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Friday December 21

Political review: 2012 for the coalition

2012 political review for Labour and Ed Miliband

2012 political review for SNP, Greens, Respect and Ukip

Political week: Queen in Downing Street and plebgate

Thursday December 20

Plebgate: Baker on Police Federation and Andrew Mitchell

Students and principal on universal technical colleges

Christmas festive card images from political leaders

Wednesday December 19

David Davis on Andrew Mitchell and police pleb claims

Martin Narey: MPs should get a salary increase

MP salaries: Margaret Curran, Alan Duncan, Martin Narey

Council tax: Local Government Association on spending

PMQ review: Nick Watt on Cameron, Miliband and Newsnight

PMQs: Arctic Convoy veterans to be honoured

PMQs: Cameron on Muppets and giving Ed Balls the sack

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on food banks and poverty

Cameron on 'serious' Mitchell 'pleb row' claims

Tuesday December 18

Living wage: some councils paying staff higher wages

Women in unions and TUC's new leader Frances O'Grady

Energy Bill: Tim Yeo on government fossil fuels targets

TUC's Frances O'Grady on rail and Underground strikes

Bernard Hogan-Howe on Andrew Mitchell officer arrest

Monday December 17

Christmas lights: council spending and sponsorship

Civil servants: Douglas Carswell and Sir Richard Mottram

US handgun culture: Charlie Wolf and Lord Hennessey

Sunday December 15

McLoughlin on 80mph motorway speed limit consultation

Patrick McLoughlin on road, rail and airport plans

Welfare benefits and tax credit increase policies

Friday December 14

European week: Nobel peace prize, Scotland and voting

Personal health budget spent on drum kit and sat-nav

EU languages: translation services in Brussels politics

Single market: Baggage handlers protest at EU plans

Scotland and EU: Alistair Darling and Blair Jenkins

Thursday December 13

Green Party: neo-greens on nuclear and GM crops rethink

Nuclear power: Caroline Lucas and John Hayes

UK-EU relations: Mark Field on Boris Johnson comments

Wednesday December 12

PMQs review: Nick Robinson on Cameron v Miliband

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on unemployment and benefits

PMQs: Cameron tribute to Duchess of Cambridge hoax call nurse

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on Ed Balls and bullying

Pubs and beer duty escalator: Camra and Greg Mulholland

Public Order Act: Rowan Atkinson and Peter Tatchell

Viewpoint: Simon Callow on same-sex marriage

Tuesday December 11

Census and UK immigration: Keith Vaz and Andrew Green

England and Wales census: population and migration rise

Communications Data Bill: Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales

Communications Data Bill: Jimmy Wales and Michael Ellis

Gay marriage: Coalition For Marriage's Dr Sharon James

Chris Skidmore on petitions against planning decisions

Mark Littlewood on government spending taxpayer money

Monday December 10

Immigration cap hurting UK businesses?

Immigration cap: Lord Bilimoria and Tory MP Mark Harper

Tories on gay marriage: Peter Bone and Tim Montgomerie

Leveson: Harriet Harman on Labour press regulation plan

Sunday December 9

Nadine Dorries MP on I'm a Celebrity jungle holiday (film)

Nadine Dorries on jungle celebrity show reaction (interview)

Chuka Umunna on Autumn Statement and welfare benefits

Friday December 7

Political week: Autumn Statement, royal baby and papers

Starbucks and tax: Anna Walker and Andrew Perloff

Ann Clwyd on husband Owen Roberts' care in NHS hospital

Scotland and EU: Michael Moore on legal advice

Scotland and EU: SNP MEP Alyn Smith on Scotsman claims

Passports: political statements over design and colours

Thursday December 6

Fracking and shale gas: Dan Lewis and Caroline Lucas

Fracking gas fears from residents in Balcombe, Sussex

UK AAA credit rating: Allister Heath and Larry Elliott

Parliament Choir: MPs unite to sing at carol service

Reshuffles 'no good for government' says Chris Mullin

Wednesday December 5

Autumn Statement special (text and video)

Tuesday December 4

Leveson: Independent editor Chris Blackhurst on PM meeting

Usain Bolt and UK tax laws on sports stars' earnings

Ex-Apprentice Kate Walsh on sales profession reputation

Monday December 3

Margaret Hodge taking legal action on Stemcor tax claims

HMRC tax collection: Margaret Hodge and Jesse Norman

MPs and religion: politics, the church and 'doing God'

Sunday December 2

Chris Grayling on knife crime and votes for prisoners

Leveson Report: reaction to legislation and regulation

Friday November 30

Press Complaints Commission chair Lord Hunt on Leveson

Political week in 60 seconds: Boris Johnson and Lord Patten

Thursday November 29

Leveson Inquiry hearing into British press highlights

Printed newspaper sales and online news subscriptions

Newspaper sales: Matthew Parris and Guido Fawkes blogger

Wednesday November 28

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on work programme figures

Leveson report: Cameron and Milband call for co-operation

PMQs review: Nick Robinson, Matthew Hancock, Sadiq Khan

Martin Lewis: Save money, don't buy Christmas presents

Tuesday November 27

Work Programme figures: Labour's Liam Byrne

Work Programme figures: Employment minister Mark Hoban

Mark Carney, Margaret Thatcher and Grant Shapps predictions

West Somerset: smallest district council under threat

Public votes on opinion polls and surveys

Monday November 26

Michael Fabricant on Conservative-UKIP pact and Farage

UKIP's Nigel Farage on Michael Gove as Tory leader

Rotherham Council faces fostering legal threat from UKIP

European Parliament political week news in 60 seconds

Sunday November 25

Liam Byrne on benefit cap and disability payments

Leveson Report on press standards to be published

Friday November 23

European Council: Why John Major adviser hid under table

UK referendum: Norway and Switzerland EU relations

Youth Parliament Day: Curriculum For Life debate

European Parliament political week news in 60 seconds

Euopean budget: MEPs divided on bigger EU budget

Thursday November 22

UK lessons from US election with pollster Frank Luntz

Prisoner votes: Dominic Raab and Shami Chakrabarti

UK lessons from US election with pollster Frank Luntz

Wednesday November 21

Sgt Danny Nightingale: Philip Hammond hopes for review

Katie Hopkins on NHS eating, smoking and drinking costs

Hammond and Thornberry on NHS charging smokers and drinkers

PMQs: Miliband 'like Rory Bremner' says Cameron

PMQs: Cameron on Sir Cyril Smith child abuse claims

PMQs: Cameron and Milband on Israel and Gaza violenceDaily Politics highlights of 2012

PMQs: Cameron on police commissioner election costs

Cameron: Synod vote on women bishops 'very sad'

PMQs review: Robinson, Hammond and Thornberry

Tuesday November 20

Mobile phone signal and broadband speed in rural areas

Tim Montgomerie on Lynton Crosby Conservative role

Lord O'Donnell on civil servants and rating agencies

MPs job share: Meg Hillier and David Amess

Monday November 19

Political advertising: archive and modern marketing

NHS: Richard Taylor on new National Health Action Party

Scottish finances: Stewart Hosie and Alistair Darling

Sunday November 18

Grant Shapps on police election votes and Lynton Crosby

Prisoners' vote: MPs to decide on European ruling


The Daily Politics was off-air through a short recess

Tuesday November 13

Prof Michael Clarke on UK troops leaving Afghanistan

Geoffrey Robertson on Iran and nuclear weapons

Griff Rhys Jones on localism and planning controls

Abu Qatada: Geoffrey Robertson and Chris Bryant

Monday November 12

BBC sex claims and Entwistle: Tessa Jowell and Conor Burns

Nadine Dorries in jungle and extra pay for MPs

British High Street shops fight online threat

Sunday November 11

Philip Hammond: army, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Trident

BBC and George Entwistle: Kevin Marsh and David Mellor

BBC independence must not be next victim, says Harriet Harman

Friday November 9

Health complaints: Daniel Poulter and Katherine Murphy

Corby by-election - new MP after Louise Mensch resigns

Political week Dorries, Clegg, Cameron and Merkel

Thursday November 8

Woodland Trust on as tress and dieback disease in UK

China: Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang names are tested

Neil Wallis on press regulation and Leveson Inquiry

Press regulation: Charlotte Harris and Neil Wallis

Wednesday November 7

Zac Goldsmith on voter power to recall Nadine Dorries

Police and crime commissioner elections in England and Wales

PMQs: Nick Robinson on Clegg v Harman and Leveson

PMQs: Nick Clegg on abuse of children in care homes

PMQs: Harman and Clegg on Dorries on I'm A Celebrity TV show

Tuesday November 6

Celebrity nightmares: Osborne, Brown, Widdecome, Balls

Dorries in jungle celebrity TV show: Mullin and Letts

US election TV adverts from Romney and Obama campaigns

Candidate selection - how political parties select MPs

Monday November 5

Celebrity support in UK and US election campaigns

CPRE on Growth and Infrastructure Bill planning changes

Electoral Commission on voting deadline queues review

Sunday November 4

Nigel Farage on trade, National Insurance and expenses

Friday November 2

Justice and Security Bill: Ken Clarke on secret courts

Ken Clarke recalls eurosceptic Maastricht Treaty fears

Police commissioners: US and New York lessons for UK

Political week: EU budget, wind farms and Heseltine

Thursday November 1

Wind farm debate: Caroline Lucas and James Delingpole

Beer tax 'leading to pub closures' claims Andrew Griffiths MP

Movember MPs Henry Smith and Michael McCann on cancer

Movember: fake and real moustaches on political faces

Former MPs on life after office: Martin Salter and Sue Doughty

Wednesday October 31

Wind farm and energy: Andrew George and Michael Fallon

Lord Heseltine: city-states and single-tier councils

PMQs review: Nick Robinson on Cameron v Miliband

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on Europe and EU budget

PMQs: Cameron threatens veto on EU budget talks

PMQs: Miliband and Cameron clash over Heseltine report

Tuesday October 30

Elected EU president: Blair wants job says Rees-Mogg

EU president: Liddle, Rees-Mogg, Poirier and Dale debate

Hill farmers struggle with food bills after wet summer

Gay marriage divides Conservative Party and voters

Gay marriage: Nadine Dorries and Iain Dale on Tory views

Ash trees and dieback disease: MPs on government action

Monday October 29

Labour MP Gisela Stuart: UK should leave European Union

Press regulation: Charlotte Harris and Neil Wallis

Lawyer Charlotte Harris on Leveson and the press

Online news: readers move from newspapers to tablet PCs

Sunday October 28

Danny Alexander: economy, banks, austerity and recovery

Child benefit cap to limit money to families on benefits

Friday October 26

Child benefit changes criticised by Tory MP Mark Field

Chloe Smith recalls Paxman Newsnight interview

UKREP: UK base in Brussels for European civil servants

European political week: EU budget and 'Robin Hood' tax

Admiralty Arch to be made into a luxury hotel

EU Parliament's journeys from Strasbourg to Brussels

Thursday October 25

Public sector pensions: Neil Marsh and Darren Philp

Afghanistan: Malcolm Bruce on UK troops helping women

Ed Balls on GDP, UK economy and 'structural deficit'

