Sunday Business Post placed in examinership

Ireland's main economics and business newspaper is going into the equivalent of administration.

The Sunday Business Post will be placed into examinership as part of a major restructuring by the Cork-based media group Thomas Crosbie Holdings (TCH).

Most of TCH's assets, including the Examiner newspaper, have been bought by Landmark Media Investments as part of a 'pre-pack' receivership.

Members of the Crosbie family control Landmark Media Investments.

The Sunday Business Post, which employs 76 people, will continue to print and will be put up for sale.

It is best known for in depth coverage of economics and politics; its columnists include the 'celebrity economist' David McWilliams.

Newspapers in the Republic of Ireland , like many consumer focused sectors , have been facing difficult times with a collapse in advertising revenue, falling sales and uncertain digital strategies.