Union flag protests cost police over £7m


Julian O'Neill reports for BBC Newsline on a fifth consecutive night of rioting linked to flag protests in Belfast

The cost of policing flag protests in Northern Ireland since they began early last month is believed to be over £7m.

It has been confirmed that the cost of policing protests and dealing with disorder during the first two weeks, from 3 to 17 December, was £3.8m.

Policing has remained largely the same since, apart from a holiday lull.

The figure was revealed as police came under attack with petrol bombs and fireworks for a sixth night in east Belfast.

Bricks and bottles have also been thrown by loyalists in Templemore Avenue, off the Lower Newtownards Road.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) said it could not comment on the final cost because it did not have up to date figures.

Police and loyalist protesters at Templemore Avenue The trouble in east Belfast on Tuesday evening was not on the scale of the previous five nights

A campaign of street demonstrations started just over a month ago, when Belfast councillors voted on 3 December to limit the days when the union flag flies over Belfast City Hall.

Earlier on Monday, Secretary of State Theresa Villiers said Northern Ireland was being "held to ransom by protesters".

She called for an end to all street demonstrations over flags - even peaceful protests - following a fifth night of rioting in east Belfast.

Rioters used hatchets, sledgehammers and petrol bombs to attack police and their vehicles on Newtownards Road.

The PSNI fired plastic bullets and used water cannon in response.

'Profoundly depressing'

Speaking on BBC Radio, Ms Villiers said: "It's not acceptable that those who say they are defending a union flag are actually doing it by hurling bricks and petrol bombs at police. It's disgraceful, frankly."

The secretary of state described the continuing rioting as "profoundly depressing" and said she was "fully supportive of the great efforts the PSNI are making to crack down robustly on those who continue to break the law".

She called for the protests to "come off the streets" in order to allow local politicians to hold all-party talks over flags and emblems.

"We will not be able to get a solution if Belfast and Northern Ireland are being held to ransom by protesters," she said.

Three police officers were injured and eight people were arrested on Monday night, bringing the total number of arrests since the flag protests began to 104.

Four people were later charged in relation to the violence and appeared in court on Monday.

"All these protests have to stop altogether, even the peaceful protests are causing disruption and even they are making it far more difficult to have a proper dialogue to resolve these kinds of issues," Ms Villiers said.

'National security'

She added: "Not only is it disgraceful in terms of injuries to police officers and people who live in the areas affected by the riots, it's also doing huge damage to Northern Ireland's image abroad".

The Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Vernon Coaker said the riots had become a matter of "national security" after the police said senior loyalist paramilitaries had been involved in the rioting.

Mr Coaker told the BBC's Good Morning Ulster programme: "That makes it, as far as I'm concerned an issue of national security and I think we need, and the secretary of state will need, to make an assessment of what the chief constable has said about that and what needs to be done."

The Labour MP also said the Westminster government had a continuing responsibility to support the Northern Ireland peace process and he condemned the latest violence.

Ms Villiers said the situation was having a "devastating impact on Northern Ireland's image abroad"

"People may disagree with decisions that are taken but in a democracy you cannot have violence on the streets as a way of trying to bring about change to those decisions.

"The first rule of any democracy, the first rule of any political leader is actually to say that violence is totally unacceptable and cannot be justified and in that sense in London, and indeed in Stormont, we stand with the PSNI and those who are trying to prevent the violence from occurring," Mr Coaker said.

The Northern Ireland Independent Retail Trade Association (NIIRTA) has again called for the protests and rioting to end.

"The disruption to traders not just in Belfast City Centre, but in East Belfast is becoming extremely serious," said NIIRTA chief executive Glyn Roberts.

"Many of the areas in east Belfast are crying out for new jobs and private sector investment which is not going to happen while rioting and violence continue.

"This is a political problem and can only be resolved by politics and we would urge all of our political leaders to go the extra mile to resolve the flag issue and other grievances and above all to take this problem off the street"

Water cannon have been used during a fifth night of rioting in east Belfast Water cannon were used during a fifth night of rioting in east Belfast

Monday night was the first time the council met since the vote was passed in December.

Up to 400 people attended what police described as a "largely peaceful" protest outside the building between 18:00 and 19:00 GMT.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has designated 18 days on which the union flag is flown in Northern Ireland in 2013. It may also be flown during the opening and closing of Parliament by the Queen.


*Source Department of Culture, Media and Sport and subject to review

9 January

Birthday of The Duchess of Cambridge

20 January

Birthday of The Countess of Wessex

6 February

Her Majesty's Accession

19 February

Birthday of The Duke of York

10 March

Birthday of The Earl of Wessex

11 March

Commonwealth Day (second Monday in March)

17 March

St Patrick's Day (in Northern Ireland only)

21 April

Birthday of Her Majesty The Queen

9 May

Europe Day

2 June

Coronation Day

10 June

Birthday of The Duke of Edinburgh

15 June

Official Celebration of Her Majesty's Birthday

21 June

Birthday of The Duke of Cambridge

17 July

Birthday of The Duchess of Cornwall

15 August

Birthday of The Princess Royal

10 November

Remembrance Day (second Sunday)

14 November

Birthday of The Prince of Wales

20 November

Her Majesty's Wedding Day

Opening of Parliament by HM The Queen

Closing of Parliament by HM The Queen


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    Comment number 1465.