Matthew Hancock on GDP figures and UK out of recession

Westminster Dog of the Year: MPs and their pets

Westminster Dog of the Year: Charlie Elphicke and Star

Wednesday October 24

Scotland joining EU: SNP Jamie Hepburn on legal advice

Suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst relative on women's rights

PMQs review: Nick Robinson on Cameron v Miliband clashes

PMQs: Miliband and Cameron on West Coast rail franchise

PMQs: Miliband mocks Cameron on energy bill

PMQs: Watson on paedophile ring links to previous PM

PMQs: Cameron confirms CPS will review Savile decision

David Cameron rules out allowing prisoners right to vote

Attorney General Dominic Grieve on votes for prisoners

Tuesday October 23

Badger cull: RSPCA's Gavin Grant calls for vaccinations

Nuclear and green energy: David Morris and Natalie Bennett

Jack Straw on Iraq war and Gordon Brown as PM

Jack Straw and Iraq war: Kevin Marsh and Philippe Sands

BBC DG George Entwistle on Savile: Steve Hewlett reaction

Monday October 22

Votes for 16 and 17-year-olds: Lord Adonis on bill

Savile: Ben Bradshaw, John Whittingdale and Kevin Marsh

Parental leave changes - and impact on small firms

Sunday October 21

Press regulation changes after Leveson and Savile

Press regulation and Savile: Neil Wallis and Anne Diamond

Theresa May on police reforms, elections and Mitchell

Friday October 19

US election: Romney and Obama go 'gangnam style'Daily Politics highlights of 2012

SNP conference: Alex Salmond on Nato and Scottish currency

Scottish referendum: Stirling's view of independence

A-Z of Parliament with Quentin Letts: W for whips

Political week in 60 seconds: Scotland and McKinnon

Thursday October 18

MP addresses and renting: Julian Lewis and Lord Howard

SNP's Nato and defence policy for an independent Scotland

Lord Howard on Andrew Mitchell swearing at police

Wednesday October 17

PMQs review: Robinson on Cameron, Miliband and Mitchell

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on Mitchell 'pleb' comments

PMQs: David Cameron on UK referendum and EU membership

PMQs: David Cameron pays tribute to Machynlleth community

PMQs: Cameron on disability benefit and universal credit

Disabled benefits: Tanni Grey-Thompson and Steve Webb

Explorer Dwayne Fields on black youths in countryside

George Galloway on cinema popcorn and drinks prices

Tuesday October 16

Northern Ireland's young politicians take top posts

Young people in politics: Pamela Nash and Joan Bakewell

Jimmy Savile allegations: Rob Wilson MP and Joan Bakewell

Joan Bakewell on treatment of women in television

Cuban Missile Crisis: Joan Bakewell and Peter Hennessy

Sir Menzies Campbell on Gary McKinnon extradition case

Monday October 15

MPs' salary: Steve Brine, Anas Sarwar and Lorely Burt

EU law and order rules: Chris Bryant and Dominic Raab

Government 'Dragon Den' to help businesses and economy

Sunday October 14

Grant Shapps on boundary review and Michael Green

Paralympian Sophie Christiansen on London transport

Scottish referendum: Dennis Canavan, Johann Lamont, John Curtice

Friday October 12

UKIP's Nigel Farage on EU wining Nobel Prize

Police Federation's Ken Mackaill on Andrew Mitchell

Nick Clegg- Sheffield view on Liberal Democrat leader

Political week in 60 seconds: Boris, Cameron, Gillard

NHS and health reforms in England: Prof Chris Ham

Thursday October 11

Allister Heath and Max Keiser on banker bashing

Votes at 16 and 17: Eleanor Laing and Rhammel Afflick

Lords Forsyth and Wallace on lowering voting age to 16

Housing Minister Mark Prisk on first-time buyers

Economic terms RPI, CPI, inflation, bonds and QE explained

Tory conference votes: Romney or Obama for US president

Wednesday October 10

Tory conference: Nick Robinson reviews Cameron speech

Tory conference: Maria Miller on David Cameron speech

Tory Conference: David Cameron's speech in full

Conservative conference: David Cameron's year reviewed

Tuesday October 9

Tory conference: Chris Grayling on tackling burglars

Tory conference: Jeremy Hunt on NHS and health budgets

Tory conference: Boris Johnson on mayor, MP and PM jobs

Tory Conference: Boris Johnson on goods made in London

Tory Conference: Boris Johnson addresses David Cameron

Tory conference: Boris Johnson as future party leader?

George Osborne compared to Mr Micawber by Lord Forsyth

Monday October 8

Tory conference: George Osborne's background profiled

Conservative conference: Now or later for EU referendum?

West Coast Mainline: McLoughlin on rail operator

Tory conference: Osborne on employment law changes

Tory conference: George Osborne on tax and benefits cap

Sunday October 7

Conservative Conference: Voters' views on politics

Philip Hammond on West Coast Main Line contract

Boris Johnson's diary with Cameron, Brooks and Murdoch

Douglas Alexander on voters' doubts on PM Ed Miliband'

Sunday Interview: Douglas Alexander on Labour conference

Friday October 5

Conservative Conference: Party aims in northern England

EU budget: Alain Lamassoure on call for 10bn euros

Mastermind chair: Douglas Carswell MP on big government

Political week in 60 seconds: Labour, rail, US elections

Thursday October 4

Gloria De Piero: Why people 'hate' MPs and politicians

Margot James on Conservative equality record for women

Labour conference: Harriet Harman on Ed Miliband speech

Labour conference: Discrimination and equality policy

Labour conference: Free schools to close or stay open?

Wednesday October 3

Labour policy on crime, ID cards and control orders

Labour conference: Cooper on police standards authority

Labour conference: Is Ed Miliband posh or not?

John Prescott on Ed Miliband, Disraeli and 'one-nation'

Police commissioner post: Lord Prescott on job cuts

Tuesday October 2

Labour conference: Nick Robinson on Ed Miliband speech

Labour conference: Ed Miliband speech in full

Labour conference: opinion polls on party and Miliband

Labour conference: Blairites to stay or leave party?

Labour conference: Ed Miliband review from Kevin Maguire

Labour conference: Ed Miliband 2012 highlights

Monday October 1

Labour conference: Ed Balls views from MPs and press

Labour conference: Ed Balls on cuts, taxes and spending

Labour conference: Ed Balls on homes and stamp duty

Labour conference: Jim Murphy on Europe referendum

Labour conference: Europe referendum 'vote' for delegates

Labour conference: Ethical foreign policy and wars

Sunday September 30

Norman Lamb: NHS reforms, social care and Dilnot Report

Labour conference: Harriet Harman on Ed Miliband

Labour and general strike: GMB, Unison and Kevin Maguire

General strike: PCS' Mark Serwotka and Philip Collins

Friday September 28

US election: Ryan Grim on Romney and Obama campaigns

Margaret Hodge on A4e and welfare to work providers

Political humour: Blair, Heseltine, Reagan and Johnson

Political week in 60 seconds: Mitchell and Lib Dems

Thursday September 27

Rain: Association of British Insurers on flooding cover

Cameron on Letterman show: Clive Anderson and Mike Hale

Israel and Iran tension: Douglas Murray and Ben Wallace

Philanthropy: City of London School and Royal Opera House

Wednesday September 26

Nick Clegg's conference speech in full

Liberal Democrat conference: Nick Clegg 2012 highlights

Lib Dem conference: Nick Robinson on Nick Clegg speech

Lib Dem conference: Nick Clegg in 2015 general election

David Cameron to appear on David Letterman TV show

Lib Dem conference: Alexander on deficit and spending

Tuesday September 25

Liberal Democrat conference: Danny Alexander on taxes

Scottish Lib Dems and Westminster coalition relations

Liberal Democrat delegates: Labour or Tory coalition?

Ed Davey denies Liberal Democrat leadership bid

Ed Davey dismisses Conservative climate change sceptics

Monday September 24

Liberal Democrats conference: mood box vote on being sorry

New state bank: Simon Hughes on Vince Cable speech

Tax: Conservative and Liberal Democrat financial plans

Lib Dem conference delegates on economic policy

Sunday September 23

Eric Pickles on Andrew Mitchell 'pleb' comments

Lib Dem conference: Danny Alexander on tax avoidance

Liberal Democrat conference: party plan for wealth tax

Tax rates on rich and poor: Evan Harris and John Redwood

Friday September 21

Cash in the Attic's Paul Hayes on political memorabilia

Boris Johnson's odds of being MP or prime minister

Nigel Farage on UKIP-Conservative deal over referendum

English Democrats: Robin Tilbook on party conference

Political betting: Bookies' odds on Cameron and Miliband

Liberal Democrat conference: Lamb on Clegg abuse

Political week in 60 seconds: Gove, Flynn and Clegg

Thursday September 20

Conservative UKIP electoral pact: Hannan and Stevens

UKIP, Europe and Tories: Young, Nuttall and Hopkins

Nick Clegg apology: Steve Webb on thepoke web remix

Electric cars: Quentin Willson on greener vehicles

Wednesday September 19

TUC General Strike bid and calls for union legislation

TUC general strike call: Sarah Veale and Digby Jones

UK business leaders on help needed for British firms

Racism in football: Garth Crooks and Therese Coffey MP

Manchester police shootings: Keith Vaz bail review call

Tuesday September 18

Birmingham: can people name England's Second City?

Economic green shoots: Leadsom, Myners and Portes

UK economy: US lessons to help British recovery?

Stephanie Flanders on 'green shoots' in UK economy

Monday September 17

Richard lll state funeral after car park skeleton found?

GCSEs: Ken Baker on English school exam changes

Think tanks and policies: Nick Pearce and Karen Lumley

Political books: why politicians and MPs write essays

Friday September 14

Eurozone banking union to control 6,000 banks?

European political week in 60 seconds

European Commission explained in A-Z of Europe

Euro Parliament President Martin Schulz on federal EU

Ann Clwyd MP meets 'men in white coats' in Parliament

Thursday September 13

Plaid Cymru leader: economy and independence for Wales

Hillsborough: Andy Burnham on Labour help for families

Esther Rantzen on Silver Line phone for older people

Childline-style phone service for lonely pensioners

Big Ben: Clock Tower renamed Elizabeth Tower for Jubilee

Boris Johnson apology for Spectator Hillsborough article

Wednesday September 12

HS2: Cheryl Gillan, David Willets and Douglas Alexander

Cheryl Gillian: cabinet sacking and Welsh secretary job

PMQs: Cameron on 'predistribution', Labour on taxes

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on unemployment figures

PMQs: David Cameron challenged over Greg Barker

PMQs: Landale, Willets and Alexander on Cameron v Miliband

Tuesday September 11

GCSE grades and Ofqual: Graham Stuart and Brian Lightman

Universities lose 0% VAT rate for listed building work

Party conferences: Gavin Hayes and Stewart Jackson

Party conference clips: Tory, Labour and Lib Dem leaders

Universal credits and changes to benefit claims debate

Monday September 10

Food, fuel and rail tickets costs: can government help?

