Northern Ireland

Man charged with attempted murder during Ardoyne riot

Car burning in front of police Land Rover
Image caption The offence allegedly happened during rioting in north Belfast's Ardoyne area on 12 July

A 47-year-old man has been remanded in custody charged with attempting to kill police officers during rioting in north Belfast on the night of 12 July.

Thomas McWilliams, of Northwick Drive in Belfast, is also accused of possessing an assault rifle.

Belfast Magistrates Court heard allegations he had driven a car containing the weapon away from the scene in Ardoyne.

He was remanded in custody for four weeks.

Trouble flared in the area after two parades along a stretch of road dividing Catholic and Protestant communities.

Up to 10 shots were fired from the nationalist side in the Brompton Park area.

Questioned by a solicitor, a police officer said the car had been recovered last Friday and there was no forensic evidence to connect the accused to the charges "at this stage".

The officer also confirmed police did not suspect Mr McWilliams of firing the shots.

Supporters clapped and cheered from the public gallery as he gave a clenched fist salute while being led from the dock.