A period of relative calm at the Stormont Executive


After the shouting match that took place at last week's executive meeting, this week's discussions were rather more even-tempered.

Ministers talked about the threat posed by "legal high" drugs, but with a public apology already made, no-one re-visited the controversy over Islam.

Instead the gathering concluded early so the first minister could board a plane in order to participate in the D-Day 70th anniversary commemorations.

So does this period of relative calm provide an opportunity for the parties to broker deals on welfare reform, flags or the past? Don't bet on it.

Unionist criticism of the new Parades Commission's rejection of the Orange Order's latest application to march past the Ardoyne shops in north Belfast serves as a reminder that this year's marching season could prove fairly tense.

The Police Federation acknowledges the PSNI's need for "mutual aid officers" from England, Wales and Scotland may become a more frequent occurrence and is calling for such officers to be issued with guns for their own personal protection.

The Ulster Unionist leader rejoined the "post-Haass" talks briefly, but only to convey his suggestion that parades should be "decoupled" from the other issues.

Mike Nesbitt didn't get much support from the others, which isn't surprising as both nationalists and Alliance view the replacement of the Parades Commission as a unionist demand only to be conceded in the event of progress elsewhere.

Sinn Féin has secured a meeting with David Cameron before the end of the month. That evens up the score after the recent revelations about a Tory/DUP tête-a-tête in the garden at Number Ten.

However it's unlikely the encounter will do that much to change the financial equations concerning welfare reform.

Over the summer we may get some reshuffles (with the exception of Danny Kennedy who is keeping his job at the Department for Regional Development).

We are also due to get another visit from the Queen.

Martin McGuinness will discover whether his World Cup draw of "England" turns out to be a good pick (or if he should have traded with Peter Robinson who apparently drew "Colombia").

But will we get a breakthrough in the Stormont policy logjam? I think the odds on an England World Cup victory might prove to be shorter.

Mark Devenport Article written by Mark Devenport Mark Devenport Political editor, Northern Ireland

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    Comment number 4.

    Another example of the unhealthy link between Church and State in the Free-State for far too many years. Those who have information in Church and government about these "Disappeared" need to come forward and tell what they know.

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    Comment number 3.

    What about discussing the burial of around 800 children in a "fallen Women's" home. Over the period it means that nearly two children a month were dieing there. And best of all it been known by the state since the 70's. And theres more...... there were ten of these institutions which could mean that these numbers will rise significantly. Smacks of collusion of a very different type

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    Comment number 2.

    So much to discuss, so little opportunity to do so. And after the last couple of weeks what is the topic, nothing to see here just walk along........
    Perhaps we should nominate our own topics :-
    Idiotic comments,
    Idiotic Politicians,
    Etc Etc Etc Etc Etc
    Where to start.......

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    Comment number 1.

    Occasionally, you come down from the mountain to throw us poor, non-twittering peasants a few crumbs.



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