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Filey School swimming pool closure to go ahead

The closure of the only public swimming pool in a North Yorkshire seaside town is to go ahead after it was nearly thrown a lifeline.

The pool at Filey School is set to close on Thursday.

Council funding of £10,000 was going to be offered to the school at a meeting earlier for the pool to remain open for another school term.

But the school estimated the running costs to be "significantly higher" than the figures given to the council.

Figures shown to councillor Mike Cockerill showed the school was suffering a £10,000 shortfall in the £30,000 running costs per term, despite the facility generating an income of £20,000 from public users including swimming clubs and groups.

As a result, Mr Cockerill said £10,000 would be made available by both the borough and county council for the pool to continue until July while campaigners came up with a plan to save it.

Scarborough Borough Council would stump up £5,000 of the funding and the county council would put up the rest, he said.

But a meeting earlier between the school and the two councils revealed the figures shown to Mr Cockerill were not accurate and more money would be needed to plug the shortfall, the councillor was told.

'Council underfunding'

Mr Cockerill was told by the school's finance manager that the exact figure of the shortfall was yet to be identified and the school would be looking into the "true running costs" of the pool. As a result the £10,000 funding was not offered to the school, the councillor said.

He said he was "disappointed we couldn't achieve a positive outcome" at the meeting.

"I certainly had high hopes that we had something to lay on the table that would lead to the school agreeing to the pool remaining open until late July.

"But because of the incomplete information this wasn't possible. We now await the school providing the complete information when the matter can be considered further."

Parents had blamed the closure on years of underfunding by the county council.

The Conservative-run council said the decision had been made due to constraints on the school budget and high running and maintenance costs.

North Yorkshire County Council had previously said investing further in the pool would have been at the expense of the education of students at the school.

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