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Miliband has broken wrist surgery

Ed Miliband speaks during Commons debate on Baroness Thatcher
Image caption It is understood Mr Miliband needed painkillers during the Commons debate on Lady Thatcher

Labour leader Ed Miliband has had an operation to reset a wrist which he broke 10 days ago while hill-walking with his wife, Justine, in Devon.

A spokesman said the fracture was discovered on Friday when Mr Miliband had an X-ray at the A&E department of University College Hospital, London.

Mr Miliband returned to the hospital on Saturday for the minor operation.

It is understood the 43-year-old needed painkillers during Wednesday's Commons debate on Baroness Thatcher.

The spokesman said he was back home with his family.

The injury would not stop him attending the funeral of Lady Thatcher on Wednesday, the spokesman added.