    When your always the minority in a democratic society how exactly are you suppose to get your point across,how are you suppose to get what you want when the majority are always voting against you.

    Clearly those posts here banging on about democracy havent got a clue,did you really think peoples tempers wouldnt be short?

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    Comment number 1464.

    Council are the problem. All the evidence was that messing with the flag was guaranteed to invite civil strife. The council has then dug in its heels least they be seen to U-turn. Incompetence followed by foolish misplaced pride.

    The council can defuse this with a U-turn, or continue to play chicken with a public growing more hostile and terrorists energized by the councils wanton stupidity.

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    Comment number 1463.

    Come visit Northern Ireland for your holiday in 2013....Lol......

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    Comment number 1462.

    Put the Flag Back up and Spend the money re-locating those who want to be Nationalist to the Irish Republic and those who want to be British re-locate them to Northern Ireland.!!!

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    Comment number 1461.


    Yes,it is ironical isn't it - that the union flag consists of the flag of St George and the flag of St Andrew and it's Northern Ireland who make such a song and dance about it !

  • rate this

    Comment number 1460.

    It seems my attempt at bringing humour (albeit bad) into the topic has been ignored by the BBC therefore I suggest well, what would you like BBC? more death? Suffering? Yeah you will pick up on those words eh?

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    Comment number 1459.

    Suggest NI be thrown out of the UK (and the EU) and designated a failed state. It could be administered under the auspices of the UN.

    They really are an embarrassment, with their pathetic clinging to the symbolism of the 'Butcher's Apron', that symbol of violence and oppression.

    Dublin have a moral claim to them but don't want them. We are stuck with them but don't want them either.

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    Comment number 1458.

    1439. Sammy

    FYI Sammy, i didn't use wiki, i looked at my passport.
    Again though on page 2 NOTES section 2: Citizenship and National Status. clearly stats that NI people are classed as British.... clear as mud.

    NO where does it stat otherwise.
    I dont think there was a NI team at the Olympics... only Team GB. i dont know what can be taken from that but strict rules are in place re: teams

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    Comment number 1457.

    My sister in law came to england to live in the 70s and hid on Orange day ( she's a catholic). She only opened her door when all her friends laughed at the name and had no idea what she was talking about. Its a flag, a piece of cloth which isnt in any constitution like most other countries flags So setting fire to it, wearing it as underpants or what ever means nothing.

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    Comment number 1456.

    Wish there was a petition in NI that the silent majority could sign to help find a way forward to guide the disaffected young people rioting, into the peaceful society we so desperately need.Whatever it takes in resources would be cheaper than the millions it's costing so far.

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    Comment number 1455.

    maybe uk benefits should only be paid on the designated days the flag is flying.

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    Comment number 1454.

    I don't understand why loyalists are protesting.

    If they're so keen on being like the rest of the UK they need to learn some stuff. Of 200 councils in the rest of the UK that were asked before this decision was taken not one of them flew the flag everyday. NOT ONE!!!

    And if you disagree with the situation maybe bother to vote in elections next time!!!

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    Comment number 1453.

    The Belfast Councillors who gave instructions for the flag to e taken down and then belatedly gave a half baked, badly communicated explanation for doing so, should apologise to all the people of Northern Ireland for their unthinking incompetence. The flag should be restored and all interested parties should debate the issue through the democratic processes they suffered so much and so long for.

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    Comment number 1452.

    Tradition is a positive thing but not in NI it seems

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    Comment number 1451.

    Keep going guys, keep alienating a section of the community in this country we all know what path that leads us down.

    I wish I had have grown up on the mainland where I didn't have to worry about loved ones not returning home from work or the shops for fear of being shot or blew up. Northern Ireland as a society has been conditioned differently to the mainland and should not be compared as such.

  • Comment number 1450.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

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    Comment number 1449.

    its the flag of the UNITED KINGDOM,should be flown at all times,£7,000,000 wasted on policing hope the clown who 1st thought up this idea can stand up an say it was worth it,instead of letting filthy lying politicians decide on this they should of put it to the vote to the people of northern Ireland ,interesting there were never any riots about flag flying before this descision was made ...

  • Comment number 1448.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

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    Comment number 1447.

    Flag taken down = angry protests and £7m to police
    Flag staying up = business as usual

    Seems like commonsense which is the better option

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    Comment number 1446.

    They are going to be a little upset if Scotland goes independent and there will be no union flag full stop.


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