Dinner above the shop


Not everyone can afford to have dinner in the flat over the shop

Not least when the shop in question is Number 10 Downing Street

And your host is none other than the prime minister himself.

But there is now confirmation that David Cameron hosted not dinner parties but donor parties for the very very rich - just as his former treasurer had boasted when secretly filmed by the Sunday Times

By ending the game of "guess who came to dinner" the Conservatives will hope to have limited the damage this affair has already caused.

But they know they will also have reinforced precisely the image their opponents are so keen to reinforce: that they are the party of the wealthy

Still unanswered are questions about why the former Tory treasurer seemed at least willing to discuss channelling foreign cash to the Tories, even though the law allows donations only from UK-registered citizens or companies.

And what influence donors cash has bought .

Only a few weeks ago the prime minister told a group of school children that he lived in "in a little flat, a very nice flat actually, above number 11 Downing Street... but what I get up to in there, that's private".

How he must wish that was still true.

Nick Robinson Article written by Nick Robinson Nick Robinson Political editor

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    Comment number 281.

    And I can see representatives of the big 3 holding talks about political funding reform behind closed doors & realizing that they really are “all in this together” after all.
    But like I’ve already said, those who are able to enact reform are those most likely to resist it.
    This leaves Joe Six Pack no better represented.
    Note: Can Clegg be trusted on anything?

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    Comment number 280.

    272. Strictly Pickled
    Labour tried to increase peoples standard of living by introducing the minimum wage.

    The tories seem to be trying to do the opposite now by introducing regional pay in the public sector. Driving down wages in Britains less privalaged area's

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    Comment number 279.

    276 "idbi"

    Your posts have the sort of casual dishonesty that makes me want to check I've still got my watch after I've read them. I'll stick with my 275, thank you very much - your 276 seems to me to be a mischievious re-writing to serve your own trolling ends.

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    Comment number 278.

    277 TGF

    .... and Team Saga are definitely Champions League in a Robbie Savage sort of way. Good night all.

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    Comment number 277.

    Some champions league mixed with vauxhall conference right-left argi-bargi today, but surely one thing we can all agree on is that Nick Clegg has been left with an open goal on political funding and lobbying after this latest debacle. It's a pity he has 2 left feet but is right-footed. I can see this going yards over the bar.


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