Summer break

Anything can happen in the next five weeks.

One of the guessing games with which we at Today in Parliament celebrate each parliamentary recess is to predict who will be the first to call for the recall of peers and MPs, and for what reason.

And there's a fistful of pretty gloomy things that could prompt a recall - everything from military intervention in Syria to another euro-zone eruption. Once, the smart money was on Tam Dalyell to be the first to demand that the government summon Parliament back; most scenarios for a recall this summer would probably see the government calling them in, unprompted.

The exception is a new euro-crisis, where Tory sceptics might be keener on a debate in the Commons than coalition ministers. So my money, tentatively, is on the duo of Bernard Jenkin and Bill Cash - select committee chairs with clout in the Commons. Can they make it through August?

And barring a recall, this blog will take its summer siesta, and return, along with MPs, in September. I'll be spending the summer with LBJ; I hope you enjoy yours.

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