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So, the prime minister signed off his texts to Rebekah Brooks when she was Chief Executive of News International "LOL" - and thought it meant lots of love until she told him that it meant "laugh out loud". So what?

Something emerged today at the Leveson Inquiry which is much more significant than confirmation that David Cameron was chummy with a woman who was friends with every recent Prime Minister and who is the wife of an old school friend and lives near him in Oxfordshire.

A previously unseen email from News Corp (see below) suggests that the Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt sought private guidance from News Corp when phone hacking allegations emerged in order to "guide his and Number 10's positioning". The email was sent by the News Corp PR man Fred Michel and quoted "JH". Of course we already know that Michel often referred to JH even when he had, in fact, only spoken to Hunt's adviser (who himself has since resigned, saying that he had acted without his boss's authority).

Nevertheless, Hunt who was already facing difficult questions about his contacts with News Corp, now faces more. At an inquiry which has repeatedly made clear that it will not determine his ministerial future.

Brooks also revealed that she had discussed the BSkyB bid with George Osborne at a dinner also attended by her husband and Will Lewis of News Corp and his wife. The next day Brooks emailed James Murdoch to say that Osborne had expressed "total bafflement" at the views of the broadcasting regulator, Ofcom, which had just declared that there were plurality issues to consider before News Corp's bid for 100% of BSkyB could go ahead.


A spokeswoman for Jeremy Hunt has said that it is "completely inaccurate" to say that he asked News Corp to give him private advice on phone-hacking.

She said: "This is just another Fred Michel email and he himself admits he wasn't speaking to Jeremy Hunt he was speaking to Adam Smith (Hunt's then special adviser). It's widely acknowledged that he has exaggerated."

Hunt is pointing to Fred Michel's evidence to the inquiry that "references to 'Hunt', 'JH', 'he', 'Jeremy' in ...emails are in fact summaries of what he was told by Adam Smith".

Email sent by Fred Michel to Rebekah Brooks. 27 June 2011 16.29:

Hunt will be making references to phone hacking in his statement on Rubicon this week.

He will be repeating the same narrative as the one he gave in Parliament few weeks ago.

This is based on his belief that the police is pursing things thoroughly and phone hacking has nothing to do with the media plurality issues.

It's extremely helpful.

On the issue of the privacy committee he supports a widening of its remit to the future of the press and evidence from all newspaper groups on the regulatory regime.

He wants to prevent a public inquiry. For this the committee will need to come up a strong report in the autumn and put enough pressure on the PCC to strength itself and take recommendations forward.

JH is now starting to looking to phone hacking/practices more thoroughly and has asked me to advise him privately in the coming weeks and guide his and No 10's positioning…

Nick Robinson Article written by Nick Robinson Nick Robinson Political editor

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In just 24 hours, Sir Malcolm Rifkind went from angry defiance to a grim-faced acceptance that he would have to quit his job as an MP and chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee.

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    Comment number 283.

    276.Rotherham Lad
    "Considering these people were employed in communications, I'd say their appearance before the committee proves they were over-paid.
    Never seen such poor "performances"... and that's all they were!"

    I bet you would be very surprised how Coulson and Brooks behaved when they were in their last jobs. No doubt very clever manipulative bosses who didn't take prisons.

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    Comment number 282.

    LOL Robinson!
    Anyone would think this related to something serious like the mysterious Chilcott inquiry or a Gordo chugging around in pyjamas
    We know that all politicians are too close to everyone that they shouldn't be - bankers, judiciary, foreign spivs etc
    Try and tell us something we don't know?

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    Comment number 281.

    Nick Robinson is always anti goverment The answer will be very simply and constant stiring is a great shame Do not want to pay for the BBC anymore

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    Comment number 280.

    So person A sends an e-mail to person B describing an alleged conversation with person C and gullible people on here believe every word.

    I can only hope that you never get called up for jury service.

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    Comment number 279.

