Northern Ireland

Cookstown attack: Partially exploded pipe bomb found under vehicle

The MP for Mid Ulster has said anyone passing by a house where a pipe bomb partially exploded on Saturday could have been seriously injured.

Francie Molloy was speaking after the device exploded under a car at a house on the Orritor Road in Cookstown.

No-one was injured in the explosion and the remains of the device were removed. A number of residents moved from their homes have been allowed to return.

Police have said a motive for the attack has not yet been established.

However, the vehicle's owner is not believed to have any links to the security forces.

Mr Molloy said police had to find whoever was manufacturing the pipe bombs and take them out of circulation.

"They are lethal - this one partially went off, it could have all gone off," he said.

"Someone could have been injured who was passing by, who had no connection with it.

"Someone lifting this, a young person walking past it, an elderly person seeing it lying there - any of those things could have happened."

SDLP assembly member Patsy McGlone said he "totally condemned" those responsible.

"Residents had to leave their homes whilst security forces removed the device," Mr McGlone said.

"I am only grateful that no-one was injured in what was a reckless act by those who planted the pipe bomb."