Tanni Grey-Thompson on Olympic and Paralympic legacy

TUC's Brendan Barber on public sector wages

Payday loan regulation: Martin Lewis and Michael Fallon

Food and fuel costs: Martin Lewis and Nadhim Zahawi

Friday September 7

Boris Johnson as prime minister: mood box balls vote

Green Party conference in Bristol: Darren Johnson

Thick of It's Vincent Franklin on Steve Hilton PR role

Public sector unions: Paul Novak and Matthew Sinclair

Political week in 60 seconds: reshuffle and Paralympics

Thursday September 6

Rail and parking fares: Caroline Lucas and Brian Binley

Scottish Referendum: Nicola Sturgeon on independence talks

Atos protests and disability benefit payment changes

Eric Pickles vs Tory council in Cotswold planning row

Wednesday September 5

PMQs: Cameron in 'assertive and butch' jibe at Miliband

PMQs: Cameron on Heathrow third runway manifesto pledge

PMQs: Miliband and Cameron on reshuffle and chancellors

PMQs: Dennis Skinner taunts David Cameron on reshuffle

PMQs review: Nick Robinson, Grant Shapps, Rachel Reeves

Grant Shapps on Baroness Warsi as Tory party chairman

Work and training employment plans needed says author

Tuesday September 4

Reshuffle: Ken Clarke 'not house-trained' - Peter Lilley

Reshuffle: Mark Pritchard and Andrew George on moves

Cabinet reshuffle: Grayling, Clarke, Hunt, and Villiers

Nick Robinson explains Cameron's Cabinet reshuffle

Public Accounts Committee scrutinising civil servants

House of Commons: MP and peers to leave Westminster?

Monday September 3

Natalie Bennett elected as Green Party leader

Recess news: Johnson, Mensch, Clegg, Yeo, Gove, Cameron

Michael Gove policies on free schools and academies

Tuesday July 17

Cameron, Miliband and Clegg's 2012 political highlights

Keith Simpson's list of summer books for MPs to read

Population and migration: Matt Kavanagh and Alp Mehmet

Monday July 16

Census: Office for National Statistics on 2011 figures

Immgration: are foreign students visitors or migrants?

Rail investment: Norman Baker and Maria Eagle

Weather: shoppers with umbrellas on summer and the rain

Sunday July 15

Jeremy Browne on House of Lords reform and coalition

Yvette Cooper on migration figures, G4S and Olympics

House of Lords reforms dominate House of Commons week

London 2012: Olympic costs and traffic lane bans

Death row trip for Tory MP who wants death penalty

Friday July 13

Harold Macmillan's Night of Long Knives: 50 year on

Political bad luck: Miliband, Portillo and Opik

Nick Herbert on White Paper 'speeding up justice'

Political week in 60 seconds: Lords, banks and Morris

Forecast: When will UK economy and finances improve?

Thursday July 12

Conservative MPs' advice to David Cameron on management

G4S and Olympic security staffing: Lord West

G4S and Olympic security staffing: Patrick Mercer MP

Canal and River Trust takes over in England and Wales

Election night counts: move from Thursday to Friday?

Newsbeat listeners v MPs on why many young don't vote

Wednesday July 11

PMQs review: Robinson on coalition and Miliband future

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on Lords reform and economy

PMQs: Anne Marie Morris question on technical colleges

PMQs: David Cameron teased over Jesse Norman

Poundland boss on young people's working skills

Conservative rebel Eleanor Laing on Lords reform bill

Tuesday July 10

Norman Lamont on George Osborne, Ed Balls and Libor

Euro currency: Douglas Carswell and Andrew Lilico

Filibustering: How politicians 'talk out' legislation

UK in Europe and EU: Eustice, Nuttall, Lamont and Monks

Monday July 9

Tory MP Conor Burns faces sack after House of Lords vote

House of Lords 'deadbeats and has-beens' says Oakeshott

School has checklist to help improve pupil behaviour

Sunday July 8

No programme - due to coverage of men's final at Wimbledon

Friday July 6

Political week in 60 seconds

Peter Bone on coalition ending for minority government

Flooding risks and insurance costs after heavy rains

Alan Johnson on John Lydon's Question Time performance

Thursday July 5

Army reforms: How will the rise in reservists work?

Eurozone: Debate on whether or not it will break-up

Small businesses: Are they being treated well?

Which party is the party of business?

Wednesday July 4

PMQs review: Nick Robinson on Cameron vs Miliband

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband clash on banking inquiry

PMQs: Miliband quotes Cameron on bank regulation

Higgs boson God particle explained by MP Julian Huppert

Forests: Caroline Spelman and Bishop of Liverpool

HS2: Martin Tett and Peter Waterman debate rail plan

HS2 London to Midlands rail plan backed by Pete Waterman

Tuesday July 3

Bob Diamond resignation: Mark Field and Chris Leslie

Inquiry costs: test on Heathrow, Sizewell and Leveson

Health costs and care levels in UK, USA and Europe

Author James Robinson on China, Europe and Soviet Union

Monday July 2

Britain in Europe: sterling or euro currency choice

Tory MP Stewart Jackson: UKIP threat to Conservatives

Maria Eagle on rail fares, subsidies and franchises

Sunday July 1

Sunday Interview: Andrew Neil and Lord Strathclyde

Labour could back Europe referendum says Rachel Reeves

Reeves on Barclays' Bob Diamond and rate manipulation

UKIP's Nigel Farage on David Cameron's EU referendum

Friday June 29

Political week in 60 seconds: Blair, Clegg, Chloe Smith

Mood box: public mood of bankers and bank regulation

Thursday June 28

David Mellor memories of spy and Tory MP Raymond Mawby

UN Security Council and action in Syria against Assad

Syria and UN role: David Mellor and Mark Malloch Brown

Bankers thought rate fixing was 'joke' claims Heath

Wednesday June 27

Defamation Bill: Prof Brian Cox on libel law changes

PMQs review: Nick Robinson on Cameron vs Miliband

PMQs: David Cameron calls for progress on Lords reform

PMQs: Miliband quotes Dorries' Osborne 'coward' tweet

PMQs: Miliband accuses Cameron of 'panic at pumps'

Arthur Laffer on VAT, taxes, prosperity and the economy

Reagan adviser Arthur Laffer backs VAT cut call

George Monbiot: Public schools should be closed down

Tuesday June 26

Headteacher TV sacking: Mary Bousted and Michelle Rhee

Michelle Rhee's Washington lessons for Michael Gove

House of Lords corruption claim from Lib Dem president

Sinn Fein MP Conor Murphy on Queen visit to N Ireland

Monday June 25

Guide to European Central Bank and Bank of England

'Whitehall waffle' threat from minister Alan Duncan

Harriet Baldwin on Conservative benefit reform bid

Greece 'will be forced out' of euro says Deanne Julius

Sunday June 24

Why we still talk about the Falklands

George Galloway: Share Falklands with Argentina

Danny Alexander on benefit cuts

Sunday Interview: Danny Alexander

Friday June 22

Political week in 60 seconds: Cameron in Mexico

Hitchens and Bryant on Labour's immigration policy

Social media: Facebook and twitter enables people power

Thursday June 21

Doctors' action: Simon Burns and Hamish Meldrum

Olympic and Jubilee effect helping UK sell abroad?

Euro 2012: football messages from MPs on Europe

Euro 2012: Jeremy Browne on human rights in Ukraine

Wednesday June 20

PMQs review: James Landale and MPs on Hague and Harman

Doctors should go to work, says William Hague

PMQs Aung San Suu Kyi praised by Hague and Harman

PMQs: Bone calls for 'yellow peril' coalition divorce

PMQs: William Hague takes swipe at absent Ed Balls

Parliamentary stone: MPs tempted with free doughnuts

Economist Robert Skidelsky on Keynes and working hours

Tuesday June 19

London 2012 Olympic Games budget and legacy

London 2012 Olympic Games legacy: Jowell and Jenkins

Institute for Government on civil service staff cuts

Chris Mullin on A Walk On Part play and Rupert Murdoch

Monday June 18

Pronouncing foreign leader names test for politicians

Lord Fowler on life as minister with Margaret Thatcher

Cabinet resignations: Jacqui Smit advice for ministers

Care system 'failing vulnerable young' says Ann Coffey

Sunday June 17

Cameron, Brown and Major before Leveson Inquiry

Hammond on Trident replacement and defence spending

£1bn contract for UK nuclear submarines to be announced

Friday June 15

George Galloway's Respect Party conference in Bradford

Greek euro exit like 'Lehman Brothers' - Allister Heath

Political week in 60 seconds: Leveson, the euro, Falklands

MPs Kevan Jones and Charles Walker on mental health

Charles Walker MP on his mental health issues

Thursday June 14

Oldham scheme to get youths into training and jobs

David Davis: Theresa May wrong over Communications Bill

Commons debate: Jeremy Hunt and News Corp's BSkyB bid

Ed Balls or George Osborne choice in mood box vote

Wednesday June 13

PMQs review: Nick Robinson and MPs on Cameron/Miliband

PMQs: Speaker teases Michael Gove over 'exclusion'

PMQs: Goldsmith and Cameron on Heathrow third runway

PMQs: Cameron's Falklands warning to Argentina

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on Jeremy Hunt and Leveson

Newlove on underage drinking and anti-social behaviour

Tuesday June 12

Cage cricket: Sir Ian Botham and Crispin Blunt MP

Lord Ashdown on UK and west's role over Syria

Gay marriage: Bishop of Norwich and Chris Bryant MP

Discrimination, human rights and equality law changes

Monday June 11

European Court of Human Rights' role in UK justice

Spelling and maths times tables tests for passengers

Can Saltire, St George and Union flags affect our mood?

Cycling campaign to get British on the bike

Sunday June 10

Labour backs primary school foreign language lessons

Stephen Twigg: Labour free school and academy policies

Eurozone: single currency disaster, says Allister Heath

Heathrow Airport expansion vs Boris Island estuary plan

London Heathrow Airport third runway U-Turn ahead?

Sunday May 27

Sunday Interview: Shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna

Chuka Umunna: Christine Lagarde 'is no Oracle'

Chuka Ummuna on Baroness Warsi expenses allegations

UK in Europe: UKIP's Paul Nuttall and Denis MacShane

Europe referendum: George Eustice and Baron Liddle

Friday May 25

Political week in 60 seconds: Cameron in US and PMQs

Edinburgh: Scotland Yes to independence campaign launch

Caravan tax: Budget U-turn after Yorkshire campaign?

