England riots: New moral army


Riot fightback under way, says PM

David Cameron presented himself today as the leader of a new moral army of Britons taking the fight to those parts of Britain that are, in his words, "sick".

The fightback was underway, he said, against what was more "a moral problem" than a political one.

He pledged "more robust" policing - using rubber bullets and water cannon if necessary and ignoring "phoney concerns about human rights"; no reduction in visible policing (not the same thing as a pledge not to cut police budgets); and all night courts handing out prison sentences for those convicted of violence with more prison places provided if need be.

The police, local authorities and Whitehall departments will now try to cash in those promises while the Treasury will be counting the cost.

The prime minister also promised a society with a clearer code of values, a focus on better parenting and more personal responsibility.

The question he will soon have to answer is "What does that mean in practice?"

Nick Robinson, Political editor Article written by Nick Robinson Nick Robinson Political editor

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    Comment number 922.

    Why send them to prison - a few strokes with the birch or the cat and then out on the streets to clean up their mess with hours of community service. We need to prove that crime doesn't pay, whether you're a 31 year old teacher or an unemployed gang member. Providing a punishment that doesn't get shrugged off is the first step.

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    Comment number 921.

    A large minority have grown up lacking link btween effort & gain. No working parent, living on benefits & lacking in aspiration. At same time being fed TV diet showing glamorous lives & X-Factor implying a short cut to success. They see no short way from where they r 2 where they want to b. Not excusing it but we must ask why this is happening rather than spouting 'Hang 'em high' rhetoric.

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    Comment number 920.

    Whistling Neil #

    We both know this country`s moral compass is based on accruing wealth for yourself, or your family, which somehow sounds more noble. They haven`t got anything, so what we really expect them to do? Just to sit around hoping heaven`s nicer. They`ll do this, because they┬┤ve been taught we have to fend for themselves. This is a very individualistic culture, and it can be ugly.

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    Comment number 919.

    No895 Fubar,
    You are clearly right to emphasise the importance of decency and respect for others. The right to walk the highways without being molested is of crucial importance. Re - earlier comment, Dennis was magnificent at the Durham Miners Gala, Nick Robinson also appeared to be having a great time. Not a spiv, speculator or 'socially useless' banker in sight.

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    Comment number 918.

    Fubar @ 894/5
    Agreed. But I'm not sure many people are arguing the opposite. They may say (and I would say) that gross inequalities tend to fuel social unrest - but this is a demonstrable fact not a value judgment about fairness or unfairness. I've no more sympathy than you for a teenager who feels entitled to steal an Xbox.


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