David Cameron to visit Northern Ireland

Mark is currently off on holiday, but his colleague, Martina Purdy, is standing in for him.

David Cameron has now confirmed he is visiting the regions, so expect him in Northern Ireland soon.

But don't expect him to be toasting Nelson's McCausland's proposals on "alcohol only tills".

On Thursday, the plan was described as "silly" and "desperately misguided" by the Northern Ireland Conservatives.

Bill Manwaring has issued a statement accusing the social development minister of imposing "badly thought out and counter-productive" rules.

Mr Manwaring claimed the proposals risked treating adults like children.

"He (Nelson McCausland) wants to impose alcohol only check-outs and wall off sections which sell alcoholic drinks," he said.

"These measures promise only to inconvenience responsible people, who want to buy a bottle of wine or a few bottles of beer with their weekly shop, while doing absolutely nothing to discourage problem drinkers, who will not be put off buying alcohol by having to queue at a different till.

"We should, instead, be looking at ways of working with supermarkets to raise awareness of problems caused by alcohol. Nelson McCausland should drop these silly proposals as quickly as possible".

In response, a spokesman for the department said all views were welcome as part of the minister's consultation.

Perhaps they could discuss it over a cup of tea?