champion our wonderful town and never give the Tory government one moment's peace."

However, her majority of 6,505 - on a turnout of 39.2% - was significantly down on the 11,109 achieved by Mr Miliband three years ago.


  • Emma Lewell-Buck (Labour) 12,493 votes
  • Richard Elvin (UK Independence Party) 5,988 votes
  • Karen Allen (Conservatives) 2,857 votes
  • Ahmed Khan (Independent) 1,331 votes
  • Phil Brown (Independent Socialist Party) 750 votes
  • Lady Dorothy Macbeth Brookes (BNP) 711 votes
  • Hugh Annand (Liberal Democrats) 352 votes
  • Howling Laud Hope (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party) 197 votes
  • Thomas Faithful Darwood (Independent) 57 votes

UKIP candidate Richard Elvin came second with 5,988 votes.

The party, which did not even stand in the constituency in the last general election, won 24% of the vote, marginally lower than its record 28% vote share in March's by-election in Eastleigh, Hampshire, when it also came second.

UKIP's deputy leader Paul Nuttall said the performance, which came on the heels of strong showings in other by-elections in the north of England last year, proved it was on "an upward trajectory" and the party's appeal spread across the country.

"UKIP is here and it is here to stay," he told the BBC.

Start Quote

The parties in government will comfort themselves that it's mid-term - people wanted to give them a bloody nose”

End Quote Louise Stewart Political correspondent, BBC News

And he claimed it would not be long before his party had its first MP elected.

"We have been knocking on the door of Westminster for the past two years. I predict very soon that we will kick that door in," he said.


The Conservatives came third with 2,857 votes, 5,000 fewer than they received in 2010 and it was an even more miserable night for the Lib Dems, who were beaten into seventh, getting fewer votes than the BNP and two independent candidates.

The party lost its deposit, having secured less than 5% of the total votes cast.

Its candidate Hugh Annand said the result was "extremely disappointing but perhaps not surprising" given that the Lib Dems were in government and having to take tough decisions.

He told the BBC that some supporters had not adjusted to the degree of compromise required in coalition and those wishing to register a protest vote had gone elsewhere.

UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall said his party is "going places"

"We have disappointed and angered some people who have supported us in the past," he said.

Former Lib Dem MP Lembit Opik, a frequent critic of party leader Nick Clegg, described the result as "appalling" and said party members "deserve to know how this electoral crisis will be fixed".

But the party's deputy leader Simon Hughes said: "Let me congratulate the Labour winner in South Shields, the first woman MP for South Shields, which is progress.

"This has been a Labour seat since it was created, certainly for years and years and years, and it's not a place where we had presence."

In the county council elections which coincided with the by-election, Conservative and Lib Dem vote share was significantly down, with UKIP and Labour the chief beneficiaries.

South Shields by-election result in full:
  • Emma Lewell-Buck (Labour): 12,493 (50.51%, -1.51%)
  • Richard Elvin (UK Independence Party): 5,988 (24.21%)
  • Karen Allen (Conservative): 2,857 (11.55%, -10.04%)
  • Ahmed Khan (Independent): 1,331 (5.38%)
  • Phil Brown (Independent Socialist): 750 (3.03%)
  • Lady Dorothy MacBeth Brookes (BNP): 711 (2.87%, -3.65%)
  • Hugh Annand (Liberal Democrat): 352 (1.42%, -12.79%)
  • Howling Laud Hope (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party): 197 (0.80%)
  • Thomas Darwood (Independent): 57 (0.23%)

Labour majority: 6,505 (26.30%), down from 11,109 (30.42%) in 2010

Electorate 62,979; Turnout 24,736 (39.28%, -18.42%), down from 36,518 (57.70%) in 2010



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    Comment number 149.

    "UKIP is here and it is here to stay," he told the BBC.
    In post-industrial areas like South Shields it's only there until the voters realize that one of the first objectives of a UKIP government would be getting rid of EU employment safeguards and a return to the worst unregulated hire-and-fire excesses of UKIP's Thatcherite ancestors.

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    Comment number 148.

    I have no idea how people could have voted for UKIP. If they did then it is clear they haven't read their manifesto on the UKIP website which, really, is a joke.

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    Comment number 147.

