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Setting up a free school: Langley Hall Primary

The Daily Politics has been following the setting up of a free school in Berkshire.

We plan to make five trips to Langley Hall Primary, being set up by the Eaton family.

It is set to be one of the first batch of free schools due to open in September 2011 in line with the government's flagship education policy in England.

The free school plan was proposed by education secretary Michael Gove with the support of the Conservatives' Liberal Democrat coalition partners.

Labour are opposed to Free Schools, but would not abolish them should the party return to power.

Reporters Max Cotton, Giles Dilnot, Susana Mendonça and Adam Fleming have spoken to staff and parents of potential pupils as we follow the progress of the school. Watch their films below.

The newer videos are nearer the top of the page.

SEPTEMBER 16: The school doors are open

Media captionParents and staff on the opening of Langley Hall Primary

JUNE 20: Teachers on why they want to work there

Media captionWho wants to work in a Free School?

MARCH 29: First look inside the new school

Media captionParents get first look inside new Berkshire free school

FEBRUARY 2: Giles Dilnot spoke to the Eaton family

Media captionSetting up a 'free school': a family explains education plans

FEBRUARY 2: Toby Young and Mary Bousted debate free schools

Media captionFree schools debate: Toby Young and Mary Bousted

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