Flybe flight for Belfast diverted to Manchester due to technical fault

Flybe aircraft (generic image) The Flybe flight was due to land at Belfast City Airport

A plane from Southampton to Belfast has been diverted to Manchester Airport after a technical fault.

The Flybe flight was due to land at Belfast City Airport but was diverted while over the Irish Sea.

A statement from Flybe said the plane "landed safely and was met by emergency services as a routine and precautionary measure only".

The statement added: "Once at its stand all passengers disembarked normally.

"The safety of all its passengers and crew is Flybe's highest priority."

A passenger on the plane told BBC Radio Ulster that the pilot said an engine had "malfunctioned".

"There was just this sort of noise and the engine seemed to get a lot louder," she said.

"Everyone didn't know what was going on for a while, and the captain said that the engine had malfunctioned and they were going to have to turn it off."

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