    Dear British voter..
    Please do not vote for UKIP anymore and vote for spineless policies given by the Cons,Labour and LD,otherwise i may well be deported and not allowed to live here on £25,000 are year without getting off my butt,just like i have illegally since 1992.

    Yours sincerley.
    Abu Qatarda.

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    Comment number 146.

    I'm glad UKIP won so many votes even though I doubt I'd like to see them win the. Hopefully it'll send a message to the main parties but I doubt it. I won't watch the news much today as the excuses from other parties make me angry; trying to spin the results into something other than votes of defiance is pathetic.

    People want change so listen to them and stop this illusion of democracy!

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    Comment number 145.

    UKIP fired a salvo on behalf of the British people who are sick and tired of the way this great country of ours is being sold down the river. Say what you like about UKIP but it would seem that they have managed to stir a reaction from the other parties with their complacent policies. In the papers this week we hear that Cameron is considering the EU vote now to take place before the election. CTD

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    Comment number 144.

    I can already hear Cameron's excuses.. "Mid term elections don't reflect how the electorate vote in a GE..." blah blah

    Just a posh ostrich without a clue or a care as to what the man on the street thinks!!

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    Comment number 143.

    Before the S Shields election there were reports of hate mail to UKIP voters and intimidation, people answering the door to canvassers saying they would vote UKIP but please go away before neighbours hear.
    UKIP have queried the Electoral Commission about 2 bedroom flats with 8-10 postal votes registered to them! I don't suppose the Big3 would turn a blind eye to Postal Vote abuse, would they..!?

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    Comment number 142.

    7 Blitzkreig11

    'The British people, renowned for their good sense, wouldn't dream of putting you anywhere near the levers of government. You are not even a credible opposition party.'

    That's what they thought about the SNP. Labour thought the Scots would vote Labour forever because their dads did and their grandads did so they set up their own little feeder parliament.

    How wrong were they?

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    Comment number 141.


    >The vote for UKIP is a message to the three other parties. The >British people are demanding a change in our relationship with the >European Union.

    The message is that we are fed up with a political class which takes no notice of us the voters on a whole range of issues.
    Typical MP goes

    Researcher to MP

    Never a days work in the real world.

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    Comment number 140.

    The Soviet Union fell when the people knew there was a massive difference between what the State media were telling them and what they could see with their own eyes.

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    Comment number 139.

    Limp Dims finish 7th.

    Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha. Oblivion at the next gerneral election

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    Comment number 138.

    Our political masters have distanced themselves from us. They are self interested only. 39% turnout tells it all. Can anyone count a good and caring MP on two hands?

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    Comment number 137.

    Huge huge win for Labour!!! Really.

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    Comment number 136.

    For as long as I have voted I have voted tory. However the British population have this short term memory where they vote the oppostion party when they're nobbed off at the party in power.

    This means that Labour will bounce back at the general election but this time UKIP may have a real chance. Anything is better than Labour so let's all vote UKIP. Simples.

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    Comment number 135.

    So let me get this right a considerable number of people have switched from a Pro European.Pro Higher Taxes for the Wealthiest,Pro Green,Pro Smoking Ban,Pro Migration to meet needs Party.

    To One Which is Anti All of the above.

    This is clearly a protest vote.

    Apart from that UKIP are simply splitting the right wing vote.
    Either way you look at it good news for Labour at the GeneralElection

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    Comment number 134.

    This result has shown that the real clowns are the Tories and Lib Dems.

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    Comment number 133.

    Emma Lewell-Buck: "I am absolutely ecstatic".

    Of course she is. She's just won a free second home, a trough full of expenses, 6 months holiday a year and when she's failed and been fired by the electorate (not that South Shields will vote for anything that isn't red), she gets an unrealistically large pension.

    All with no useful real world experience.
    I'd be ecstatic !

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    Comment number 132.

    Lib Dems - lied about tuition fees, Tories - lied about the NHS - Labour - out of touch.

    When will these people ever learn? It's about time they were given a mighty kick in the pants to make them understand that they serve us - not the other way around.

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    Comment number 131.

    White rhinos...mountain gorillas...leatherback turtles...Liberal Democrats...all endangered species!!

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    Comment number 130.

    Of course,the main parties will say this was a protest vote.Yes,it was;a protest at the way the main parties are abuseing the people of this Country.Roll on the day UKIP get in power and we get rid of these wastrels.


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