Northern Ireland

Man dies in County Londonderry farming accident

A 71-year-old man has died in a farming accident in County Londonderry.

It is understood the victim, who has been named locally as Benny Foster, was attacked by a bull.

The incident happened on a farm near Killea, close to the border with Donegal, in the Irish Republic.

Authorities are investigating the incident.

Farmer Keith Roulston, who knew Mr Foster well, said it was a "tragic shock".

"Benny was very kind-hearted, generous full of stories and good-natured - that's what we'll miss him for," he said.

"He was a retired farmer but he was there to help his son. He was very generous with his time."

Mr Roulston said the tragedy served to highlight the dangers faced by working farmers.

"He was in the wrong place at the wrong time, bulls do get aggressive. If there's a cow in heat they're going to be protective of their stock," he said.

"It's important if you're on your own that you keep your mobile phone with you.

"In recent months I know of two individual cases where there were close shaves with bulls.

"In one case a farmer, while he was actually being attacked by a bull, his mobile phone rang and that was enough to make the bull stand back and think and give the farmer a chance to get over the gates and get clear.

"And in another case the farmer's dog was there to repel the bull."