Thursday May 24

Cameron: 'muttering idiot' to 'calm down dear' lines

Online pornography: Nick Pickles on internet filters

Online pornography: Claire Perry MP and Nick Pickles

Tory MEP leader Martin Callanan rules out UKIP pact

How to get more women in top politics and business jobs

Wednesday May 23

Political words: twitterati, chillaxing and eurogeddon

PMQs review: Nick Robinson, Jeremy Browne and Andy Burnham

PMQs: Cameron taunts Miliband on Jubilee strike threats

PMQs: Cameron on Beecroft Report and employment rights

PMQs: Cameron told to withdraw 'muttering idiot' jibe

Cameron says Parliament should decide prisoner vote rights

George Trefgarne on economic lessons from Chamberlain

Tuesday May 22

Labour's role in supporting coalition government policies

Beecroft Report debate in House of Commons highlights

Michael Sandel on markets and selling Olympic torches

Charles Hendry: 'Low-cost low carbon energy security'

Monday May 21

Beecroft report: IoD's Simon Walker on no-fault sacking

Beecroft report: Chuka Umunna on hiring and firing

2015 election: Labour and Liberal Democrats together?

A-Z of Parliament with Quentin Letts: J for journalists

Sunday May 20

Sunday Interview (n full): Energy Secretary Ed Davey

MPs on police service reforms, cuts and strikes

Friday May 18

People's Pledge polls to call for EU referendum

Lucas, Goldsmith, Farage, Galloway: bigger than party?

Political week in 60 seconds: Europe and Leveson

Technology and texting tips for tweeting MPs

Online test to discover if you are happy or sad

Thursday May 17

1922 committee: Graham Brady on backbench elections

Free speech campaign on Public Order Act and insults

Political insults: Blair, Cable, Watson and Farage

Diamond Jubilee: Why British love Queen and monarchy

Wednesday May 16

PMQs: Nick Robinson and MPs review Cameron v Miliband

Economy: 'National pay' cut hitting UK says Heath

PMQs: Cameron calls for decision on eurozone future

PMQs: 'No smoking gun' over Andy Coulson says Cameron

PMQs: Miliband challenges Cameron over police numbers

PMQs: Cameron faces Brooks LOL text jibe

No packed lunches or chips at school says Alex Reid

Tuesday May 15

Heathrow Airport queue warning from London First group

Damian Green on Heathrow and Stansted border queues

Tory 1922 and 301 groups: Dan Poulter and Philip Davies

Mary Bousted and Graham Stuart on harder school exams

George Osborne: Euro uncertainty 'undermining recovery'

Bob-a-job scouts clean up Houses of Parliament rubbish

London 2012: Justine Greening 're-moding' in film

Monday May 14

Police Federation's Paul McKeever on Theresa May's plans

What Rupert Murdoch told Michael Howard at 2005 election

Conservative MPs want Cameron to move party to right

Sunday May 13

Sunday Interview: Eric Pickles and Andrew Neil

UK economy: coalition plans on growth and labour market

Friday May 11

Political week in 60 seconds: Queen's Speech review

Snooping powers 'completely wrong' says David Davis

Cameron's pledge on ending Punch and Judy politics

Thursday May 10

Lord West on government fighter planes 'shambles'

Strike: Police Federation and PCS union on march

Streatham campaign to save High Street shops

Griff Rhys Jones on appeal of the British high street

Wednesday May 9

No Daily Politics - Special programme on State Opening of Parliament

Tuesday May 8

Nick Robinson behind the scenes before Queen's Speech

A-Z of Parliament with Quentin Letts: Q for Queen's Speech

Queen's Speech - previewing coalition government plans

Peter Bone's 'more conservative, less liberal' call

London 2012: Shapps' Olympic evictions jail warning

Monday May 7

No Daily Politics (bank holiday)

Sunday May 6

Ed Balls on economy, Lords reform and election results

Nigel Farage calls on Conservative MPs to join UKIP

Election night review of Labour, Tory and Lib Dem votes

Conservative backbench MPs' warning to David Cameron

Friday May 4

No Daily Politics - see Vote 2012 index

Thursday May 3

Weatherman's forecast for election day polling

Election day: Busting a few polling day myths

Election result times for councils and mayor votes

Political week in 60 seconds: penguins and football

Garth Crooks on minister's Ukraine Euro 2012 protest

Bank of England gets Financial Services Authority roles

Wednesday May 2

Prorogation: MPs, Lords and Parliament are not sitting

A-Z of Parliament with Quentin Letts: P for PMQs

Louise Mensch on Murdoch phone-hacking report confusion

Airport border queues 'still too long' says minister

MP Louise Mensch calls for local newspapers subsidy

MPs don't back Mensch local newspaper subsidy plan

Tuesday May 1

Rupert Murdoch 'not fit to run' international company

News of the World 'misled' MPs on phone hacking claims

Phone-hacking report 'partisan' - Tory MP Louise Mensch

Local elections: English district and unitary councils

Tony Blair elected PM 15 years ago: was he good or bad?

London mayoral election: Boris Johnson on PM's support

London mayor election: Inside Boris Johnson campaign HQ

Monday April 30

MP Rushanara Ali on Olympic missiles on London flats

'Money-saving' tablet computer or iPad plan to help MPs

Coalition agreement changes party election manifestos

Nick Boles and Simon Hughes on coalition manifestos

Sunday April 29

Harriet Harman on Hunt, Livingstone and local elections

Conservative comeback from Hunt and Budget headlines?

Friday April 27

Political week in 60 seconds: Murdoch at Leveson

London mayor: Brian Paddick on housing and policing

Conservative party chairmen in action for TV cameras

Every Scottish council seat up for election on 3 May

Thursday April 26

Ed Balls on borrowing, inflation, taxes and recession

London mayor: Benita on schools and airport policies

Workers asked about retirement: have you got a pension?

Ariel 1 satellite: 50 years of Britain in space

Wednesday April 25

David Willetts on UK GDP figures and British recession

Miliband and Cameron clash over GDP at PMQs

PMQs: David Cameron on Nadine Dorries posh boy comments

PMQs: Miliband on Hunt 'helping' NewsCorp bid for BSkyB

PMQs: Jeremy Hunt has 'full support' of David Cameron

Tuesday April 24

Leveson Inquiry: Chris Bryant on James Murdoch evidence

Decriminalise drugs says Labour peer Robert Winston

Celebrities help in political election broadcasts

UKIP candidate Lawrence Webb on crime and pub policies

Ken Livingstone criticised by Labour peer Robert Winston

A-Z of Parliament with Quentin Letts: U for Upper House

Monday April 23

Tory Peer claims Lords would be 'strengthened' by elections

RSPCA: Microchipping dogs 'wasted opportunity'

Extra support for stressed MPs, says Dr Ashley Weinberg

Cameron and Osborne 'arrogant posh boys' says Nadine Dorries

Cameron and Osborne: Posh or ordinary blokes?

Sunday April 22

Pasty tax: Nick Clegg disowns Lib Dem Cornwall leaflet

Nick Clegg: No referendum for elected House of Lords

Clegg to carry on as Lib Dem leader at 2015 election

Sunday Interview (in full): Nick Clegg

House of Lords reform 'no priority' for Tory MPs

Labour's Sadiq Khan on House of Lords referendum

Council house prices fall with bigger discounts

Friday April 20

Lords reform: Matthew Oakeshott and Charles Falconer

Welsh local council elections: view from Barry Island

French presidential election: Sarkozy vs Hollande

London elections: BNP's Carlos Cortiglia on immigration

Political week in 60 seconds: Budget, Qatada and May

Thursday April 19

Big Ben tower renamed in Diamond Jubilee tribute?

Elizabeth Tower name for Big Ben backed by Kate Hoey MP

London City Airport should be closed - Green candidate

Bakewell: granny tax funding tax cuts for rich

Ex-Treasury Minister David Laws on returning to government

Local elections: Liberal Democrat chances in May polls

Wednesday April 18

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on 50p tax rate and Budget

PMQs: Speaker's health warning to minister Simon Burns

PMQs: Galloway and Cameron on UK leaving Afghanistan

PMQs: Douglas Carswell's Yes Minister question

PMQs: James Landale reviews Budget backlash

Fig trees: deal over £30,000 Portcullis House greenery?

Fat tax call for cola drinks and unhealthy foods

Fat Tax: Angela Eagle and Steve Webb on unhealthy food

Tuesday April 17

UK will join euro currency says Michael Heseltine

English cities vote on elected mayors for councils

Who are the political 'Big Beasts at Westminster'?

Spain 'almost too big' for a bailout says Louise Cooper

Monday April 16

George Galloway on Bradford and Birmingham elections

Bradford council elections and Respect by-election win

Disability Living Allowance changes and cost-cutting

Local elections: Baroness Warsi on Conservative launch

Should MPs and politicians publish tax returns?

Sunday April 15

Tax forms: UK lessons from Sweden's full disclosure

Grant Shapps on Ed Miliband's party funding plans

Grant Shapps on party donations and tax plans

Tim Montgomerie on Conservative opinion poll rankings

Nigel Farage on Conservative MPs defecting to UKIP

Sunday April 1

Heath and Social Care Bill: Lansley explains changes

Full Sunday Interview with Health Secretary Andrew Lansley

Health and Social Care Bill: NHS bill becomes law

Tuesday March 27

A-Z of Parliament with Quentin Letts: R for recess

Public information films: Kevin Keegan to nuclear war

Banker George Peabody's legacy of homes in London

Prescott and Fowler on government housing projects

Monday March 26

Lobbyist Mark Adams on Peter Cruddas and cash for access

Cash for access: Michael Dugher and Michael Fallon

Classrooms ruled by pupils or teachers?

Sunday March 25

Budget 2012: Conservative MPs on Osborne's Granny Tax

Budget 2012: Ed Balls on 50p tax rate and granny tax

Michael Fallon on cash for access and Peter Cruddas

Friday March 23

Bradford West by-election candidates bid to be new MP

Kaleidoscope talk with John Bercow and David Cameron

David Mundell on Conservative fight in Scotland

Political week in 60 Seconds: Budget, Queen, road tolls

Thursday March 22

Police commissioner elections to be held in November

Budget 2012: British Chambers of Commerce's Adam Marshall

Budget 2012: Andrew Lilico on Granny tax effect

Budget 2012: growth figures 'unrealistic' says Heath

Budget 2012: newspapers kick George Osborne announcements

Wednesday March 21

Budget 2012

Tuesday March 20

Health Minister Simon Burns on NHS bill for England

NHS Bill for England: What changes will the public see?

Could Orkney and Shetland leave Scotland but stay in UK?

