This phone-hacking avalanche is still moving


Politicians claim victory as BSkyB bid shelved

It built bit by bit and layer by layer. It was ignored by most as it showed no sign of moving. Gravity, though, cannot be defied forever.

The hacking scandal became a political avalanche which has swept aside the News Corps bid for BSkyB as well as the News of the World. It is now heading fast for the secretive network of relationships between newspaper proprietors, leading politicians and the police.

The Commons is echoing tonight to the sound of self congratulation. MPs believe that they have defied their media tormentors and won.

A few - like Labour MPs Tom Watson and Chris Bryant and the Business Secretary, Liberal Democrat Vince Cable - can say "we told you so".

The Labour leader Ed Miliband can't say that but today is a significant victory for him. His proposal for a Commons motion opposing the BSkyB takeover forced the government's hand. He has been rewarded for taking the brave step of confronting the Murdoch Empire before it was clear that it was in retreat.

The prime minister in the meantime has survived a major scare. Until today's announcement of a wide-ranging judge-led inquiry he has looked under the spell of events rather than in control of them.

Questions about his appointment of Andy Coulson and his relationships with the Murdochs and their lieutenants may yet cause him real damage.

This avalanche is still moving. No-one knows who or what lies in its path now.

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    Perhaps there is a case for bringing in something like the American's have of a need to examine all aspects of an individual who is being proposed for high office. The appointment would have to agreed by all parties. Thus, when Coulson was appointed by Cameron, he would have had to be approved by parliament. Any questions would then be raised and considered.

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    Comment number 214.

    Robert's blog responses - as for Paul Mason

    High-sincerity - imaginative

    But economic vocabulary as limiting as political

    Middle-distance News-grappling

    Lacking for World & Personal

    To have our lives 'make a difference'
    Suggest even to High Financiers
    Thought for liberation of conscience for value
    Equality for the willing would see surge to work
    Happy to work & pay taxes & feel secure

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    Comment number 213.

    To Fubar @211
    Avalanche goes on

    And I thought you might concede!

    More Murdoch than Roosevelt here?

    For money / power / both, 'ownership' of Press leads to 'cosy' relation between Papers & Readers, blocks of opinion blinkered relative to wider insight (other Papers etc)

    Perhaps every Paper should contribute at least one 'column' to every other - a laugh for some, an education for others?

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    Comment number 212.

    Accepted... just think of me of holding onto the shoes of the Labour movement to stop it completely disappearing the wrong way up its own alimentary canal. I would rather that there are more prominent Labour members like Dan Hodges, but thats for the party to choose. Only when there are more like him can I consider the party serious about decontaminating the brand, rather than in denial.


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