Hacker translates DUP websites into Irish

Peter Robinson The website has been restored after being defaced for a time

A language activist has hacked into three DUP websites, temporarily translating their homepages into Irish.

On one, Peter Robinson was shown introducing himself in the language.

"Is mise Peadar Robinson agus tugaim tacaiocht don Acht na Gaelige" is translated as "I am Peter Robinson and I support an Irish Language Act".

Irish language legislation has been a source of friction at Stormont with the DUP repeatedly frustrating Sinn Fein appeals for its introduction.

The hacker, who calls himself Hector O'Hackatdawn, also broke into peterrobinson.org and jeffreydonaldson.org.

On its Twitter feed, the DUP said its website had been "temporarily affected by malicious activity".

It added that the police were now dealing with the issue.

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