Join the Question Time audience

Question Time audience

Thank you for your interest in taking part in Question Time.

PLEASE NOTE: The audience is the heart of Question Time so we are looking for people who want to ask questions and argue with our panellists rather than just observe. If chosen to attend you will be asked to put forward two questions, one by email and a further question on arrival at the venue.

Future programme venues

  • 12 December - Johannesburg, South Africa

To apply to join the audience for a recording of Question Time please fill in the form below. Your response will be completely confidential but it will enable us to invite a balanced cross-section of people.

We will be contacting applicants on the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday before the programme. Due to the high volume of requests received we apologise that we are unable to call everyone. If you hear nothing from us please assume that on this occasion your application has not been successful.


1. Name and address

2. Have you been on Question Time before?

5. How old are you?

6. Gender?

8. Which ethnic group do you belong to?

9. Do you consider yourself to have any disabilities?

10. If disabled do you require wheelchair access?

11. If there were a General Election tomorrow which political party would you be most likely to vote for?

12. How did you vote at the last General Election?

13. Are you a member of a political party?

14. If you are a member do you take an active role?

15. Are you active in any campaign groups?

16. We contact applicants individually - if any of your friends or family are applying with you please supply their names and telephone numbers so that we may contact them to discuss their applications.

Your application will be sent over a secure link. You may receive a pop-up message as you leave the secure connection and are returned to the Question Time website.

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