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The Daily Politics - and sister shows This Week and Politics Show - have been covering the debate about the Alternative Vote (AV) referendum and the arguments for and against the proposed change, set to be decided during a UK-wide referendum on Thursday 5 May.

Watch our coverage in video over the last 12 months as we have followed the struggle to get the AV bill through the House of Lords.

We also heard from those for and against the plan, who gave their views to Andrew Neil, Anita Anand, Jo Coburn and Jo Sopel, and we had films from our own reporting team of Giles Dilnot, Adam Fleming, David Thompson, Max Cotton and Susana Mendonça.

The newest clips are at the top, and they go back in date order.

Eddie Izzard and Lord Winston: May 4

Eddie Izzard and Lord Winston joined Philip Hammond and Alan Johnson to discuss the AV referendum

Film from Giles Dilnot: May 3

British public asked about political referendums

Foreign Office minister Jeremy Browne: May 3

Lib Dem Jeremy Browne criticises AV referendum material

Should we ever have a referendum: May 3

Professor Vernon Bogdanor, the Independent's Steve Richards and broadcaster Nick Ferrari argue about whether British political issues should be resolved with a referendum.

Lord Reid and Simon Hughes on AV coalitions: May 2

Labour's John Reid and Lib Dem Simon Hughes on the AV vote's strange coalitions

Ed Miliband on the AV campaign: May 1

Ed Miliband says this week's AV referendum was not lost, as many people were still making up their mind

Michael Portillo finally decides on AV vote: April 28

Michael Portillo votes no in AV referendum - while Diane Abbott votes yes

Michael Heseltine and Caroline Lucas: April 28

Green Party leader Caroline Lucas said the Alternative Vote (AV) option was not the best option but it was a "significant improvement" on the current first-past-the-post system.

Can UK learn from Australian AV system?: April 27

Stephen Parkinson for the no side, and Jonathan Bartley for the yes campaign, explain how AV could affect voting patterns in the UK - and lessons from the system used in Australia - before MPs Norman Baker and John Healey give their views.

Will AV vote rock the coalition?: April 26

Sir Menzies Campbell and Conservative MP Philip Davies on how the coalition can survive the AV vote

Film from David Thompson: April 26

Clegg and Cameron coalition tested by Alternative Vote poll

Explaining Scottish voting system: April 26

Anita Anand explains the Scottish voting system used to elect MSPs at Holyrood.

Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg: April 17

Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg claimed a change to the Alternative Vote (AV) vote change would "snuff out extremism" and make MPs work harder

Alternative Vote Debate April 6: How would it affect minor parties?

John Prescott, Michael Howard, Charles Kennedy and Tessa Jowell on how AV could help or hinder Green and BNP candidates

Click here to watch the 37-minute debate in full

Alternative Vote Debate April 6: John Prescott speaks against

John Prescott: manifesto agreements irrelevant under AV system

Alternative Vote Debate April 6: Charles Kennedy speaks in favour

Charles Kennedy: First-past-the-post is unfair

Alternative Vote Debate April 6: Tessa Jowell speaks in favour

AV 'as easy as 123' says Tessa Jowell

Alternative Vote Debate April 6: Michael Howard speaks against

Michael Howard: AV is nobody's first choice

Former Australian PM John Howard: April 5

John Howard explains Australian PR voting system and what AV could mean for Britain

Explaining the Australian voting system: April 5

Adam Fleming explains how AV-like voting system works in Australia's elections

Shirley Williams, Alan Johnson & Michael Portillo: March 31

First-past-the-post voting is dead said Shirley Williams on This Week

Film from Max Cotton: March 27

The outcome of the referendum on proposals to change the voting system in Westminster could test the coalition with Nick Clegg campaigning for a yes and David Cameron for a no vote

Michael Portillo can't make up his mind: March 17

Michael Portillo: I haven't 'made up my mind' about AV vote

John Healey, Jeremy Hunt, Jo Swinson and David Lammy: March 16

John Healey and Jeremy Hunt don't want AV, but Jo Swinson and David Lammy back the change in a series of cross-party alliances

Alan Johnson on This Week: March 10

Former Home Secretary Alan Johnson who backs the alternative vote bid claims "every union" is set to oppose the change

Film by David Thompson: February 20

David Thompson reports explains how votes stack up under the AV system and why the yes and no campaigns may not be pushing the main party leaders in their campaigns.