Budget: backbench MPs John Pugh and Matthew Hancock

Queen in Parliament to mark Diamond Jubilee

Monday March 19

Politicians making gaffes in TV interviews and debates

The role of a special adviser (Spad) in Westminster

Labour's Maria Eagle on government road tolls plans

Mark Prisk on economic recovery outside London

Sunday March 18

Budget: CBI's Cridland on tax rates, growth and deficit

Budget: Redwood claims 50p tax rate cut would raise money

Budget: Stephen Williams on 50p top rate of income tax

Planning reforms: Simon Jenkins and Stephen Hammond

Revised rules on planning and development in England

London's air pollution levels, monitoring and EU limits

Friday March 16

Political week in 60 Seconds: Joyce, Cameron and Clegg

Harriet Harman struggles with bank bonus and job figures

Big Ben and St Stephen's Tower £15 visit fee scrapped

1984 miners' strike: Dave Nelliist at Daw Mill Colliery

Thursday March 15

A brief history of political photo-ops

MP calls for publication of extradition evidence

Lord Levy on the different sides of President Assad

Is the perception of bankers in the UK still 'toxic'?

Wednesday March 14

Budget ideas from blogger Tim Montgomerie to Chancellor

Budget plans: Tim Montgomerie, Sadiq Khan, Mark Harper

PMQs: Dennis Skinner quizzes Nick Clegg on PM and horse

PMQs: Nick Clegg challenged on health by Harriet Harman

PMQs: Harriet Harman and Nick Clegg on unemployment

PMQs review: Landale, Khan and Harper on Harman v Clegg

Tuesday March 13

Expand Heathrow but no Estuary Airport says Tim Yeo MP

UK airports - green arguments and calls for expansion

Apps a prime minister needs on tablet computer or phone

NHS bill debate: Diane Abbott and Lord Clement-Jones

Budget: Lord Lawson on cutting tax rate to raise money

Monday March 12

Ed Miliband and Ed Balls pre-Budget conference

Labour plan on children benefit, 50p and mansion tax

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke must go - Douglas Carswell

Could UK intervene in Syria and Iran?

A-Z of Parliament with Quentin Letts: C for committees

Sunday March 11

Iain Duncan Smith on welfare, benefits and working

Bill of Rights commissioner Pinto-Duschinsky resigns

Friday March 9

Political week in 60 Seconds: Cable, tax and jubilee

English cities want elected mayors, BBC poll finds

Lib Dem MPs could defy conference over health bill

EU Growing Together film pulled after racism accusation

Thursday March 8

German mittelstand lessons for UK firms and businesses

Philip Hammond on UK servicemen in Afghanistan war

Syria: Philip Hammond on UK arming and helping rebels

Mortgage cost and interest rate rise prediction

A-Z of Parliament with Quentin Letts: O for Order

Wednesday March 7

Cameron v Miliband reviewed by Robinson, Shapps, Murphy

Ed Miliband attacks David Cameron over child benefit

Cameron and Miliband praise soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Portsmouth Council leader on Scotland naval contracts

Navy and defence jobs: Stewart Maxwell and Jim Murphy

TUC on rally to block government health care bill

Steve Hilton guru's tweets on Downing Street life

Budget: Polling advice on tax, benefits and spending

Tuesday March 6

Mark Pritchard MP: Europe, immigration and resignation

Can governments measure happiness by survey?

Christian and church role in Westminster and government

Monday March 5

Lembit Opik on Nick Clegg as Liberal Democrat leader

Ken Clarke on Abu Qatada deportation from UK to Jordan

Lord Bach on legal aid changes in government bill

10 Downing Street's inner-circle of political advisers

Sunday March 4

Petrol prices: Budget fuel duty cut call to chancellor

Alex Salmond: Independence campaign and shared currency

Friday March 2

Quiet House of Commons: one vote for MPs in seven days

Tuition fees: David Blunkett recalls introduction

Political week in 60 Seconds: health, Leveson and horse

Thursday March 1

50p tax claims: Charlie Mullins and Richard Murphy

Social care plans to look after old and vulnerable

NatWest Three's David Bermingham on Tony Blair and bail

Extradited Christopher Tappin's conditions in US jail

Wednesday February 29

English Democrats: Robin Tilbrook on new Parliament

PMQs: Miliband taunts Clegg over NHS reforms in England

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on support for NHS reforms

PMQs: Cameron attacks Unite union's Olympic strike call

PMQs: David Cameron questioned on A4e's Emma Harrison

PMQs review: Nick Robinson and MPs on Cameron/Miliband

SWP's Michael Bradley on Tesco work experience protests

Tuesday February 28

Minister rejects US comparison to English health bill

Women MPs debate: Nadine Dorries and Nia Griffith

Women MPs at Westminster in power and Borgen influence

Barclays Bank and retrospective legislation on tax

Badger cull to control TB: Bill Oddie and Simon Hart MP

Monday February 27

Eric Pickles: 300 authorities to cut council tax levels

MPs after office: Neil Hamilton and Martin Salter

MPs after office: Ann Widdecombe and Matthew Parris

Council tax bills frozen in some English counties

A-Z of Parliament with Quentin Letts: B for Bills

Sunday February 26

Lords reform debate: Lord Oakeshott and Philip Davies

UK to elect MP for Northern Europe in French Parliament

Simon Hughes on Budget, 50p tax rate and NHS reform bill

Andy Burnham: English Heath bill turns NHS into market

Liam Fox on tax cuts, coalition relations and comeback

Friday February 24

Political week in 60 seconds: Lansley, Ebdon, RBS, Adele

A-Z of Parliament with Quentin Letts: H for Hansard

GM foods: Meacher on super tomatoes and trampled fields

Green Party's Adrian Ramsay on tax, spending and cuts

MP uses 29-letter word: floccinaucinihilipilification

Thursday February 23

Camera shows cyclist's view of dangers of London roads

Does Parliament need more working class MPs?

NHS reforms: GPs do not want bill says Clare Gerada

How rationing affects NHS health care and operations

Andrew Mitchell on Somalia conference in London

Wednesday February 22

PMQs review: Nick Robinson, Caroline Flint, Nick Herbert

Olympics ruined London wasteland says writer Iain Sinclair

PMQs: Cameron produces Labour briefing on NHS bill

PMQs: Cameron quizzed on police numbers and helicopter

Health Bill: MPs calls for risk register publication

Marie Colvin tribute from David Cameron at PMQs

Tuesday February 21

UK Border Agency security report author John Vine

Blair, Brown, Cameron and Clegg tackled by protesters

Labour's economic plans: Rachel Reeves and John Redwood

Industrial relations: unions to hold more strikes?

Monday February 2

Sun on Sunday: Dr Evan Harris on News International title

MP on Sun on Sunday sales in Liverpool and Merseyside

More shorter school holidays says NAHT's Russell Hobby

Isuzu Trucks' Nikki King on UK economy and tax cut call

CBI and smaller firms on economy and UK recession

Sunday February 19

Michael Fallon: Balls plan could lose UK its AAA rating

Does Borgen reflect life for woman MSPs

Michael Moore on Scotland independence referendum date

Occupy London's Tammy Samede on court eviction hearing

Foreign criminals could be returned to home country

Greek minister Constantine Papadopoulos on euro and wages

Police commissioners: Lord Blair v Lord Prescott

Friday February 10

Political week in 60 seconds: Greening, Hague, Cameron

Legacy of 2001 foot-and-mouth outbreak for agriculture

Tory blogger Tim Montgomerie questions coalition NHS plans

Health minister Simon Burns on NHS reforms in England

Thursday February 9

UKIP leader Nigel Farage's influence over his party

Farage backs English Parliament and House of Lords reform

Ed Miliband 'misrepresented Tory Reform Group on NHS'

Councils fined for missing landfill rubbish targets

Livingstone and gay Tories: Chris Bryant and Mike Freer

Wednesday February 8

Lord Owen calls on PM to stop NHS reform plans

PMQs: Robinson, Duncan and Kendall on NHS reforms

Cameron and Miliband on health secretary and reforms

PMQs: Miliband claims Tories don't back NHS reforms

Ann Widdecombe MP gives winter fuel money to charity

UK-Nordic-Baltic summit: Norway, Denmark, Sweden links

Tuesday February 7

A-Z of Parliament with Quentin Letts: D for division

Regional pay deals and scales for public sector workers?

Liberal Democrat peers rebel against coalition plans

House of Commons Top Totty and Kangaroo Court beers

Abu Qatada: Hazel Blears on control orders and courts

Monday February 6

Charles Dickens anniversary: What books should MPs read?

Maria Eagle: Greening can block Network Rail bonuses

Network Rail: Christian Wolmar on Justine Greening's powers

Single-sex or co-educational schools for girls and boys?

Sunday February 5

Justine Greening to vote against Network Rail bonuses

Church of England General Synod divided on gay marriages

Friday February 3

Political week in 60 seconds: Banking and Europe

Chris Huhne - political career of Liberal Democrat MP

Chris Huhne political career praised by Chris Davies MEP

Chuka Umunna on UK banking lessons from Germany

Thursday February 2

Welfare reform debate: Byrne, Redwood, Soubry, Grayling

Young people and the skills they need for the work place

Austerity no solution for eurozone - French socialist MEP

Immigration minister Damian Green on who can come to UK

Wednesday February 1

PMQs: Robinson, Vaizey and Twigg review Cameron v Miliband

PMQs: Cameron taunts Labour MPs on welfare reforms

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on bank bonuses and reforms

Historian Dan Snow on Goodwin, Raleigh and Churchill

Tuesday January 31

Saving the High Street's shops from online threat

Primary schools: Shortage of places for children

Syria: Mark Malloch Brown and Mousab Azzawi

Education Secretary Michael Gove asks to go to the loo

Education Secretary Michael Gove answers public tweets

Lord West: UK could not recapture Falklands from Argentina

Monday January 30

Police Federation: Massive cuts put public at risk

A-Z of Parliament with Quentin Letts : A for Adjournment

RSA report on community capitalism at a B&Q DIY store

RBS Hester bonus should have been allowed, says editor

Sunday January 29

Danny Alexander: 'No-one wants bonus culture'

Commercial names to sponsor London transport landmarks?

Friday January 27

Political week in 60 seconds: Davos and welfare reform

Boris Johnson on bonus to RBS boss Stephen Hester

Community charge or poll tax: John Selwyn Gummer's memories

Thursday January 26

Accents: Joan Bakewell and voice coach Barbara Berkery

Politicians' voice: sound of PMs Thatcher and Blair

House of Lords reform with elections and retirements

Young people's internships and paying for work experience

Wednesday January 25

Lobbying: Byrne and Grayling on opening up government

Lobbyist Mark Adams speaking up for lobbying profession

PMQs: Robinson, Byrne and Grayling review Cameron v Miliband

PMQs: David Cameron quotes Robert Burns on the union

PMQs: Miliband attacks Cameron over GDP and UK economy

PMQs: Cameron defends government's NHS reforms

Louise Cooper on GDP, UK economy, eurozone and bailouts

Tuesday January 24

Sir Richard Branson welcomes drug mule 'leniency'

Health minister Simon Burns on Dorrell report criticism

Rebel MPs who vote against the government

Government cuts number and size of cars for ministers

Monday January 23

Gas and electric bills - challenge to 'big six' utility firms

MPs complain about food standards in Parliament

Council tax freezes is 'gimmick' says Brighton councillor

Sunday January 22

Northumberland widow's battle for asbestos compensation

European Court of Human Rights in need of reform

London Underground Tube stations have no light switches

Friday January 20

Political week in 60 seconds: yacht and airport talk

Thursday January 19

GMT and Somerset clocks: Jacob Rees-Mogg on time zones

Buckingham: UK's only independent university, could we see more?

