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Liberal Democrat party conference agenda

The Liberal Democrats begin their conference in Liverpool on Saturday - here is a rundown of the highlights of the week.


•Debate on transparency and conflicts of interest in government

•Rally to launch 'Fair Votes' campaign for 2011 referendum


•Debate on reform of Press Complaints Commission

•Speech by Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander

•Q&A with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg

•Debate on human rights and the 'war on terror'


•Debate on free schools and academies

•Debate on green taxation

•Speech by Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg


•Debate on fairness in a time of austerity

•Speech by Deputy Lib Dem leader Simon Hughes

•Q&A on public services and benefits

•Debate on a low carbon economy

•Speech by Energy Secretary Chirs Huhne


•Q&A on crime and justice

•Speech by Business Secretary Vince Cable

•Q&A with Lib Dem Cabinet ministers

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