Northern Ireland

Dundonald High School: No decision made says John O'Dowd

Education Minister John O'Dowd has said no decision has yet been made on whether to close Dundonald High School, which is under threat of closure.

The school, on the outskirts of east Belfast, is in formal intervention for the second time.

In a letter to parents, South Eastern Education and Library Board said it wanted to shut the school by August 2014 or as soon as possible after that.

Mr O'Dowd has said he will visit the school.

He said he would be very keen to talk to pupils, but as the performance has been poor, he is also interested to see if the community supports keeping the school open.

The minister said he would particularly welcome any proposals that were imaginative and that took the needs of the school and pupils into account.

Mr O'Dowd said advocates for the school have told him they have plans for Dundonald High to move forward from the current unsatisfactory position.

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