Private universities: AC Grayling and Tessa Blackstone

Wednesday January 18

DLA changes: Tanni Grey-Thompson and Iain Duncan Smith

Dementia care reform needed, says Rosie Boycott

Portcullis logo scares public off Parliament, says adviser

Macmillan cancer figures wrong, says Iain Duncan Smith

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on unemployment figures

PMQs: Dinosaur jibe to Dennis Skinner from Cameron

Tuesday January 17

Harriet Harman on Len McCluskey criticising Ed Miliband

Baroness Flather on housing benefits and welfare changes

Could the UK see US-style negative election adverts?

Will housing benefit caps bring down private rents?

Monday January 16

Queen's Diamond Jubilee present: What to buy for royals

Business reacts to government bid to cut red tape

Sunday January 15

Scrap metal thefts: Private member's bill to control trade

Westminster parking row council leader stands down

Michael Gove on improvements to England school rankings

Scotland questions over currency, tax share of UK debts

Alistair Darling on independent Scotland using sterling

Salmond on independent Scotland using sterling currency

Friday January 13

Political week in 60 seconds: Scotland, HS2 and Top Gear

Fuel price protests 2000: farmers and motorists remember

Child benefit cut to hit 1.5m families, says IFS

Thursday January 12

Scottish independence: London people's views on SNP plan

Swinney on independent Scotland finances and currency

Filkin Report reaction on police links to journalists

Scottish independence: London people's views on SNP plan

Wednesday January 11

Nuclear power needed to fight climate change, says Al-Khalili

PMQs review: Nick Robinson on Cameron v Miliband

Scottish referendum: Bruce Crawford and Douglas Alexander

PMQs: Cameron and Miliband on Scotland referendum

SNP: Cameron behaving like Thatcher over Scotland

PMQs: Cameron quizzed on rail fare rises by Miliband

Tuesday January 10

HS2 high speed rail project: Martin Tett and Lord Adonis

'Crony capitalism': Jesse Norman MP's reform plan

Monday January 9

Scotland will decide independence vote date says Sturgeon

Alcohol advice no green light for beer binge, says MP

Public vote on austerity cuts and spending plans

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    15:39: Frances Bingham

    emails: This must be one of my earliest memories. My parents lived in Morpeth Terrace, beside Westminster Cathedral, so the funeral procession passed quite close and we walked from home to join the people watching. I have a very vivid visual memory of seeing the gun carriage pass, which is the only image I recall, but I didn't understand what it was, or that there was a coffin under the union jack. I was lifted up to see it pass slowly by, and sensed the solemn atmosphere in the crowd. The importance of the occasion must also have been explained to me; my grandfather Cedric Worsdell was one of Churchill's election agents in the 1950s and admired him very much.

    15:27: 'Plebgate' BBC News UK

    Former minister Andrew Mitchell refused an offer to settle his "Plebgate" libel case two months before he lost, court papers seen by the BBC show.

    15:22: John Davies, Marietta Georgia

    emails: I remember it well, I was apprenticed at a printer in London, one of my first jobs there was to work on a magazine supplement for the funeral. My job was to put the pictures and type together to make the cylinders to print the magazine.

    15:15: Boris Johnson: 'No regrets'

    Asked whether he regretted his comments in The Sun about people who join religious extremist groups such as Islamic State, the London Mayor Boris Johnson said: "Not remotely; I don't think anybody could contest a word I said." The politician described such people as "porn-driven losers".

    15:09: Steve Gove-Humphries, Birmingham

    emails: I was just 11 years old at the time of the funeral. We were told about Churchill by the Head Master and were all very excited at the prospect of a day off school for the funeral. We watched the funeral on a TV in the library I recall. The huge TV was wheeled in & we sat in almost complete silence as the service went on.

    It has been fascinating to hear the BBC back stories on the ceremony. The evocation of the past and our history is something that still I find moving. We will not see its like again I think.

    15:05: Kay-Lesley Hallam Black, Belper

    emails: I am 68 and have been glued to my TV since 9am this morning, watching black & white film of Churchill's State funeral as I watched 50 years ago with my beloved father sitting quietly weeping as he acknowledged this great but flawed man as his saviour and the Lion who gave the roar & inspired the nation in the war years!

    On the 30th of January 1965 he watched and wept in gratitude at the passing not just of this great Briton and inspirational leader of the nation. He thanked God for Churchill's 90 years and at that time his 50 - and I too have kept faith with that again today thanks to your extensive and comprehensive coverage! Only we British can put on a ceremony with such superlative solemnity and dignity!

    @TweetUKElection 14:56: UK Elections

    tweets: This shows the number of votes cast for each party at By-Elections from 2005-2010.

    14:41: Adrian Chojnacki

    @ChojnackiAdrian tweets: Now Churchill and Bevan. That was a Great War coalition. Pity the current coalition is but a mere shadow of that example #Churchill2015

    14:37: Childhood memory
    Sir Winston Churchill funeral barge

    Martyn Best tells us: "I was there as a nine year old with a camera given to me by my father who was a professional photographer. A family friend was an architect working for Taylor Woodrow who were constructing a new building next to the Tower of London. We stood on an open floor of the incomplete structure and I took the attached picture. I had also attended the lying-in-state and remember having to get up at about 5am to get the train up to London from Hertfordshire, walking past the coffin in Westminster Hall and then getting back home in time for school. It is all a very clear childhood memory."

    14:30: 'Gave the roar to the British lion' BBC News Channel

    Historian Warren Dockter says Churchill's state funeral was a "major and global event" and it is important to commemorate it today. He singles out the wartime leader's "remarkable will". "It's famously said he gave the roar to the British lion and that's definitely true," he says.

    14:23: Georgette McCready

    @GeorgeTMcCready tweets: @FleurHitchcock #Churchill funeral is my first memory of watching television. Black, white and grainy. My parents stood - out of respect?

    14:21: Funeral flotilla recreated

    Missed the funeral flotilla recreated for the 50th anniversary of Sir Winston Churchill's state funeral? Watch the Havengore make the trip from the Tower of London to the Palace of Westminster where a special service took place.

    The Havengore - which carried Winston Churchill's coffin, returns to the the Thames
    14:16: John Drake

    emails: I was living in Middleburg in Holland on the day of Churchill's funeral. It seemed to me on that day that Holland came to a standstill to honour the great man.

    14:10: Robin Pyman

    emails: I was at school in Oxford. A large number of us went down to the railway line that ran alongside the Oxford canal at the bottom of our playing fields and stood alongside the track, bowing our heads as the great man's train passed by, taking him to his final resting place. We were all in awe. He was our hero.

    13:56: Ina Holmen

    emails: My entire elementary school in Canada was brought into the gymnasium where the funeral procession was viewed on an elevated television placed near the stage. I remember it being similar to Remembrance Day with speeches, flags, and dignitaries from veterans groups present.

    Tweet @BBC_HaveYourSay 13:53: Jan Shoesmith

    @4TBookworm tweets: Amazing to think Churchill's funeral was 50 yrs ago today. it's the first news item I ever remember I was 5 & had measles #Churchill

    13:44: Westminster Abbey

    Westminster Abbey will host a ceremony from 18:00 GMT, with flowers laid at the green marble stone placed there in memorial to Churchill.

    13:43: Havengore on the move

    The Havengore is back on the move again.

    Email talkingpoint@bbc.co.uk 13:35: Send us your comments

    Rosemary Pettit emails: On the day of his funeral I was a know-it-all undergraduate with arrogant ideas, determined not to pay homage to an imperialistic war leader. So I ignored the whole thing but couldn't resist turning on the radio for the occasion. Sharing the top floor of a flat high in Hampstead I was quite unprepared for the fly-past which, like a thunder-clap, roared straight over my head. Suddenly, the superciliousness evaporated, the tension fell away and I felt united with all the good people who had lived and breathed during the war, and were even now gathered by St Pauls and the Thames, round their televisions and all over the world. Thank you RAF for bringing me to my senses.

    13:24: Havengore comes to rest
    The Havengore outside the Houses of Parliament

    The Havengore comes to rest near the Houses of Parliament, where Churchill served as an MP for 60 years, and a brief service is now being held on board.

    13:15: John Phillips

    emails: As I watch the re-run of Sir Winston Churchill's funeral I can remember the events quite clearly... Winston Churchill was my 'hero'. My mother, who came from Forest Gate, had endured the Blitz and had always maintained huge respect for "Mr Churchill", had told me countless stories of the war and how he had inspired the nation to victory.... To our disappointment when we got to London, the queues were enormous. However that fact in itself made me realise just how much loved Churchill was and we comforted ourselves with the thought that this had made the enterprise worthwhile.

    We got back around 2 am and the next day, morning school was cancelled so that we could all watch the funeral of the 'Greatest Briton' as Mo Mowlam later called him.

    13:11: "Sombre and quiet"
    Barry Barnes recalling Churchill's funeral

    Barry Barnes, who witnessed the flotilla in person in 1965 and captured some of the day's images on film, recalls that the mood on the day matched the weather. "It was fairly sombre and very quiet", he tells the BBC.

    13:07: Watching from the Millennium Bridge
    The Havengore passes under the Millennium Bridge in London

    The crowds may not be of quite the same size as in 1965 but there are new vantage points that weren't available 50 years ago.

    13:04: Watching the funeral

    Brian Giles emails: Churchill's funeral will always be remembered by me, as on the Thursday before the funeral we had bought our first television from Radio Rentals, it was black and white and I watched the funeral on it with my parents.

    13:03: Churchill's hearse

    Christopher Meeking emails: My grandfather, Charles Meeking, drove the hearse that took Winston Churchill's casket from the Festival Hall Pier to Waterloo Station as he was the senior driver for Kenyon's Funeral Services in London. My father had a picture from a broadsheet newspaper of the hearse and my grandfather clearly visible through the windscreen - it may well still be in the loft at my mother's house.

    13:00: Havengore from above
    Havengore passing underneath Blackfriars Bridge

    An aerial shot of the Havengore passing under Blackfriars Bridge.

    12:56: John Emmerson

    emails: My Dad took me to see the funeral procession, I was 10 years old and we travelled from Warrington down to London on a coach. I fell asleep on the way back and woke up in Wigan!

    12:54: Michael Smith, Ottawa

    emails: As a 17 year old I had gone to the abbey to pay my respects to Churchill the night prior to the funeral. After a five hour or longer slow walk with what seemed like thousands of other mourners that crossed the Thames twice I finally passed the great man lying in state. To this day I respect Winston Churchill as the greatest Englishman ever and we were lucky to have had him.

