Dead seals 'illegally shot' on Waterford Beach

Two seals have been put down after they were discovered with "horrific" gun wounds in County Waterford.

The seals were found dead on Tramore Beach on Wednesday night.

Garda have said they are investigating. The seals were put down by Waterford SPCA and local vets.

The Irish Seal Sanctuary claimed the animals had been illegally shot.

It said it was horrified to learn that the adult grey seals were coming ashore dying from bullet wounds to their heads.

The sanctuary said if the animals had been shot with an authorised shooting license, it would have been done with a weapon capable of killing it outright, something which they were not opposed to.

The sanctuary said it understood that some fishermen were calling for a cull of seals.

On a statement on its website, the sanctuary said: "Exposing the public to a dying seal on a public beach is certainly not the way to achieve public support for fishermen's interests.

"The Irish Seal Sanctuary is actively working with fishermen's organisations in an attempt to resolve conflicts between fishermen and seals," it said.

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