Jacqui Smith and Michael Portillo: February 17

Alternative Vote matters say Michael Portillo and Jacqui Smith

Bernard Jenkin: February 16

Conservative MP Jenkin explains his concern over the 'indecent haste' to bring in the Alternative Vote (AV) referendum in May, adding only Papua New Guinea and Fiji have AV

Eleanor Laing and Charles Kennedy: February 15

Eleanor Laing, a member of the First Past The Post group, denies Conservatives opposing the Alternative Vote (AV) have been told to lay off Nick Clegg, and Charles Kennedy on the focus of the campaigns about the Alternative Vote (AV) referendum

Film by Susana Mendonça: February 15

The No to AV campaign has been launched in London despite the uncertainly over whether the bill will make it to law.

Francis D'Souza, Mark Harper and George Foulkes : January 31

Lords may no longer have to take part in sleep overs after "significant concessions" from the government to the Labour opposition which is not: Francis D'Souza, Mark Harper and George Foulkes on the guillotine hanging over the Lords?

Lord Falconer and Lord McNally: January 20

Liberal Democrat Lord McNally accuses Labour of behaving disgracefully as the Alternative Vote bill makes slow progress through the Upper House. Lord Falconer gives the Labour side on the late-night sittings for AV bill

Lord Foulkes and Lord Trimble: January 19

Labour peer George Foulkes explains why his party is holding up the AV bill as it goes through the House of Lords, and Lord Trimble give a Conservative view on the AV bill delay

James Landale: January 18

James Landale describes the all-night Lords sitting as peers discuss the bill to allow an AV referendum due in May.

Chuka Ummuna, Lord Falconer and Mark Harper: January 17

Lord Falconer claims Labour is not trying to block the AV referendum but explains why fellow Opposition peers are holding up the legislation to enable the planned vote in May, with MPs Chuka Ummuna and Mark Harper.

James Landale explains : January 13

BBC Deputy Political Editor James Landale explains why the AV referendum due to be held on 5 May could be delayed

David Blunkett: November 26

David Blunkett explains why he is saying no to AV - ahead of the referendum next May that could change the way MPs are elected to Westminster.

Lord Falconer and Lord McNally: November 15

Lord Falconer and Lord McNally on why the coalition is pushing on with plans to redraw constituency boundaries, cut the number of MPs and hold a referendum on the AV voting system

In the Mood box: September 29

Ed Miliband said he would support the AV voting referendum next May and the Daily Politics mood box has been testing the views of delegates at the Labour conference on what they think of the issue: as we asked if Labour should support the AV system?

Bernard Jenkin: September 06

Conservative MP Bernard Jenkin says talks have been held by MPs opposed to the AV system from across the political divide

Giles Dilnot talks to Watford voters: July 06

Explaining the AV vote: MPs are to vote on a referendum on electoral reform, even though it is not the favoured option for either the Conservatives or Lib Dems

Daniel Kawczyinski and Tim Farron: July 06

Conservative MP Daniel Kawczyinski defends the current voting system but coalition colleague Liberal Democrat MP Tim Farron backs reform to the Alternative Vote (AV) method, even though his party leader had called it a 'miserable little compromise'.

Douglas Carswell, Simon Hughes and Ben Bradshaw: May 26

The coalition government has set out its legislative plans including voting reform, and a referendum on the AV voting system: Douglas Carswell, Simon Hughes and Ben Bradshaw on plans for a referendum on the AV voting system

Professor John Curtice: February 09 (2010)

Jo Coburn and Professor John Curtice of Strathclyde University on how the AV system for Westminster elections would work.

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