    12:54: The Havengore passes HMS Belfast

    The Havengore passes HMS Belfast, a major military landmark on the Thames. Tourists on board the famous warship wave as the smaller vessel passes by, the BBC's Duncan Kennedy says.

    12:51: Paul Sayles, Misawa, Japan

    emails: I was living in Dunoon, Scotland at the time and watched the entire event on TV. I think all of my family was moved by the rendering of honours by the crane operators as Sir Winston passed the docks on his way home. I still remember the feeling 50 years on as if it was that day.

    12:49: On its way

    The Havengore makes its way down the Thames, with those on board including pipers and volunteers reprising the role of pallbearers.

    12:45: Tower Bridge opens
    Tower Bridge

    Tower Bridge is opening its gate as a mark of respect as the Havengore makes its way down the Thames.


    emails: I was seven at the time of the funeral, and we had not long had a television. It was switched on for the early part of the ceremony, but, unfortunately, we were in the middle of moving from Cheshire to Shropshire, and had to go house-hunting on that day, it being a Saturday. Consequently, much as I wanted to stay at home and watch the funeral, I couldn't. I've regretted this for fifty years - I am looking forward to seeing the recording later!

    12:43: 'Lovingly restored' BBC News Channel

    The BBC's Ben Brown says the Havengore has been "loving restored" by its current owner from a stage when "grass had been growing through the deck" a few years ago.

    12:42: 'Fitting tribute' BBC News Channel
    The Havengore recreating Winston Churchill's funeral cortege

    The BBC's Duncan Kennedy, on board a boat on the Thames, says it was a "fitting tribute" that Churchill's coffin was placed on the front of the Havengore boat and carried down the river because of his role as naval secretary.

    12:39: Labour NHS debate Daily Politics Live on BBC Two

    Asked about the internal debate within Labour about health policy and the role of the private sector, shadow minister Steve Reed tells the BBC that the opposition backs "what works". Pressed on this, he says the NHS must be reformed to give more control to the people who use it rather than "privatised".

    12:29: 'Proud day' Daily Politics Live on BBC Two

    Asked if it is a "sad day" for his family, Rupert Soames says it quite the contrary. "It is a proud day. It is a triumph he is still remembered," he tells the Daily Politics. "What could be better."

    12:24: 'In gratitude'
    Message on wreath reading: 'From the nation of today, and the youth of tomorrow - in gratitude'

    Relatives and politicians left messages on wreaths during the service at the Houses of Parliament earlier.

    12:22: Peter

    emails: I remember, age 11, seeing his funeral on TV. My mum had turned it on. Even then, I knew he was special, but the scale of his funeral made that clear. Now, having read his books, and others, I realise he was a complex and fallible man, who became an extraordinary leader when put under extreme pressure.

    12:18: 'A great Briton'
    David Cameron at Churchill ceremony

    Earlier, David Cameron paid tribute to "a great leader and a great Briton" after laying a wreath at the feet of the statue of Churchill in Parliament. "He knew that Britain was not just a place on the map but a force in the world, with a destiny to shape events and a duty to stand up for freedom," he said in the shadow of the famous bronze sculpture of Churchill.

    12:17: 'Great reforming home secretary'

    Rupert Soames, one of Churchill's grandsons, says he was one of the few people in the country who was "cross" on the day of the funeral because, as a five-year old, he was deemed too young to attend. Mr Soames, who remembers sitting on his grandfather's knee during weekends in the country, tells the BBC's Daily Politics that Churchill should be remembered as more than a wartime prime minister - adding that he commissioned the Beveridge Report in the 1940s and was "one of the great reforming home secretaries" before World War One.

    12:15: Tony Guise

    emails: Although I lived in Aston, Birmingham, I so clearly remember the monochrome coverage from the BBC, as my parents and other family members gathered around our tiny television. I was seven-years old and shall never forget the sense of an historic moment. Never thought that memory would still be with me 50 years later!

    12:14: Colour-coordinated wreaths
    Leaders of UK political parties with wreaths at Houses of Parliament

    Labour leader Ed Miliband, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg and Prime Minister David Cameron laid appropriately-coloured wreaths during the service at the Houses of Parliament.

    12:08: John Simpson on Churchill

    The BBC's world affairs editor John Simpson examines how an all-too-human politician became a great wartime prime minister.

    Winston Churchill giving V-for-victory sign
    12:01: Tories 'rule out post-election deal with UKIP'

    Conservative chairman Grant Shapps has ruled out any post-election deal with UKIP should there be another hung parliament. Speaking at a campaign event, Mr Shapps said May's election was set to be "incredibly close" and his party was solely focused on gaining power in its own right.

    11:59: Philip Keevill

    emails: 50 years ago today I was in London, paying my respects to Sir Winston Churchill. I'd seen something on the BBC News the evening before and told my Mum I'd like to go. We were living 30 miles from Preston at the time. My Mum didn't hesitate. We went to Preston station, bought tickets for the overnight sleeper train, and headed south. When we came out of Westminster Abbey, the press pounced on us. Apparently we were the last people to be admitted, and we were in that evening's papers!

    11:57: Wreath leaves Tower of London
    Wreath carried from Tower of London to Havengore

    A wreath is being carried from the Tower of London to the Havengore boat, which will then carry it along the Thames to Westminster.

    11:52: Sense of destiny
    Celia Sandys

    Churchill's grandaughter Celia Sandys says her grandfather had a "huge sense of his destiny" and was the "man Britain needed at that time".

    @BBCArchive 11:51: BBC Archive

    tweets: Would Churchill's depression have prevented him becoming PM today? http://bbc.in/1DmUaec #BBCChurchill

    11:50: Rob Thornton, Bines Green

    emails: Churchill's funeral was one of the few things I remember vividly from my childhood... I was a 13-year old schoolboy at the time... My parents, who had both been involved in the war - my father serving in the Army - watched in silence on TV and I clearly remember the cranes on the river dipping in salute. Their reverence was a very salutary lesson in what being a truly great man really meant and I have never forgotten that.

    11:48: Professor David Durling

    emails: I grew up in London in the shadow of World War Two, and had a keen sense of gratitude to Churchill. As an 18-year old, I found a place among the wharves near Blackfriars Bridge, and paid my respects as the Havengore sailed past. I found myself entirely alone, and it was a moment never to be forgotten.

    11:47: Gift of the gab
    Winston Churchill giving a speech in Walthamstow in 1945

    Winston Churchill is known as one of history's greatest orators, and he attributed his legendary speech-making skills to an Irish-born politician who taught him the gift of the gab as a young man, says the BBC's Greg McKevitt.

    11:44: Commons 'man through and through'

    Commons Speaker John Bercow has been paying tribute to Churchill as a parliamentarian. Speaking at a special commemoration service in Parliament, Mr Bercow said the wartime leader was a House of Commons "man through and through" and had resisted blandishments to join the House of Lords. Churchill, he said, believed that the "cut and thrust of debate and the searing searchlight of scrutiny were vital".

    11:42: Barbara Lancaster MBE, Leeds

    emails: I still remember my father, who was a staunch Labour man, saying there will never ever be another politician like him in your lifetime.

    11:37: Boat ceremony BBC News Channel

    The BBC's Ben Brown, at the Tower of London, says in about 30 minutes a wreath made by Royal British Legion - at the poppy factory in Richmond - will be carried to the Havengore, the boat which carried the wartime prime minister's coffin along the Thames 50 years ago. The boat will then set off on the same journey again from the Tower of London to Westminster, and Tower Bridge will be raised at 12:45 GMT as a mark of respect. Once it reaches the waters opposite the Palace of Westminster, there will be special service and wreath laying in the waters.

    11:33: Havengore in 2015
    The Havengore docked in London

    And here it is in 2015, being prepared ahead of the anniversary events.

    11:31: Havengore 50 years ago
    Winston Churchill's coffin on a boat - the Havengore - on the Thames on the day of his funeral

    Here's the Havengore 50 years ago.

    11:29: Stephen O'Sullivan

    emails: I watched the funeral on the BBC, I was five-years old and it is the first television memory I have, something I've always remembered to this day. I knew it must have been important because things were quiet and everybody knew that it was happening. I remember the procession, the train, the boat journey past the dipped cranes on the Thames. I asked my mother whether everybody got a funeral like this and she replied "oh no, this is different, he was an important man". Older now, I appreciate how important.


    If you have any pictures of Churchill's state funeral 50 years ago, or other relevant pictures you'd like to share, please send them to yourpics@bbc.co.uk.

    11:20: US/UK special relationship 'alive' BBC News Channel
    Winston Churchill with US President Franklin Roosevelt in 1943

    The US ambassador to the UK, Matthew Barzun, tells the BBC he is "inspired every day" by Sir Winston Churchill. He says the wartime leader was the first person to be made an honorary citizen of the United States and the special relationship between the US and the UK is still "alive" as the countries stand "shoulder to shoulder" in the fight against Ebola in Africa and ISIS in Iraq.

    11:17: Boris on 'extremist losers'

    Boris Johnson, who recently published a biography of Churchill, has been making a few headlines of his own this morning. In an interview with The Sun, he has described men who join religious extremist groups such as Islamic State as "losers" who are likely to be users of pornography. Such individuals often turn to violence to boost their own-self esteem, he has suggested.

    11:12: 'Spellbinding orator' BBC News Channel
    Winston Churchill making a speech during the 1945 election campaign

    Historian Sir David Cannadine pays tribute to Churchill, describing him as a "spellbinding orator" and "at times a marvellous determiner of military strategy" who was regarded as a saviour of the country. "Even though he was a controversial figure, I think that verdict has stood the test of time," he says.

    @BBCArchive 11:05: Archive footage

    are live tweeting archive footage from Churchill's funeral, replicating the BBC coverage of that day as it unfolded in 1965. Go to https://twitter.com/BBCArchive to follow the coverage.

    11:01: Warship aspirations

    Not all senior politicians are in the Commons for the Churchill commemoration, with politics continuing elsewhere. On a visit to Portsmouth, Chancellor George Osborne says the UK should aspire to build a new warship every two years and to make the Royal Navy the "most modern" fleet in the world.

    10:52: Cameron lays wreath
    David Cameron lays a wreath at Churchill ceremony

    Prime Minister David Cameron lays a wreath at the Churchill commemoration ceremony at the Houses of Parliament.

    10:51: Migrant election vote BBC News Channel

    The BBC's Louise Stewart tells the BBC News Channel this election is the first time where migrants will swing the vote in certain constituencies - most of them in London and the Midlands. "They don't vote as a blob - so many seats are tightly fought - but they could make a real difference, and they are of course more likely to support parties in favour of immigration."

    10:46: Havengore ceremony BBC News Channel
    BBC's Ben Brown

    The BBC's Ben Brown is on board HMS Belfast on the Thames, where the Havengore, the boat which carried the wartime prime minister's coffin along the river from Tower of London to Westminster 50 years ago, will make the journey again later. Tower Bridge will be raised at 12:45 GMT for the ceremony.

