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Tory MP Adam Afriyie: I have no leadership ambition

Media captionAdam Afriyie: "I have no ambition to lead my party and I have no ambition for any particular position"

A Conservative MP mentioned as a potential future leader of the party has said he has "no ambition for any particular position".

But Adam Afriyie refused to agree that there was "no doubt" Mr Cameron would still be in charge at the time of the 2015 general election.

He told BBC One's Sunday Politics he would not "speculate" on the issue.

The PM has previously laughed off suggestions that Mr Afriyie could be a "stalking horse" leadership challenger.

Mr Afriyie, a businessman who became MP for Windsor in 2005, has not held any ministerial post but has been touted in the press as a potential rival.

He told Sunday Politics presenter Andrew Neil he was working with a "large group" of Tory MPs on efforts to create a "Conservative Britain".

'My vision'

But he repeatedly refused to agree that there was "no doubt" about Mr Cameron leading the party in 2015.

Mr Afriyie said: "I think we have a very, very good chance of winning the 2015 election if we can demonstrate some economic growth before 2015."

Pressed on Mr Cameron's position, he said: "I'm not prepared to speculate because I think what people want to see from their politicians is... leadership and a commitment to getting Britain back on top; that's what I'm focused on."

He added: "People are worried about their jobs. If we are going to create jobs we have got to focus on the policies that will win the election rather than personalities."

Mr Afriyie said he was "happy to serve the country in whichever way people would see fit" but added: "I have no ambition to lead my party and I have no ambition for any particular position."

"My vision for Britain is this, that we are a thriving, outward-looking nation with high levels of employment and intense levels of enterprise."

At Prime Minister's Questions in January, Mr Cameron laughed off a joke by a Labour MP that "traces of stalking horse have been found in the Conservative Party food chain".

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