Outrage at DJ Wilkinson video lewd church altar scene

Churchgoers 'horrified' at pop video

A scene showing a partially-clothed couple kissing on the altar of a Catholic church has been removed from a music video after priests complained.

DJ Wilkinson's video Half Light was shot at various locations in Belfast.

A scene filmed in the Good Shepherd Church on the Ormeau Road was edited out of the video.

"The behaviour in the video was a desecration of the church and caused most grievous distress to the parish priest," a church statement said.

Down and Connor diocese added: "If viewed by the parishioners it would cause severe hurt and distress to the wider parish community.

"For these reasons, to protect the church and its parishioners, the Diocese of Down and Connor immediately brought these concerns to the attention of the distributors and creators of the material."

The diocese said it had not granted permission for a scene of that nature to be filmed in the church.

"No permission was either sought or granted to film the interior of the parish church within the context of any conduct or activities that were not relating to prayer or homage and in accordance with the sanctity of the church," it said.

Half Light reached number 25 in the UK music chart earlier this month.

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