Andrew Mitchell has 'no option but to resign', says local police rep

Andrew Mitchell Mr Mitchell's future was the source of speculation during the Tory conference

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Members of the West Midlands Police Federation said Andrew Mitchell had "no option but to resign", following a meeting with the chief whip.

They said Mr Mitchell repeated a "profound apology with feeling" but continued to deny using the words attributed to him during an outburst at police officers outside Number 10.

This meant his position had become "untenable", they said.

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper has called on Andrew Mitchell to be sacked.

Three representatives of the local Police Federation met Mr Mitchell for 45 minutes to discuss allegations the minister called Downing Street police officers "plebs".

Speaking to the media afterwards, Ken Mackaill, chairman of the West Mercia Police Federation, said Mr Mitchell refused to reveal what he actually said in the incident, apparently telling them he did not want a "fire fight with the police".

Prime Minister David Cameron and senior officers have said a line should be drawn under the matter following Mr Mitchell's previous apology, but pressure on Mr Mitchell continues.

Ken Mackaill speaking after his meeting with Andrew Mitchell: "He has no option but to resign"

'No confidence'

A leader column in the Daily Telegraph on Friday called on the chief whip to step down from the cabinet saying he is now a "laughing stock" and a "walking, talking embodiment of everything with which David Cameron would least like his party to be associated".

According to an opinion poll by YouGov, 50% of the public think the "plebs" row shows Conservative MPs see themselves as better than ordinary people.

The online survey of 1,710 people suggests 60% of the public believe Mr Mitchell's outburst "showed his true feelings", while 50% thought his behaviour and attitudes reflected those of other Conservative MPs. Just over half of respondents, 52%, thought he should resign.

Mr Mitchell's future was the source of speculation during this week's Tory conference, despite the Sutton Coldfield MP choosing not to attend, with ministers repeatedly asked about the incident.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg told BBC Radio 5 live what Mr Mitchell had done was "really wrong" but he had apologised and he hoped the minister's meeting with the Police Federation would "clear the air".

Labour, which had previously called for the cabinet minister to provide further clarity on what he said to police officers, said the situation had gone on long enough.

'Pleb and proud'

"Neither the prime minister nor the chief whip have proved capable of coming clean swiftly and putting this right," said Ms Cooper.

"And it is now clear no one even in the Conservative Party has confidence in Andrew Mitchell either.

"The failure by David Cameron and Andrew Mitchell to take this incident seriously enough and to sort it out straight away means Andrew Mitchell will clearly not be able to instil respect in Parliament or beyond as chief whip, and this will just drag on and on.

"David Cameron needs to put an end to this now and remove Andrew Mitchell from his position as chief whip."

Last month, police officers protested outside Mr Mitchell's constituency office wearing T-shirt with the words "PC Pleb and Proud" printed on them and representatives have called for a full inquiry into the matter.


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    Comment number 324.

    Old news..move on. Much more importrant things to concentrate on.

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    Comment number 323.

    Its a sad day when off duty police officers feel the need to protest against goverment poloticions,? and policys?
    The word (pleb) is now synonomous with the conservative party!
    I guess maggie would have sacked him in an instant!
    I might add im not a conservative supporter but neither labour????
    election time is a real quandry????

  • rate this

    Comment number 322.

    307 fauxgeordie

    Funny you should mention brown shirts , as the lessons to be learnt from the politicisation of security forces is an obvious one .

    And clearly from the intensity of your rant im pretty close to the truth that is upsetting you .

  • rate this

    Comment number 321.

    If Brown can insult Grannies, throw his mobile and harras his staff, and remain PM, then surely Mitchell should be able to stay on a Chief Whip???

    The precedent has been set by Labour.

    Oh and dont forget Baroness Scotland the Justice Minister who was found guilty of hiring illegal workers.

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    Comment number 320.

    Mitchell could have used foul footballer's language and caused less offence.

    He has no idea why that might be because he lives in another world to most of us. Worse than than is that is that there are 100s more just like him in the cosy "Westminster Club".

