Police in Londonderry flag protest warnings

Police in Londonderry have warned there will be "robust" investigations of any illegal activity linked to union flag protests.

They said three people have been arrested and seven reported to the Public Prosecution Service in the area since flag protests began in December.

A spokesperson said they were doing their best to police protests with minimum disruption to the community.

They urged public representatives to work together to end the protests.

There have been several protests in Londonderry since the decision to restrict the flying of the union flag at Belfast City Hall.

The police spokesperson said: "Where the law is broken or a parade/procession takes place unnotified, we gather evidence with a view to identifying offenders.

"As with all enquiries, a robust police investigation will be conducted and all appropriate evidence thoroughly considered in an effort to bring lawbreakers before the courts.

"We would ask for the support and patience of local representatives and residents as we work to manage the ongoing protests around the union flag and we urge all public representatives to work together to bring these protests to a conclusion."