    10:39: Migrant election vote

    Let's break away from events 50 years ago for a moment. Migrant voters could have a "decisive" impact in a range of key marginal seats in the forthcoming general election, a new study has found. Almost four million foreign-born voters in England and Wales will be eligible to cast a vote on 7 May, according to a report by academics at the University of Manchester and the Migrants' Rights Network.

    10:34: A million mourners
    People standing on roofs to see Churchill's funeral

    Crowded streets forced people to use every vantage point to see the funeral procession 50 years ago. A million mourners lined the route in London, while 25 million people in the UK - just under half the entire population of the country - saw it on television. About 350 million viewers, a tenth of the world's population, watched around the globe.

    @PhilippaBBC 10:28: Live ceremony Philippa Thomas BBC News

    tweets: We'll have live ceremony coverage @BBCWorld 1245 #GMT MT @BBCArchive: Churchill's political career #BBCChurchill

    10:26: 'Fitting tribute'

    Churchill's grandson, MP Sir Nicholas Soames, says the Westminster events were a "fitting tribute" to his grandfather and a "strong reminder of all he did for his country". Emma Soames, Churchill's granddaughter, adds: "To me growing up he was a grandfather, but I came to realise at his death that he was so much more than that."

    @bbcArchive 10:24: Share your memories BBC Archive

    tweets: Do you remember the day of Churchill's funeral? Share your memories with us #BBCChurchill pic.twitter.com/5gzSwuWKsP

    BBC graphic
    10:23: Churchill in numbers
    Winston Churchill doing a radio interview in 1928

    Churchill's career in the House of Commons began in 1900 and spanned 64 years, the longest in the 20th Century. While he was a member of the Commons, Churchill sat for two parties, represented five constituencies and contested 21 elections. He held numerous ministerial positions and served as prime minister twice.

    10:00: 'Unprecedented funeral'

    Former BBC correspondent Martin Bell tells the BBC News Channel that Churchill's state funeral was "unprecedented - we will not see the likes of it again". He says the nation was "absolutely riveted" by the funeral. "It was very quiet, dignified, almost devotional - it's hard to imagine anyone drawing that kind of emotion, it was the passing of a great man," he says.

    @BenBrownBBC 09:51: Ben Brown, BBC News Presenter

    tweets: On board HMS Belfast for BBC news channel coverage of 50th anniversary of Sir Winston's state funeral #Churchill2015

    09:45: 'Inspired a nation'

    Prime Minister David Cameron, who is attending a remembrance service for Sir Winston Churchill at the Houses of Parliament, says the wartime leader's legacy "continues to inspire not only the nation whose liberty he saved, but the entire world". He adds: "2015 is a year to remember Winston Churchill's extraordinary life of achievement, to admire and to celebrate it anew, and to give thanks for his service not only to the country he loved, but to humanity as a whole."

    09:34: 'Touched nation's heart'

    Churchill had "touched the nation's heart", his great-grandson said. "The story of how he first entered politics, he fought 19 general elections, and he was not always right on the issues, but people so admired what he managed to do in 1940 to inspire a nation and lead them through his great speeches and oratory. So he retains a very warm place in the nation's heart and the family have been bowled over by all the coverage."

    09:33: 'Proud day'
    Randolph Churchill lays a wreath at the statue of his great-grandfather Sir Winston Churchill in Parliament Square

    The great-grandson of Sir Winston Churchill says the wartime leader would be "surprised but thrilled" at the commemorations of the 50th anniversary of his state funeral. Randolph Churchill, who was accompanied by Churchill's grandaughter Celia Sandys, says it is a "proud day" after he laid a wreath at the statue of the leader in Parliament Square.

    09:12: Churchill anniversary

    A reminder that BBC Parliament is re-broadcasting the state funeral of the UK's wartime leader Sir Winston Churchill in about five minutes.

    Crowds lining a London street as the coffin of Sir Winston Churchill passes along
    08:54: 'Different election' BBC Radio 4

    Back to contemporary politics for a moment. Former Labour minister Peter Hain says he believes more and more people will "swing behind" Ed Miliband as the election approaches. He rejects claims by his former colleague Alan Milburn that the election could be a repeat of 1992 - which Labour narrowly lost. "I don't recognise 1992 at all and I went through that election," he tells Today. "This is a very different election."

    08:48: 'Britain at a standstill'

    "It was the day Britain came to a standstill, the world watched and an era passed" - BBC South of England Correspondent Duncan Kennedy looks back at the day of Winston Churchill's funeral - 30 January 1965.

    08:40: Controversial Churchill

    For some, Sir Winston Churchill remains an intensely controversial figure. The BBC's Tom Heyden writes about the 10 greatest controversies of Churchill's career.

    Churchill statue, Westerham
    08:31: Churchill's place in history BBC Radio 4

    Historians Simon Heffer and Andrew Roberts have been discussing Sir Winston Churchill's place in history on Today and considering how he would have adapted to contemporary politics. They agree it is "completely impossible" to compare him with today's leaders as they face lesser challenges and "you need the crisis to create the statesman". Simon Heffer says Churchill would have struggled with modern media scrutiny given his fondness for whisky first thing in the morning and his "dictatorial" style. But Andrew Roberts says Churchill never over-ruled his generals and the "granite" he showed in 1940 and 1941 undisputedly make him the greatest occupant of No 10.

    08:15: NHS row BBC Radio 5 live

    Labour's shadow health minister Liz Kendall tells BBC 5 live Breakfast that former Labour health minister Lord Darzi is "wrong" for thinking that using the private sector is the way to make "the big changes we need" to public services like the NHS. "I just don't think that that's the case," she says. It comes after Lord Darzi told the BBC the NHS should prefer providers who deliver the highest quality care - whether they are "public, private or not-for-profit".

    08:02: 'Million-strong crowd' BBC Breakfast

    The BBC's Duncan Kennedy, outside St. Paul's Cathedral in central London, tells BBC Breakfast a million-strong crowd gathered between the cathedral and Westminster Abbey for Sir Winston Churchill's funeral 50 years ago. "In many places it was 20-people deep as many regarded him as the greatest Englishman who ever lived... he's one of those rare leaders that is remembered in life and in death, however history ultimately judges him," he says.

    07:51: Churchill's funeral BBC Radio 4

    Broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby tells Today he will be watching the replay of Sir Winston Churchill's funeral on BBC Parliament this morning. It will be poignant for him, he says, since his father Richard - whose commentary on the event has lived so long in the memory - also died 50 years ago.

    @BBCBenThompson 07:41: Housing shortage

    BBC business correspondent Ben Thompson tweets: 150,000 new homes built across UK last year but is it enough if demand still outstripping supply? @CountrysideProp boss - 0750 @BBCBreakfast

    07:37: Behind the scenes at Westminster

    Parliament is not sitting today due to events marking the 50th anniversary of Sir Winston Churchill's funeral. But those wanting a different insight into how the famous institution works might like to read about a new BBC documentary - Inside the Commons - to be broadcast next week. Michael Cockerell and his team have been behind the scenes at Westminster and not all MPs have been happy about it.

    Documentary-maker Michael Cockerell
    @BBCr4today 07:28: Medical training BBC Radio 4

    tweets: Plan to reduce length of medical training will lead to "lower standard of expertise" @thomasdolphin, @TheBMA #r4today

    07:20: 'Dirtiest campaign' The Independent

    Ukip leader Nigel Farage says this general election could be the "dirtiest" campaign in British history. Writing in the Independent, he accused the Conservatives and Labour of employing "attack-campaign" election strategists and "hurling hundreds of thousands of pounds at Facebook and twitter".

    07:07: Funeral film BBC Radio 4

    The TV pictures of Sir Winston Churchill's funeral remain "compelling viewing" 50 years on, James Rowland from BBC Archive says. There was a "little bit of damage" on the original film and dirt that had to be cleaned off, he tells Radio 4's Today, prior to its rebroadcast on BBC Parliament today. He reflects on the fairly rudimentary camerawork used in 1965, compared to today's standards, remarking that the pictures seem "slightly twitchy".

    07:06: Churchill event timings

    Here are some of the 50th anniversary timings if you want to plan your day:

    • The Houses of Parliament will host a remembrance service and wreath-laying ceremony at 09:00 GMT
    • BBC Parliament is re-broadcasting the state funeral, which runs for a little over four hours, at 09:15 GMT.
    • Tower Bridge will be raised at 12:45 GMT as the Havengore repeats its 1965 journey from the Tower of London to Westminster
    • Westminster Abbey will host a ceremony from 18:00 GMT, with flowers laid at the green marble stone placed there in memorial to Churchill.
    06:58: Churchill anniversary
    The Havengore carrying Sir Winston Churchill's coffiin along the Thames

    A bit more about what's happening in London later to mark the 50th anniversary of the state funeral of Sir Winston Churchill. The Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey will both host remembrance services, and there'll be a ceremony recreating the flotilla which carried Churchill's coffin along the Thames from the Tower of London to Westminster Pier. Members of Churchill's family will travel along the Thames on the Havengore, which carried his coffin 50 years ago.

    06:51: 'Three parent baby law'

    And the Daily Telegraph's lead is on concern from the Church of England that legislation is being rushed through to allow children to be born with three genetic "parents". The technique - mitrochondrial DNA transfer - is being promoted as a way to combat a series of inherited medical conditions.

    06:45: 'Religious slaughter of animals'

    Meanwhile, the Times leads on a big rise in the number of food animals slaughtered without stunning. The British Veterinary Association - which wants the practice banned from Britain - says the number of animals killed in this way has risen by 60%. The paper says this is because of campaigning by Muslims for traditional slaughter methods.

    06:41: 'Migrant voting power'

    Migration is the focus of the i newspaper. It says immigrants could decide the result in 70 marginal seats, and Conservatives fear "migrant voting power" could cost them the election.

    06:36: 'Gas bill rip-off'

    It's a "gas bill rip-off" for the Daily Express, which says figures show the big six energy suppliers are enjoying bumper profits, as temperatures plummet. The paper says the big firms will pocket an extra £114 per household in the coming year.

    06:34: The newspapers

    A quick look at what's making the headlines in the newspapers. Energy prices take a prominent place in a few, with the Guardian saying real take-home pay is less now than it was in 2001, according to research by the Institute for Fiscal Studies. Men and young workers have noticed the greatest fall in spending power, the paper adds.

    06:28: Missed Newsnight and This Week?

    Don't worry if you weren't glued to your telly seven hours ago - you can catch up with the full editions of Question Time and This Week by clicking on the 'Live Coverage' tab on this page.

    06:24: Cameron tribute to Churchill
    Winston Churchill statue outside parliament

    Last night Downing Street released the text of the message on the wreath David Cameron will lay at the statue of Winston Churchill, which stands just outside the Commons chamber. The PM has written: "Britain was so incredibly fortunate that in our hour of greatest need there came forward one of our greatest ever statesmen. 50 years on the light has not dimmed. David Cameron."



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