    Time for a change. Our democracy is not working - has not for decades and Mitchell typifies why.

  • rate this

    Comment number 319.

    My judgement is concurrent with old worthies?

    Mitchell must resign! Abusive language to a police officer! The very worst kind of misbehaviour.

    Cranky bloke on a bike? Whatever kind of misgovernment is that????

    While David Cameron does and says nothing about it??

    Dodgy Dave??

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    Comment number 318.

    Mitchell has forgotten that he is a servant. If he thinks otherwise he should leave office.It's not currently a good climate for police credibility (Hillsborough cover up) ,but I'd still take the police officer's word regarding Mitchell's outburst.And I agree that Mitchell should not get off the hook on this.

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    Comment number 317.

    Mitchell has come across as arrogant and thoroughly unpleasant. But his act does not deserve a bar on public office.
    It is time that the BBC and other media hacks put this story down and concentrate on something more interesting and important.
    I'm bored.

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    Comment number 316.

    On your bike, Andrew Mitchell!

    Get out now - before we really let you know more about the power of the Pleb,

    PS. I do so wish you didn't share the same name as my Gt Grandfather. There are no other similarities - he was a gentle man. You are not. He told the absolute truth. Do you?

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    Comment number 315.

    The police are using this as a weapon in their fight against the cuts in their pay and pensions.

    It a shame that they are not so supportive other other 'plebs' when they try to do the same thing.

  • rate this

    Comment number 314.

    Cameron has not the balls to sack anyone.
    Gove (Mrs.Blurt)
    etc. etc.
    LETS BE CLEAR - there all in it together (LOTS OF LOVE)

  • rate this

    Comment number 313.

    It's hardly surprising that Mitchell believes the law does not apply to him.
    Tax avoidance schemes take more money out of the economy than shoplifters do, but we don't prosecute the former, it's too costly and complex. So the elite may well imagine they have legal immunity..

  • rate this

    Comment number 312.

    Why all the fuss? An under employed jobsworth public servant has nothing better to do than boost their ego by dictating which of 2 gates can be cycled through .

    We've all met the type

  • rate this

    Comment number 311.

    I love the way this country blows everything out of proportion, doesn't the country have bigger problems to worry about? And all due respect bicycles should be ridden on the road and not the pavement so he had every right to go through the gate. You should get rid of the guy if he's no good at his job not because he's had an out of work disagreement.

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    Comment number 310.

    295. meurig caffery
    "We need a means to enable us the electorate to fire our representatives with utmost despatch"

    Even if Mitchell did use the word 'pleb' I hardly think anarchy is in order...

  • rate this

    Comment number 309.

    He behaved very badly, and is also part of a dysfunctional government, but even so it strikes me as more the sort of issue that voters might want to take into account next time than something to demand his resignation over now. The Police Federation is starting to look bad for keeping on about this incident long after senior police officers have already said that a line should be drawn under it.

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    Comment number 308.

    That policeman is lucky he did not tell Gordon Brown to get off of his bike .

    He would have had more than a teacup thrown at him .

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    Comment number 307.

    298 Now you've gone through every back flip imaginable you have decided the police have an anti Tory agenda.

    You know, maybe its because they have the same contempt for them as the majority of the population?

    Who are you going to get to pursue your dismal "lock everyone up who isn't like me" agenda?

    Perhaps your own paramilitary police - tell you what they'd look lovely in nice brown shiirts

  • rate this

    Comment number 306.

    He should of resigned weeks ago when it happened - that was only assuming he had an ounce of decency in him

    Shouting/swearing at a policeman who is just doing his job (& not even a slight inconvenience) is not acceptable, particularly from someone in his position. He brought it on himself - particularly with "you havent heard the last of this" angle

    Just shows the contempt they have for us plebs

  • rate this

    Comment number 305.

    Really...I mean this a real story? Who has been hurt, lost employment, money etc out of this?

    Yes clearly another impolite politician, nothing new there.

    Lets focus on something important not this rather irrelevant political froth although I appreciate the BBC do enjoy emphasising pro left wing stories


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