    "If it is found he (Hunt) has misled everyone and actively worked to accommodate Sky's application it should be treated as a criminal offence, if proved, it is corruption and he should pay the price in full"

    My best guess would be that the only punishment he will get is to get sacked as a Minister or resign. He will still be able to return to the back benches as an MP.

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    Comment number 278.

    Who cares? Just don't buy NewsCorp papers, don't subscribe to Sky, don't vote Tory. If you object to their shennanigans, hit them where it hurts - in the pocket; that's all they understand and all they're interested in.

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    Comment number 277.

    What is difficult to me is that all seem to think that its OK to be cosy with News Corp. CEO ....even when they are trying to carry out a massive takeover ....are they all this bad ??? Shame on them all especially for Rebecca Brooks for having politicians wrapped around her finger ...

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    Comment number 276.

    I watched parts of the evidence from Mrs Brooks today and Andy Coulson yesterday.

    Considering these people were employed in communications, I'd say their appearance before the committee proves they were over-paid.

    Never seen such poor "performances"... and that's all they were!

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    Comment number 275.

    # 262. You have got to be kidding or have a very very short memory. From Bernie Ecclestone to PFI's to rendition, to waging an illegal war. Labour were, are and always will be a very corrupt disaster for this country..

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    Comment number 274.

    Politics has become a sham, I am really struggling to think who I would like to vote for in the general election and if there's any point?

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    Comment number 273.

    "Labour may not be perfect,but there has been more corruption and scandals in this incompetent tory government in the last month or so than there was in Tony Blairs three terms as prime minister"

    The reporting of The Telegraph and Guardian (MP expenses and phone hacking) has informed the public about what had been 'business as usual' for years. Now the flood gates are open!

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    Comment number 272.

    BBC, all sides moan about it - must be pretty balanced...

    Murdoch/News Corp/Sky/Fox - right wing, biased, yet it moans about BBC...

    Sheep/Consumers who purchase said biased products happy to pay for a sinister and self-perpetuating monopoly...

    The wise worry about 1984 (Orwell); what kind of person actually unthinkingly advocates for 1984 and furthermore actually wants to pay for it to happen?

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    Comment number 271.

    Hunt was questioned on his ability to oversee BSkyB's takeover when he took over from Vince Cable after his pro Sky stance, He brushed off the questions and assured everyone he was impartial.
    If it is found he has misled everyone and actively worked to accommodate Sky's application it should be treated as a criminal offence, if proved, it is corruption and he should pay the price in full.

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    Comment number 270.

    Yeah - let's paper over the 'dodgy' dossier, a reputedly illegal war or two, the alleged rendition flights: Blair was also the first British Prime Minister to be formally interviewed by the Police! And lest we forget - the majority of the allegations being reviewed by Leveson relate to conduct and practices that primarily occured during the administration of the last government!

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    Comment number 269.

    @262,Dan70 Nonsense! How many times did the police have to be called in to investigate the labour party while they were in offfice? How many labour wards are currently being investigated by the police for voter fraud?

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    Comment number 268.

    " LOTS OF LOVE" or "LAUGH OUT LOUD", is this any way a politician would text a media person without them being a personal friend ??? ..... MR CAMERON stop being a , no just stop .

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    Comment number 267.

    #250. The word democracy appeared twice in your comment without definition.

    Do we select the candidate? No the party does.
    Do we elect the candidate? Yes but we're given at best a choice of 3, chosen by the parties.
    Do we elect the government? No the party selects from those it has already chosen (they will mostly have safe seats).

    And party's do the bidding of those that buy them.

  • Comment number 266.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

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    Comment number 265.

    239 Skywatchman yr comments re mine cheers i do hope that

    Change will come eventually to our political landscape, it will take time, hopefully during the next 3 years we will see a major turning point

    i really hope so. consequences of these jokers to GB have been dreadful. why none of them care about their own country i cant understand it

    something new is needed but everyone has to want better

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    Comment number 264.

    For once, I think there's nothing I could say, even if it were universally accepted, that would damage the ruling clique any more than their own words and actions as now being revealed...

    Ideological differences can be respected, but not tawdriness like this.


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